Favorites: When is the baby born after pregnancy?6 expected period calculation methods tell you

The due date, that is, the date of production is expected to be produced.

The due date is not the precise date of delivery. Scientists have calculated that only about 53%of women have giving birth on the day of the due date.

Because each pregnant woman is difficult to accurately judge the time of conception, medical regulations have calculated the due date from the first day of the last menstruation.sky).

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6 main calculation methods of the due date

(1) Based on the last menstrual period calculation:

The month of the last menstrual date plus 9 or 3 minus 3, the number of expected month; the number of days plus 7, the due date.

Raise a chestnut:

The last menstrual period is May 1, 2019

Month: May-3 = February (2020)

Date: 1 day+7 = 8 days

Due date: February 8th (2020)

(2) Calculate according to the date of fetal movement:

If you can’t remember the semi -menstrual date in the end of the menstrual period, you can calculate according to the fetal movement date.

The general fetal movement starts at 18-20 weeks after pregnancy.

Calculation method:

The first maternal is the fetal movement day and plus 20 weeks;

(3) Calculate based on the basic body temperature curve:

Take the last day of the low temperature section of the basic body temperature curve as the ovulation day;

Calculation method:

Calculate 264-268 days from the ovulation day or 38 weeks.

(4) By ultrasound calculation:

Doctors can estimate the fetal age when the Time Diameter, the length of the head and hip and the length of the femur can be estimated, and the due date can be estimated (mostly this method is used as a doctor’s B -ultrasound diagnostic application).

(5) Starting from the start of pregnancy:

Calculation method:

Reacting pregnancy vomiting generally appears on the weekend of 6 pregnancy, which is 42 days after the last menstruation, so it will be calculated until 280 days after the due date.

(6) Roughly estimated according to the height of the uterine bottom:

If the last menstrual period is not remembered, the expected due date can be roughly estimated at the height of the uterine bottom.

Calculation method:

At the end of April of pregnancy, the uterus height is in the belly button and the upper edge of the pubic bone (10 cm combined with pubic bone);

At the end of May pregnancy, the bottom of the uterus is 2 horizontal finger below the umbilicus (16-17 cm on the pubic bone);

At the end of June pregnancy, the navel navel (19-20 cm on the pubic bone);

At the end of July of pregnancy, the bottom of the uterus on the umbilical finger on the umbilicus (22-23 cm on the pubic bone);

At the end of the eight months of pregnancy, the sword process of the bottom of the uterus and the middle of the umbilicus (24-25 cm in shame);

At the end of September pregnancy, the bottom of the uterus was 2 horizontal fingers under the sword process (28-30 cm on the pubic bone);

At the end of the ten months of pregnancy, the height of the uterine bottom was returned to the height of eight months, but the abdomen was larger than eight months.

Xiaobian has something to say

The due date can remind you of the time range of the birth of the fetus safe, but do not see the day’s day of the date so accurately.

By 37 weeks of pregnancy, you should be prepared at any time, but do not be too anxious, listen to its nature. If there is no sign of childbirth at 41 weeks of pregnancy, it should be hospitalized or induced in a timely manner.

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