Fetal dream: When my mother dreamed of snake when I was pregnant, I dreamed of peach when I was pregnant with my son

“May children grow up slowly”

Many people don’t believe it, but I am convinced.

My mother was still working at the brigade health office in the village. After giving birth to my brother and my sister, she had a ligation surgery at that sanitation.She said that the conditions of the health center at that time, or the colleagues at the time were merciless, in short, the ligation surgery was not fully done, and then I accidentally had me.

My mother was 36 years old at that time. For a while, she felt uncomfortable, had a bad appetite, and dizzy. She thought that her stomach was not good and had stomach disease. She also got some Chinese medicine and eat it.I later asked my mother, didn’t I feel strange at the time without a routine holiday?She said that in that era, life was not good, and she was busy working on the ground. The irregular holiday was too normal. No one cared about this and didn’t think about it.I never thought about pregnancy at all, so there were so many jobs in the ground, and I didn’t have the effort to see a doctor.

Later, she had a dream, dreamed that the roots pillars were standing at the door of the house, and a big snake hovered on the pillars. She looked at my mother so. My mother was so afraid of the snake.If you don’t run, just stare at the snake for a while, and wondered, how could you come in such a large snake at home?

My dad said that my mother was so dizzy. It was not a thing. She had not urged her to go to the hospital to see it. After checking it, she knew that she was pregnant, and it was 3 months.My mother was stunned, and he was still hesitating whether to stay. After all, it was too old. My dad insisted more. After all, both children grew up, the family was strange at home, and multiple children were lively, so I left me.

I also joked my mother and said that I had to lose my dad’s persistence, otherwise where is such a smart girl.

When my mother was at ease, she had a dream and dreamed that a dragon flew from behind the house. She bombarded it. My mother looked at it so, and she didn’t mean to be afraid.

Most of the people at that time were still superstitious. She heard that the old man said that dreaming of dragon is a good thing. The dragon passed by a boy from the room.Men and women, my brother has grown up to school, more than ten years older than me. I have more and my mother, and there is more love.

Later I was born, a snake, a girl.

My mother firmly believes that her fetal dream is really accurate.

Regarding the baby dream when I was pregnant, my mother told me ten times, but every time she mentioned that she was happy, and I did grow up in the love of the family.

Maybe it is inherited my mother. I have dreamed more since I was a child. Basically, I dream of every night. Sometimes I think that the dreams I do can have a series.

My 30 -year -old marriage, a noon of 3 months after marriage, I had a dream of my lunch break.

Dreaming of my husband pushed a tricycle to sell peaches on the side of the road home, a big peach of a car.My sister and I passed by, I asked him, are you here?Selling peaches?He smirked me lightly, but didn’t speak.I was in a hurry, and asked him, he just woke up, and I woke up.

My husband is a person who does not like peaches. Do this dream and I am puzzled.After checking the Internet, Zhou Gong interpreted his dream that he dreamed that many peaches would either represent big money and get rich.Either the meaning of more children and blessings.

I told my husband this dream and analysis. I said it would not be pregnant. He didn’t believe it. He felt that it would not be so fast.

I bought the test strip on the same day, two bars!But the second article is shallow.After two days, I went to the hospital for examination to confirm that I was pregnant.

Because of the peaches that dreamed, the name given to the child is "naughty", and it takes up a peach edge.

The children are now one and a half years old.

Whenever I think of this, I always laughed and said that other people’s family checked myself to get pregnant by myself. Our family had a baby dream. The child was too anxious to tell my mother and he came to report it!

When I was a kid, I didn’t believe in such things. I felt that it is now a new era. I have to believe in materialism. These have no scientific basis.

The older the growing experience, the more superstitious about these, but just believe that all things have the need for existence.

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