Famous actor Cai Ming: A plaster is associated with her husband. At the age of 61, she has trouble.


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Cai Ming

Cai Ming is a famous laugh star. He has appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala Stage 27 times. He co -starred with Guo Da and Pan Changjiang, "Loess Po", "Between Neighbors", "New Year", "Fantasy Home", "State Adventure", "Learning Car", "Lady", "Lady",Send laughter to Chinese people around the world.

Not only that, Cai Ming is also an excellent film and television actor. Since her debut, she has starred in "Haixia", "Wedding on the Criminal Field", "Tears Sprinkle", "Treat Task Force", "Bagol True Story", "Sister Sister Ma", "Sister Ma" "78 film and television dramas such as the Three Kingdoms of the Mom "have won various awards many times.

Cai Ming’s husband is Ding Qiuxing, a director of the Chinese Broadcasting Art Troupe.He has a gentle personality and simple, and in his marriage, Cai Ming has spoiled the "Queen".

How do Cai Ming and her husband know each other?What is the story of tears and heart warmth behind a plaster?In the marriage, her husband and son spoiled Cai Ming into the queen. Why was she 61 years old?

Cai Ming was born in Beijing in 1961. His father’s name is Cai Yuping. He is a well -known professor of a university in a capital in the capital.

Cai Ming when he was a kid

It is rumored that Cai Ming’s mother is the famous actor Tian Hua. In fact, this is fake news. Her mother’s surname is Yi. Before retiring, she was the chief doctor of a hospital.There is a younger brother below Cai Ming who is also influenced by his mother. He is a doctor of medical school.

Searched all the family and relatives of Cai Ming, and none of them were engaged in literary and artistic work.However, Cai Ming was lively and active since he was a child, and he liked to sing and dance.

Girls of the same age like to gather together with rubber bands and kicking dumplings. Cai Ming is not interested in these. She likes to sing "Honghu Water Waves" in the courtyard under the street lights, imitating "Xier" performance "Beifeng’s Blow"Essence

Everyone’s applause and applause made Cai Ming feel very happy. At a young age, she dreamed of being an actor.

Cai Yuping and his wife are very enlightened, focusing on cultivating their daughter’s specialty.After Cai Ming went to elementary school, her parents sent her to the CCTV Galaxy Choir Choir and became a amateur actor.

Cai Ming’s "Haixia" stills

When he was a child, Cai Ming’s eyes were large, his facial features were exquisite, his hair was slightly bent, and he was like a doll that he was loved by others.More importantly, she never frightened, generous and natural every time she came to power, and she used the performance as a good opportunity to show himself.

In the summer of 1973, the Beijing Film Studio filmed the film "Haixia". The famous director Xie Tieyu went to Cai Ming to study the "Childhood Haixia" in the elementary school.

Among more than 300 children, he was beautiful, cute, lively and clever.

Soon, Cai Ming followed the crew to South Australia in Shantou, Guangdong.At that time, in the summer, the sun was very strong, and the sea breeze was very hard. It was a day to make people take off a layer of skin on the seaside.

In order to shape the "childhood Haixia", Cai Ming performed very strongly and never called "bitterness".

Cai Ming’s "Haixia" stills

One day’s shooting interval, everyone hid behind the reef.Suddenly, the dark clouds surged, and the wind was blowing on the sea.

At this time, Cai Ming and the photographer climbed to the reef and desperately protecting the camera.As a result, both of them and back were ground.

Cai Ming was so brave at a young age. Afterwards, she won the unanimous praise from directors and colleagues.

In 1975, with the approval of relevant departments, the movie "Haixia" was released nationwide.Everyone suddenly remembered the "childhood Haixia" that was born with suffering, brave and lovely.

It is this movie that officially opened Cai Ming’s performance.

The film "Firewa" poster

In 1976, Cai Ming graduated from junior high school. With the support of her parents, she entered the actor drama troupe of Beijing Film Studio and became the youngest actor in the factory.

The factory leader determined that Cai Ming was a plastic talent, and soon arranged for her to enter the Beijing Film Academy for two years.During this period, Cai Ming participated in films such as "Southern Spring Spring" and "Firewa", which became a new star in the North Film Factory.

What really made Cai Ming red is the film "Passengers wearing handcuffs".In 1979, the Beijing Film Studio was filmed "Passengers with Handcuffers".

The well -known director Yu Yang Jing repeatedly inspected, allowing Cai Ming to star in "Wei Xiaoming" in the film.In "Passengers with Handcuffers", Wei Xiaoming is a female educated youth in Yunnan.

Cai Ming, Yu Yang’s "Passenger Crypting Passenger" poster

On the train, she happened to meet my reconnaissance hero Liu Jie.Wei Xiaoming was wise and kind, and he was not afraid of danger.

