Feng Shenbang: No wonder Nezha’s mother is not born for three years. Who is the "dad" of Nezha?

Introduction: Nezha’s mother, Yin, gave birth to Nezha for three years and six months.Li Jing even thought that Mrs. Yin was pregnant with a wicker, or congenital abnormalities, and was very uneasy in her heart.In fact, Li Jing’s concerns are superfluous. Regarding everything about Nezha, the "daddy" of others has long planned for him.

Li Jing, as the father of Nazha, really does not need to worry about so much.So, who is Nezha’s "daddy"?Speaking to scare Li Jing, even if he knew who he was, he did not dare to desperately, because Nezha’s father was too powerful, he couldn’t afford it.

Since his self -entered the palace, he has repeatedly harmed loyalty, and has been confusing that the king killed his wife and killed his wife.Because of the loss of politics, the king of the king was faint, so that he caught the anger and resentment, and the ghosts were angry.Chaoge’s resentment was too great, and even rushed straight to nine days, which alarmed the Jade Emperor.

The Jade Emperor asked Taibai Venus: "What happened, what is so heavy in the Shang Dynasty? How many years do you have the Qi of the Shang Dynasty?

Taibai Jinxing refers to one calculation, Chenlong’s viper noon is a horsepay … Forget it, the conclusion: "Qi Qi Yu Emperor, the Shang Dynasty will be exhausted, and there will be about 20 years."

As soon as the Jade Emperor heard his heart, he took off a treasure bead from his crown, so that Tai Bai Jinxing arranged this treasure bead to return to the lower boundary.

After receiving the purpose of Taibai Jinxing, he began to issue a task, and he summoned the disciples of Yuan Shizun, Tai Yi, to handle the matter in the lower bounds.Also explained: "Bao Lingzhu is arranged to a family with virtue and powerful people. Don’t humiliate the identity of Baolingzhu."

After the real people of Taiyi took the errand, they quickly stepped on the clouds to look at all beings, looking for people with virtue and momentum.I found it and found it for half a month, and I didn’t find people with virtue and momentum. Anyone who had rich and powerful people was missing more virtue and less virtue.Taiyi real people are very difficult. After all, it is the treasure beads on the jade emperor’s head. Can’t he be born to the home of ordinary people?Therefore, Taiyi real people can only work hard and conduct carpet search in the world -see where the family is virtuous and powerful!

Find it, and finally find the home of Li Jing, the general soldier of Chen Tangguan.Don’t steal or grab, don’t be evil or obscene.Therefore, Taiyi real talents arranged the "椟" of Bao Lingzhu first into Mrs. Yin’s belly, that is, the big meat ball of "place the Nezha".

At this time, the Bao Lingzhu was not in Mrs. Yin’s belly. In the past three years, Mrs. Yin just had a meatball.

It was too boring inside, and Bao Lingzhu would not stay in a woman’s belly so long. Bao Lingzhu was just in minutes.The reason why the author gave Mrs. Yin was so pregnant for so long is that the origin of Nezha was extraordinary.

The original original text is as follows:

It is said that Chen Tangguan has a general officer, surnamed Li Mingjing.Yuan Dai Yin’s, born with two sons, long said to be golden.Mrs. Yin was pregnant again, and she was three years and six months, and she was not produced.Li Jing is often doubtful.One day, the lady’s belly stated: "There are more than three years of pregnancy, and it is not born.

The wife also worried: "This pregnancy is not good, and teach me to worry about it day and night." From the night to Sanye, the wife slept positively, dreamed of a person, hugged her head, dressed in Taoism, and entered the incense room.Mrs. 曰 said: "

This person is very unreasonable. This is the interior. How to enter the interior is really abominable."

The Taoist said: "Madam is about to pick up Lin’er."

Everyone pays attention, this is the moment of Bao Lingzhu’s rebirth, and it was sent by Taiyi real person himself.And remind Mrs. Yin, "Hurry up Lin’er!"

The lady didn’t answer, and I saw that the Taoist sent something to his wife’s arms.The lady suddenly woke up, scared a cold sweat, and woke up the soldier Li, and said the dream again.Before the words, Mrs. Shi Yin had felt pain in her abdomen.Li Jing hurriedly sat down and sat down in the front hall, thinking, "Do you have to be born?"

Therefore, Bao Lingzhu was not in the belly of Mrs. Yin before. After Mrs. Yin’s pregnancy after three years and six months, Taiyi real talents brought Bao Lingzhu over and shot a nail into Mrs. Yin’s belly.Previously, Mrs. Yin was just pregnant with a meatball -a "box" that placed the Bao Lingzhu.The original text continues

Li Jing was justified, and I saw the two waiters hurriedly came: "Master Qi, the lady’s next fairy came!" Li Jing heard that he hurried to the incense house, holding the sword in his hand, and saw a red in the room.Qi, full of fragrant houses, with a meatball, dripping like a wheel.Li Jing was shocked, cut a sword on the meatball, separated the meat balls, jumped out of a child, and ran on the ground.The white face is like a fan, a gold bracelet on the right glove, and a red cricket on the belly, the golden light is shot.

The sacred world was in Chen Tangguan, but Jiang Ziya first took the official, and the Lingzhuang was incarnate.The golden bracelet is the Qiankun circle, and the name of the red 乾 is called the mixed Tianyu.This thing is the treasure of Jinguangdong, Qianyuan Mountain Town.

As soon as he was born, he brought his own weapons and family business -mixed Tianyu and Qiankun circle.That Qiankun circle is the treasure of the town hall of Lingxiao Temple.

From this point of view, Nezha’s father is not Li Jing, but the Jade Emperor.Li Jing is just an adoptive father, and Mrs. Yin can only be regarded as a surrogate mother.Nezha can be born into their house, which is the creation of their family.That is to use Mrs. Yin’s belly -let Nezha have a legitimate way, that’s all.

Even so, the Jade Emperor felt that he had insulting his "Pearl on his head", and simply let Nezha abandon the flesh and blood of the Li Jing and become the immortal body of the lotus root.EssenceTherefore, Nezha’s father is the Jade Emperor, and the Li Jing couple is just a surrogate for the Jade Emperor.

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