Female college students are pregnant after swimming, and they have to compensate high to the swimming pool. Parents know that the truth cannot be accepted

In the hot summer, swimming is the one that can relax the body and mind. I believe many people will play with friends to play the pool.This was originally a happy thing.But recently, a female college student Xiaoxin was swimming shortly after swimming, and found that she was pregnant without claiming the swimming pool, and Xiaoxin told her mother the truth. After Xiaoxin’s mother knew the truth, it was difficult to accept it for a while.

As the summer came quietly, the temperature was getting higher and higher, so Xiao Xin accompanied her mother to swim in the swimming pool. The swimming pool was very lively and bustling, and everyone enjoyed a cool pleasure in the swimming pool.But Xiaoxin swimd for a while, Xiaoxin suddenly felt weak and disgusting. Xiao Xin’s mother was worried about her child’s body. She immediately took Xiaoxin to the hospital for examination.Xiaoxin was pregnant.

Xiaoxin’s mother was very shocked in the future. She first asked Xiaoxin what was going on. Xiaoxin said that she didn’t know what was going on, but she would like this after swimming.Xiaoxin’s mother looked at Xiaoxin’s expression as if she had a fake, so she thought it was the responsibility of the swimming pool, and then contacted the relevant responsible persons of the swimming pool to compensate the child’s body and the trauma in their hearts from 300,000 yuan to compensate them.Essence

It is also very strange to receive this complaint from the swimming pool. First of all, the swimming pool is inspected safety every day; secondly, there is no strange thing to get pregnant after swimming after swimming.Therefore, the responsible persons of the swimming pool suggest that Xiao Xin’s mother can communicate more with her daughter.After listening to Xiaoxin’s mother, she asked about whether Xiaoxin had a boyfriend, but Xiaoxin insisted that she did not.

The little mother was helpless, so she could only understand whether Xiaoxin made her boyfriend from the school’s teacher and classmates. Then she learned that Xiaoxin was often mixed with a boy at school, and sometimes he couldn’t live in the dormitory at night.Xiaoxin couldn’t hold the paper bag anymore, so she told her mother the truth. She talked about a boyfriend on the Internet, and sometimes lived together.

Xiaoxin’s mother really hated iron and steel, and decisively asked the man to claim a claim, and finally took Xiaoxin to kill the child.This incident came to an end.The behavior of treating Xiaoxin has also been heatedly discussed by netizens. First of all, Xiaoxin, a student, has no sense of self -protection. Second, Xiaoxin has made such a panic to avoid things.In the end, as Xiaoxin’s parents, he failed to popularize sex education for Xiaoxin at a suitable age, and knew that the child was pregnant before he knew that Xiaoxin had a boyfriend.

In many people in our country, as long as they talk about sex, they will be considered by the people around them to think that this person’s thoughts are not simple, 龌龊, and superficial.So that parents are still taboo in sex education.It is precisely because the Chinese people’s thoughts are too conservative that many girls do not know how to protect themselves. Numerous sexual assaults and obstetrics in society have occurred one after another.

1. Focus on sex education.The prerequisite for receiving correct education is to face up to the issue of "sex".At present, people who cannot look directly at the topic of "sex" will blush or avoid this topic once they hear others mentioning.Many parents’ old ideas make children think that if they talk about "sex", they just do not know shame, so they miss the opportunity to learn how to protect themselves.It is precisely because of this that the bad guys are drilling.

2. Understand the structure of the body.When parents start to popularize their children’s knowledge, they can let their children understand the structure of the body first. Only by knowing the role of the genitals on their bodies can children know what should be done and what should not be done.

3. Condom.At the age when children have reached friends, parents must have the role of children to know the role of condoms, which is also a responsible behavior of both sides.

In short, helping mothers suggest that parents first change traditional ideas. If we really want to protect their children, we should popularize related sexual knowledge and sex education for children.

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