Five months of pregnancy quarreled with her mother -in -law, pregnant women poke their belly with scissors, and the fetus is born in my mother -in -law.

One of the most prosperous cities in China, Xiao Jing and Dapeng just got married, full of hope for the future and expectations for new life.They live in a 30 -story high -rise building, and the scenery outside the window is prosperous and charming.Xiao Jing has been pregnant for five months, and her belly is slightly bulging. Both she and Dapeng are looking forward to the arrival of new life.

However, in this peaceful life, Dapeng’s mother suddenly came to their home.She is a traditional woman, exuding the breath of the countryside.Dapeng’s mother put forward many requirements for Xiao Jing and Dapeng’s life, hoping that their lives would meet her habits.This made Xiao Jing start to feel pressure, and she spent every day.

One day, Dapeng’s mother said to Xiao Jing: "Do you know, pregnant women must pay attention when eating, they must not eat spicy or cold." Xiao Jing nodded, but Dapeng’s mother continued:"Moreover, you should walk more, you can’t sit all day. Also …"

Such a conversation is going on every day, and Dapeng’s mother always uses her own way to specify Xiao Jing’s life.Although Xiao Jing was dissatisfied, she still held back because she knew that Dapeng’s mother was out of care.

However, Xiao Jing could not bear such pressure after all.One day, she had a dispute with Dapeng’s mother.Xiao Jing prepared dinner in the kitchen. When Dapeng’s mother saw Xiao Jing cut peppers, she came over and said, "You are pregnant, you can’t eat spicy."

Xiao Jing finally broke out. She raised the kitchen knife in her hand and said to Dapeng’s mother angrily: "I know I am pregnant, but this does not mean that I can’t have my own life. I also know that you are for me., But I hope you can respect my choice. "

On this day, the relationship between Xiao Jing and Dapeng’s mother was nervous, and Dapeng felt pressure.He didn’t know who he should support, he just hoped that their homes could restore their previous peace.

The contradictions of mother -in -law became more and more acute in day after day.Dapeng’s mother has never been able to accept Xiao Jing’s thoughts and lifestyles. She feels that Xiao Jing does not respect the elderly and ignores the behavioral norms that pregnant women should have.And Xiao Jing believes that Dapeng’s mother is too traditional and paranoid, infringing her personal rights.

One day, the conflict between the two reached its peak.Dapeng’s mother found that Xiao Jing was about to go to the cinema to watch a movie, and asked her: "Are you pregnant, why go to the cinema? The sound of the movie theater is so loud, it is not good for the child." After listening, Xiao Jing felt extremely stress andFurious, she cried and said, "I know I am pregnant, but I am also a person, and I also have my own life and preference. I can’t just be a pregnant woman, ignore myself."

When Dapeng returned home, he saw the tearful Xiaojing and his angry mother.He knew that he could no longer put himself out, but he didn’t know how to solve this problem.He tried to communicate, but the effect was not ideal.He felt extremely painful and helpless.

That night, Xiao Jing shed tears quietly in the bathroom.She looked at herself in the mirror, a purple mark on her stomach reminded her that she was with a new life.She picked up the scissors next to her and pointed to her belly, and she wanted to end her pain in this way.

At that moment, Dapeng pushed in and saw this scene.He rushed forward in horror and took the scissors from his childhood.He looked at Xiao Jing and said distressedly, "Xiao Jing, you can’t do this. We will find a solution."

That night, Xiao Jing hugged Dapeng tightly, and her heart was full of pain and despair.Her behavior made Dapeng realize that he could no longer ignore this problem.He decided that he wanted to find a solution to their problems, and he had to protect Xiao Jing and their children.

The scary of the scissors shocked everyone. The most shocking was Dapeng’s mother.She was painful and began to review her behavior again.She began to realize that her stubbornness not only hurt Xiao Jing, but also almost caused irreparable consequences.

Xiao Jing successfully gave birth to her child. Dapeng’s mother looked at the newborn in the 襁褓, and the regret rolled out. She finally understood that she needed to change.By the end of her son’s crib, she apologized to Xiao Jing: "Xiao Jing, I was wrong. I know that I was too harsh to you before, and I shouldn’t impose my thoughts on you."

After Xiao Jing listened, the pressure and grievances in her heart dissipated. She knew that Dapeng’s mother was really good for her and her children.She handed her child to Dapeng’s mother and said, "Mom, let’s bring the child together."

After that, their lives have changed dramatically.Dapeng’s mother began to respect Xiao Jing’s decision, and she learned to accept different views.Xiao Jing also felt extremely secure because of the understanding and support of Dapeng and Dapeng’s mother.

This family has gone through the ups and downs, and it is also difficult.But they finally learned how to respect and understand each other, and their families became more harmonious.Although they had conflicts and misunderstandings, in the end, they chose love and understanding.The story of this family draws a successful end.

Life is like acting, depending on acting.On the big stage of life, we are both protagonists and supporting roles.We must take care of ourselves and care about others.Only in this way can our lives be full of color.This is what Xiao Jing and Dapeng taught us the story of their families.

This story tells us that the problems and difficulties we encounter in our lives cannot be solved.As long as we are brave to face and are willing to understand and respect others, then we can find a solution to the problem, and our lives can become better.This is the wonder and beauty of life.

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