Finally found the culprit of back pain!Doctor reminds: 5 major risk factors, in fact, you can avoid

In today’s life, back pain is not only the "patent" of middle -aged and elderly friends. Many young people are also deeply plagued by back pain problems. Especially for some sedentary office workers and students, sometimes sitting is a whole whole wholeheartedGod, at this time, we have to bear the pressure of the upper body and maintain the shape of the body through the waist. For a long time, the problem of lumbar or lumbar muscle strain may occur.

The waist is often sore, especially when I just stood up after sitting for a long time, it is really uncomfortable. Is there any way to prevent or relieve back pain?

1. Don’t sleep too softly

One -third of the time is sleeping, and he is lying in a flat state when sleeping. At this time, the pressure on the waist is very small, which is a state of rest.When sleeping too softly, due to weight, a person will sag in the middle, so that the waist cannot be relaxed. Although the harder bed is uncomfortable, it can support the body and rest on the waist.

2. Pay attention to keep warm

Many young people are still worn very little even if the temperature is very low. This is very bad. Cold air through the skin will make the blood circulation slower, the muscles become stiff, and the back pain will increase, especially female friends, especially female friendsBecause menstruation and pregnancy are more likely to have back pain, you can usually warm your waist with hot water bottle.

Third, pay attention to weight loss

The pressure of people with heavy weight will be greater, causing a burden on the waist, so you must pay attention to weight loss when obese people have symptoms of back pain.

4. Appropriate exercise and correct bad posture

Back pain can be exercised appropriately when you are normal. Pour, jogging, yoga, etc. are very good. You can exercise the waist muscles. After working for a while, you can exercise appropriately. You can also rub your waist with your hands to promote blood circulation and relax.Lumbar muscles.Usually to correct bad sitting positions, bend over humpback, and the legs will affect the waist.In addition, you can also prepare a small pillow on the waist to relieve waist pressure.

Fifth, prevent overwork of the waist

The waist is in the center of the human body. It is very important. The waist is not good. Be careful not to let the waist excessively tired, causing damage to the waist muscles.

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