Female netizens found that she was pregnant after breaking up. Ex -boyfriend is currently: I am infertile, your child gives me

A netizen shared what happened to himself:

This netizen is a 29 -year -old single -mother mother who is pregnant 24 weeks. There are two babies who are about to be born in their stomachs.

And recently, she asked netizens for help about her and her children’s father and his current girlfriend, which made many netizens who eat melon on weekdays nervous.

First of all, this netizen introduced the background of the child’s coming and the entire dispute:

"I talked to a man named Joe (30 years old) for three months. After that, he left me and returned to his ex -girlfriend, and Kim’s side (also 30 years old).

Just after we broke up, I found that I was pregnant unexpectedly, and I told the child his dad, but he was ecstatic.

Just when I was suspicious of how he was so happy, I learned that his current girlfriend. The former ex -girlfriend Kim had a problem and could not conceive naturally, and he always wanted to be a father.

We both feel that it is impossible to be together with each other, so he is still with Kim."

Until now, the whole thing seems to be normal, until the netizen began to tell the next story …

"Because of the new crown, the child and his dad were only allowed to be accompanied by the first birth check. As a result, we learned that I was pregnant with twins.

When the child’s father told me that when he told his girlfriend Kim about this good news, Kim instantly thought of his infertility, so he collapsed. Then the child told me that Kim wanted to talk to me.

So I went. I met the two of them where they lived, but Kim said that she wanted to participate in my pregnancy because she would eventually become the mother’s mother.‘

I couldn’t hear it anymore, let her shut up, I said that I would make the best choice for my child, my body, and other other choices, and then I left."

What is the problem of arranging?IntersectionIntersectionIntersection

Finally, I wish the netizen a safe and healthy to give birth to two babies [Rose] [Rose] [Rose] [Rose]

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