Fetal treasure hates several kinds of foods that pregnant mothers "steal".

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After my friend is pregnant, I eat everything, not only eating spicy strips or takeaway, but also some raw fish fillets.The family would not let her eat, let her tolerate first, and wait until the baby is born, and eat what to eat.But she was unwilling, and always felt that she would not let her eat, just treat her harsh.There are only children in the eyes of her husband, and she would not let her eat anything.I know her husband and say nothing about her, buy everything.But after all, you should pay attention to some.

This friend can’t do it, don’t eat it on the bright side, don’t let the more you eat in the back to eat.During the 6 months of pregnancy, there was a miscarriage because bacterial infection.At this time, she realized that it wasn’t that she would not let her eat, but something must be taboo during pregnancy.Not only that, the following foods are also very annoying. They are not nutritious and unhealthy. Do n’t eat pregnant mothers.

Pickles such as pickles

After pregnancy, many expectant mothers have changed greatly, from the light to the taste before, and even began to like to eat pickled products.For example, pickles such as pickles.When you are not pregnant, you should eat less such things.After pregnancy, the pickled products should be eaten less.Because pickled products will be enlarged, especially salt, and the proportion of vegetables is almost one -to -one.

The pregnant mother ate food with such a heavy taste, and the water in the body is too much, which causes edema.More serious ones can also cause pregnancy hypertension syndrome, which is very harmful.In addition, pickled foods contain nitrosamine.It is a strong carcinogen and one of the most important chemical carcinogens.Eating too much during pregnancy is easy to cause fetal malformations.Therefore, expectant mothers should eat less pickled products during pregnancy, not to mention that there is no nutrition and unhealthy, and don’t eat it.


Songhua egg is the favorite of many people. It can not only cook porridge, but also mix cold dishes, which is delicious.But for pregnant mothers, don’t eat pine flower eggs.

In the past, when marinating pine eggs, heavy metals such as lead oxide were added and used for a long time, which was harmful to the human body.Later, after reform, it was replaced by copper sulfate and zinc, and it was also called "lead -free preserved eggs".But lead -free preserved eggs are not lead to lead, but contain a small amount of heavy metal substances.It is not harmful to adults, but it is not suitable for pregnant women and infants.For children, the intestinal absorption rate is good and is particularly sensitive to the lead.For pregnant mothers, excessive intake can cause fetal malformation or even abortion.

Sashimi slices, hearty eggs

During pregnancy, raw fish fillets must not be eaten.Because raw fish slices contain bacteria or other parasites, especially like Liszt bacteria, it is simply "fetal killer".If the pregnant mother eats foods containing Listera, it can be transmitted to the fetus by the mother, causing abortion and fetal stops.In addition, it is not necessary to eat the heart egg, because the egg that is not completely cooked also contains bacteria, which is not good for the fetus.

Therefore, do not eat sashimi and heart eggs during pregnancy. When eating other meats, it is also guaranteed to be cooked.

Diet during pregnancy is the key. The above three foods are not nutritious and unhealthy. Pregnant mothers should hold back, but don’t eat it randomly.


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