Fertilized eggs in bed, why do you miss the chance of conception again and again?

The bed is divided into three processes: positioning, adhesion, and intrusion. After the fertilized eggs are in bed, most women do not obviously notice. Some women may have bed bleeding and mild spasm.

It usually takes 6-7 days to bed with fertilized eggs. Generally, you can detect whether you are pregnant in about 10 days after the same room.It is better to delay the menstruation of early pregnancy in about 4 days. If you want to know whether you are pregnant as soon as possible, you can detect HCG 10 after the same room.

—Fenging eggs Bed bleeding-

Bybids of fertilized eggs are a kind of dysfunctional uterine bleeding (blood).

As a follicles have gradually matured in each menstrual cycle, the level of estrogen in the body also gradually increases. After the mature follicles are broken ovulation, the estrogen level in the body will rush to decline, so that the uterus cannot be maintained.The growth of the endometrium causes local necrosis of the uterine endometrium and exfoliating as vaginal bleeding. After ovulation, the follicles quickly form luteum. The luteal can secrete a certain amount of estrogen and progesterone.Bleeding will stop automatically.

By bed bleeding occurs around 7 days after conception. If it is 7 to 10 days from the ovulation date, you can suspect that it is bed and you can go to the hospital for examination. If the ovulation day exceeds 12 days, it may be menstruation.Come to the tide.

The reasons for the failure of fertilized eggs in bed

Because the quality of sperm or eggs is not controlled, or other reasons, the fertilized eggs are defective, and it is not easy to bed normally.This is also a natural choice for the survival of the fittest.

Many women are normal in all aspects and can also form normal fertilized eggs, but they cannot be pregnant. The key is that there are problems with uterus. The uterus is the cradle of pregnancy.Film tuberculosis, etc., will affect the normal bed of fertilized eggs.

The liquid of the fallopian tube water contains many inflammatory mixtures. These inflammatory mixtures can directly act on the endometrium, form uterine effusion, or directly act on embryo to affect the bed.Regardless of the mechanism, it is necessary for patients who have failed to bed due to fallopian tubes.

In recent years, the research on immune factors believes that there are two kinds of immune situations affecting conception.

(1) The same kind of immune: Sperm, sperm, or fertilized eggs are antigen substances. After being absorbed by vagina and uterine skin, antibody substances are generated by immune response, so that sperm and eggs cannot be combined or fertilized eggs cannot be imposed.

(2) Automators: Infertile women have their own antibodies in serum transparent bands. After reacting with transparency, sperm can prevent sperm from penetrating the eggs and prevent fertilization.

Performatone is a key substance for women’s normal pregnancy and pregnancy. If women’s progesterone secretion is insufficient, the endometrium will occur abnormal, which will affect the completion of the fertilized eggs.

I often remind pregnant couples to learn to regulate emotions and not put too much pressure on themselves, because under the negative emotions of anxiety, tension, and depression for a long time, it will affect the completion of conception.

Warm reminder: More than 3 months before pregnancy is a very unstable period. During this time, pregnant mothers must pay more attention, pay attention, and stabilize the early pregnancy.

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