Faye Wong was questioned again!Recent exposure of the lower abdomen slightly convex, the face of a round face is sweet

Recently, Faye Wong Fan Group shared a recent photo of Faye Wong on social platforms. He teased from Faye Wong to learn warm cheats. I don’t know if Faye Wong is the latest. It is rare to have new materials.Essence

In the photo, Faye Wong is very warm. He wore a white sweater with white cropped pants. The shape is very simple, but it can just highlight Faye Wong’s calm and elegant temperament.Faye Wong was paired with a red scarf, which seemed to be the finishing touch, which enriched the entire shape and looked very young.

Faye Wong was very relaxed and sat with her legs. She didn’t know what was attracted to the past. She smiled slightly, her eyes were gentle and indifferent.Faye Wong has kept this iconic short -ear short hair for so many years, very clean and very personal. Although she has entered the 50th mark, she still maintains a good mentality over the years and looks particularly young.The wide sweater made Faye Wong look smaller than usual. I don’t know if it is the reason for clothes. I saw Faye Wong’s abdomen slightly bulging, and it was obvious from the front.Not only that, Faye Wong did not appear for a long time, and her face was a lot more rounded than before. This detail attracted everyone’s attention. Is Faye Wong happy?

Of course, this is just a guess. Since Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse and Nicholas Tse, there have been endless rumors. Before, some insiders broke the news that Faye Wong had conceived Nicholas Tse’s child.The photos of Faye Wong lying on the bed make everyone doubt what the truth is like.

Some netizens took photos of Faye Wong’s private and friends. Faye Wong wore a coat and looked slightly bloated, which caused everyone to speculate.

However, Faye Wong’s pregnancy is not a fact. The two reunited in 2014. That year, the rumor of pregnancy was clearly responded. Since then, there is still no ability to calm down. Faye Wong’s agent said very helplessly. He has responded many times on this rumor.But still cannot calm the rumors.

Previously, Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse were also vaccinated together. If Faye Wong was really pregnant, it was impossible to vaccinate the new crown vaccine at all.Essence

Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong have stabilized their feelings over the years. The two had a failed marriage. They cherished this difficult relationship. Faye Wong has changed Nicholas Tse a lot, especially in personality.It will make romance in private, cook a good table for Faye Wong, or travel hands with his lover.

Nicholas Tse also slowly opened his heart and was asked what Faye Wong’s favorite food was. He said it subconsciously, showing that the two people had a good relationship.Two people rarely appear on the screen now, and they also focus on enjoying life.Faye Wong completely withdrew from the entertainment industry. Nicholas Tse was better. Occasionally, he took some endorsement advertisements. He saw him in the promotional video of the legendary game "Playing Blue Moon" a while ago. He was wearing gold at the age of 41.The armor is still handsome.Finally, I hope that two people can cherish the happiness in front of them and go well.

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