In 1980, "Passengers with Handcuffers" praised the tide after the country was released. Through this film, many people became Cai Ming’s fans.At the same time, the theme song "Camel Bell" of "Passenger Handcuffers" has become a golden song that is sung.

Since then, Cai Ming’s performance has ushered in an explosion period. In the next few years, she has starred in films such as "Bell", "Fortune of Fortune", "Tears Swiping Su", and "Fate Likes Prank" and other films, which have been well received by the audience.

With the successful career, Cai Ming has gained a long -lasting love.

In the autumn of 1983, Cai Ming participated in a fellowship in the literary circle.The young people in the 1980s were enthusiastic, ideal and pursuit, and hope for the future.Cai Ming sings and dance with everyone, laughs and laughs, and is very happy.

When Cai Ming is young

After returning home that night, Cai Ming found that there was a fragrance on his body.She checked it carefully and found a plaster on the hem of her beige trench coat.

Cai Ming was carefully unveiled and found that there was a bunch of phone numbers on the plaster.Two days later, she called the phone with curiosity, and the phone answered a nice male voice.

It turned out that the man was Ding Qiuxing, who later became Cai Mingzhi’s beloved.He was 4 years older than Cai Ming and was born in Beijing in 1957. He was the director of the Chinese Broadcasting Art Troupe.

Ding Qiuxing introduced himself on the phone and said nervously: At the association, he felt very much about Cai Ming and wanted to associate with her.If she asked her directly and was afraid that Cai Ming would be scared away, she used the pain relief plaster she just bought to pass the information about love.

Intuition told Cai Ming: This is a smart, humorous and interesting boy, and agreed to communicate with him.

Soon, Cai Ming and Ding Qiuxing met Qionghua Island in Beihai Park.Ding Qiuxing’s figure was straight, with long hair, and a pair of glasses on the bridge of his nose showed elegance.

The young people of that era treated love very purely. Ding Qiuxing talked with Cai Ming in the strong loose shade and talked about life, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

At that time, Cai Ming had a certain reputation, and he could receive a letter from fans almost every day, and even many excellent opposite sex took the initiative to confess to her.During the process of associated with Ding Qiuxing, Cai Ming was in an active position.

She didn’t want to marry herself easily, and decided to inspect Ding Qiuxing.

Since then, Ding Qiuxing invited Cai Ming to dinner several times.In order to win the hearts of the people, Ding Qiuxing moved his mind.

Youth Cai Ming

At that time, Cai Ming was filming most of the time in the field, and he had a limited time with Ding Qiuxing.As a director, Ding Qiuxing has a certain connection in the Beijing director circle.

Through the director of the North Film Factory, he can accurately understand where Cai Ming’s crew is, and the reincarnation time. Where Cai Ming filmed, Ding Qiuxing’s love letter was sent.

At the beginning, Cai Ming was still a little strange. Only then did he understand the mystery of it, and secretly claimed that Zhan Ding Qiuxing was a career.

In order to chase Cai Ming, Ding Qiuxing dual -pronged.At that time, Cai Ming’s younger brother was still in college, and he took the initiative to contract the Cai family’s physical work.Autumn is here. He helped Cai Yuping to buy winter Chinese cabbage and buy honeycomb coal used in winter, and the code was neatly coded.

At that time, there was no natural gas in Beijing. Every family used gas tanks for cooking. Ding Qiuxing took the initiative to help the Cai family change gas and carried a bulky gas can in and out.

Youth Cai Ming art photo

Later, Cai Yuping couldn’t see it.After his daughter was filming home, he said: Don’t pick it, you are good, the little is good, talented, and the most suitable for getting married. If you miss him, I and your mother will not agree.Cai Ming smiled: Dad experienced a wide range of experiences, seeing people accurately, I listened to you.

In 1985, Cai Ming and Ding Qiuxing were well -established in Beijing.At that time, the Beiying Factory did not give a house for Cai Ming, and she lived in a collective dormitory.

After marriage, Cai Ming lived in Ding Qiuxing’s house and lived with his father -in -law.Ding Qiuxing is the only child at home. The father -in -law hurts Cai Ming as his daughter. After the family cooks, he must wait until Cai Ming returned to the whole family to move chopsticks.

As long as Cai Ming did not go out to make a film, the parents of the Ding family changed their tricks to make various foods.Worried about the daughter -in -law’s filming, before Cai Ming entered the crew, the old couple could hold on her bag, milk powder, milk powder and bee royal slurry oral liquid.Cai Ming’s heart was warm.

At this time, Cai Ming was only 24 years old. Many people regret that she got married early. Actress should consider marriage after 35 years old.However, Cai Ming did not want to miss Ding Qiuxing, and she enjoyed a warm and complete post -marriage life.

Cai Ming and his son Ding Ding

At the end of 1985, Cai Ming was pregnant. At this time, Ding Qiuxing was 28 years old and was eager to be a father.He slowed down his career and regarded Cai Ming as a national treasure.

