Fever causes premature birth?8 months of pregnancy, pregnant women have experienced the experience of a cold, fever, do n’t carry it!

A few days ago, an article reported an article. A hospital nurse in Xiao Li (a pseudonym), 8 months pregnant, felt that it was three -point poisonous medicine because of a cold, and did not take the medicine in time.The fetal distress was forced to give birth for a month and a half, and the daughter weighed 2.7 kg.She later regretted it very much. If he was treated in time, he would not have a child’s premature birth, and there were more than one case in the same thing. In 2014, some netizens broke out a premature birth due to a fever. Later, she was pregnant with a second child and had a fever. She was very worried.

Will a cold and fever really give birth prematurely?In general, fever can cause the expectant mother’s heartbeat to accelerate, and even fetal heartbeat will accelerate. At the same time, high fever will stimulate the uterus and cause contraction, which will easily cause adverse effects such as premature birth or abortion for expectant mothers who are less than 37 weeks of pregnancy.

In addition, high fever can degenerate protein in the cells, which ultimately affects the development of the fetus and may cause fetal malformations.Especially for a fever in the first three months of pregnancy, the risk of fetal heart defects and facial malformations may be increased, such as lip cracks or cleft palate.Earlier, the researchers at Duke University studied the animal embryo and discovered the key cells of the heart, face, and chin -nerve 嵴 cells, which contains temperature sensitivity.The fever itself does not cause teratogenic, but at 3-8 weeks in the early pregnancy, fever will interfere with the development of the heart and jaw of the fetus, which will lead to malformations.

Therefore, a cold and fever must not be ignored. The most available to carried it. Some people think that when you are pregnant, you ca n’t use the medicine if you have a cold, but you do n’t use the medication. It does not mean that a little medicine cannot be used. You can drink plenty of water and rest for a cold nose congestion.If you have a fever, it is best to go to the hospital for a doctor to check the colds such as viral or bacterial nature.

After pregnancy, due to changes in progesterone levels, expectant mothers’ immunity decreases, and avoiding colds and fever usually focus on prevention.

1. Drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruit contains a large amount of VC, and VC is the grain of immune cells. Even if you have a cold, you need to eat more fruits. Drink more fruit juice.Essence

2. Usually exercise more, walk outdoors every day, move gently to avoid strenuous exercise.Exercise can regulate the function of the nervous system, increase lung capacity, promote the smooth blood, and help pregnant mothers sleep and also help fetal growth and development.

3. Pay attention to rest, ensure adequate sleep, often ventilate in the room, keep the air flow, someone at home has a cold, and prevent measures to reduce the adverse effect on pregnant women.

4. Go to a place where you are dense and reduce the chance of virus infection.

After pregnancy, we must also reduce the activity that increases the temperature of pregnant mothers:

1. Do not take a bath with too hot water to shorten the bath time. It is best not to take a bath.

2. Reduce the use of electric blankets and electric heating treasures to reduce abdominal temperature.

Finally, I wish you all the time during the pregnancy and the fetus is born safely.

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