Since his wife was 3 months pregnant, he has not let Cai Ming get cold water.In the evening, Cai Ming had a dry throat. Ding Qiuxing peeled the orange. The apple and Yali peeled into diced and made it into a mixed fruit plate to let the wife eat.

In July 1986, Cai Ming gave birth to a healthy and lovely baby boy in Beijing.She and her husband were immersed in happiness and excitement. The couple discussed and gave her son Ding Ding.

However, Cai Ming and Ding Qiuxing quickly faced a severe real problem, that is, who would look at his son.

Ding Qiuxing is the backbone of the unit. The Chinese Broadcasting Art Troupe has a heavy performance task every year. As a director, in addition to guiding actors in the regiment, Ding Qiuxing also has to perform with the regiment across the country. It is often half a month.

Poster of "Plof Ribs with Gold Anchor"

At this time, Cai Ming has starred in films such as "Bad", "Princess of Peacock" and "Ribbon with Golden Anchor". The popularity and influence have been further expanded.

At this time, the parents of the Ding family were old, and they took care of their grandson.Both Ding Qiuxing and Cai Ming didn’t want to give up their careers and turned around the baby.

For this reason, Ding Qiuxing and Cai Ming quarreled and the Cold War had passed, and no one was willing to compromise.In the end, her mother -in -law couldn’t stand it anymore. She did a job for her son: Cai Ming’s career has developed better than you, and relatively broader prospects.Since you love her, you will fulfill her and give her a family environment that fully shows herself.

In the end, Ding Qiuxing made a compromise. He sincerely said to Cai Ming: You can rest assured to go out and make a movie. Let’s implement the male lead in the male lead.

Cai Ming was touched, and blushed with his eyes: Thank you for your completeness. I must make a good film and use a good work to give back to you and my son.

Cai Ming, Ma Xiaoqing, Ge You’s "Divorce War" stills

Ding Qiuxing said that he would take the initiative to find the situation to explain the situation and not to perform as much as possible.He squeezed out a lot of time to take care of his son, handle housework, and take care of the elderly on both sides, creating a solid rear for Cai Ming.

Because of the support of her husband, Cai Ming went all out to work hard in his career. Since then, she has successively filmed films such as "Love Corner of the Weekend", "Divorce War" and "Treat Treat Force".

In the development of the Beijing Performing Arts Circle, Cai Ming and the famous laughing star Chen Peisi have been friends for many years. They often meet together.

In the autumn of 1989, Chen Peisi partner Zhu Shimao prepared a sketch "Planent’s Long Hair" for the Spring Festival Gala of Beijing TV Station.

Cai Ming and son

Thinking about it, Chen Peis thought of Cai Ming and invited her to the party crew.

Cai Ming is usually funny and humorous, and likes to joke with his friends.In the process of rehearsing "Planet’s Long Hair", she took the initiative to change her lines, plus "burden", added a lot of laughter, making the work closer to life, and more comedy.

In the Spring Festival Gala of Beijing TV in 1990, Cai Ming partner Chen Peisi and Zhu Shimao performed "Planet’s Long Hair", which made the audience tingling and coinciding, and was moved and thoughtful in the laughter.

Afterwards, Chen Peius encouraged Cai Ming: You have a comedy talent in your bones, born suitable for acting, and fully impact the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.If you do n’t perform sketches in the future, you will lose great.

Cai Ming asked confidently: Can I do it?Chen Peis said: Remove "?" I am optimistic about you.

Cai Ming and Gong Hanlin performed on CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 1991 "Strangers"

It was with Chen Peisi’s encouragement that Cai Ming entered the CCTV Spring Festival Gala for the first time in 1991. She partnered with Gong Hanlin’s performance sketch "Stranger".

In this sketch, Cai Ming plays the story of a rural girl in the city.For the first time, the national audience discovered that the famous movie star Cai Ming was able to play a vivid sketch in the right performance and just right.

At this Spring Festival, Cai Ming received praise and applause from the global Chinese.His wife’s acting career has been expanded, and Ding Qiuxing sincerely feels excited and pleased by Cai Ming.

Since then, Cai Ming has become a nail house of CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Since 1992, she has formed a fixed partner with the famous actor Guo Da.Tip.

Cai Ming and Guo Da performed a sketch "Robot Fun" on CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 1996

Cai Ming’s sketch seems to be a classic dish that must be ordered on the Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner. Many audiences lamented that only when Cai Ming stood on the stage to perform, he felt that it was the New Year.

Cai Ming and Guo Da not only performed sketches, but also performed film and television works such as "Sister of Leisure and Ma" and "Dazzling".

In order to perform art, Cai Ming and Guo Da dathand each other, and they are even longer than their lover.So there is a saying in the society that "the pot is not left away, the vegetables are not separated from Guo", and some tabloids have also begun to make up the scandal of Cai Ming and Guo Da.

There were even media saying: As soon as Ding Qiuxing saw Guo Da, he didn’t have a good look, and talking to him was a bad voice.

In fact, this is all fabricated. Ding Qiuxing is open -minded and broad -minded. He believes in his wife and knows Guo Da.Cai Ming and Guo Da are very relieved to filming and performing sketches.

Guo Da couple life photos

Guo Da

Guo Da was born in 1955 and is two years older than Ding Qiuxing. Ding Qiuxing called him "Brother Guo".

Guo Da was the actor of the Shaanxi Driven Troupe. He was transferred to the General Political Talking Troupe in 1994.His wife is Wu Fang, who is engaged in art design in Xi’an.

In this way, Guo Da and his wife began to separate the two places.After Ding Qiuxing and Cai Ming knew, they trusted people and took the initiative to transfer Wu Fang to Beijing. Her working environment and treatment were good.

He and his wife no longer have to be a cowboy and weaver, Guo Da thanked Ding Qiuxing and Cai Ming from his heart.

In private, the two of them walked frequently. When they had time, they also dinner together and drove a short trip together.

Cai Ming and Pan Changjiang on the 2015 CCTV Spring Festival Gala Performance "Station Adventure"

Since 2010, Cai Ming was worried that the audience had aesthetic fatigue, and changed his artistic style. Instead, he began to partner with Pan Changjiang and performed sketches in the Spring Festival Gala.

Cai Ming and Guo Da’s cooperation performance was very happy, and the two were also very friendly.At all, it was not fabricated by some media. It was said that the lover of the two sides torn each other, and the evil language was facing each other.

Until now, Ding Qiuxing still regards Guo Da as a good brother and Wu Fang is a big sister. The two have been friendly.

Cai Ming was fortunate to find a good husband who had a heart -minded and tolerance. If he changed to other men, he was suspicious of his wife all day. He couldn’t wait to tie it to him.

Ding Qiuxing is not only a good husband, but also an excellent father.Under his supervision and teaching, his son Ding Ding has always had good academic science from elementary school to junior high school.In the city’s speech and English competition, Tintin won many times.

Senior beauty Cai Ming

In 2001, Ding Ding was 15 years old. In order to cultivate his son’s self -care, Ding Qiuxing and Cai Ming sent him to study in the UK.

Ding Ding has lived overseas and studied overseas for 8 years, and he did not return to China until 2009.

When Ding Ding was an adult, he also cared about Cai Ming like his father.The two men in the house, one, and two men, and treat Cai Ming as the queen.Ding Qiuxing was in charge of his wife’s diet. When eating, he took the initiative to peel shrimp and cloth for his wife.Every time I hand it to Cai Ming’s mineral water, Ding Qiuxing actively twist the bottle cap for her.

Ding Ding is also very careful. Every time he travels, he asked his mother to sit in a safer rear seat, reminding his mother to tie a seat belt, and actively switched the door for Cai Ming.

Occasionally Cai Ming has a headache and brain heat. Ding Qiuxing and Tintin are more anxious than Cai Ming. They went downstairs to buy medicines, and they made appetizers for Cai Ming.


Cai Ming was very lucky and satisfied with the love of her husband and son.

However, in recent years, Cai Ming has been annoying.It turned out that some of the good sisters who were close to her became grandma, some became uncle, and Cai Ming’s son was always single, not to mention being a grandma.

After returning to China, Ding Ding was influenced by his parents. He was engaged in screenwriters. He successively co -screenwriter with people and played with people.

Due to the nature of the work, Ding Ding’s contact surface was relatively narrow, and he was relatively picky, and he still did not meet his heart over 30 years.

Cai Ming forced his son to fall in love again and again, but the results were very small, because love pays attention to fate after all.Sometimes the relationship between the mother and the child became nervous, and Ding Qiuxing became the lubricant of the mother and son.

From left: Zhu Yan, Cai Ming, Nawe, Ding Ding’s "The Three Kingdoms of the Mom"

Cai Ming recent photos

Every time I learned who the child was married, who was the grandmother or the grandmother, Cai Ming was envious.She often said: Now I do n’t have too high my career, and I am very satisfied with my family and my husband. The only regret is my son ’s personal problem.

Ding Qiuxing always comforts Cai Ming: It ’s useless to worry about the fire. We are handsome and handsome, dedicated, and we must be able to meet the people. Maybe the son of the son is waiting for us not far away.

Cai Ming and Ding Qiuxing had been married for more than 30 years because of a plaster. The husband and wife were as affectionate as the beginning. In the chaotic and impetuous performing arts circle, they did be a clear stream.

I sincerely wish Ding Ding to embrace love as soon as possible, and wish Cai Ming a good life!


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