Five small things that must be known during pregnancy are good for baby and pregnant mothers

For women, pregnancy can be called a major test.Especially for the first time of pregnancy, the expectant mothers, in the face of all kinds of people who came over and seemed to look very reasonable on the Internet, they even turned their heads, and did not know who to listen to.

In fact, 99%of women can give birth to a healthy baby smoothly. Don’t worry too much. As for some other small problems, such as how to eat and how much, remember these principles below.

Some people may advise you to eat more during pregnancy, because babies in the stomach also need nutrition, but eating too much may cause excessive weight, but affect the health of pregnancy and increase the risk of diseases such as gestational diabetes!

Therefore, instead of eating a lot, it is better to eat: balanced and diversified, pay attention to food safety.

1. Food diversified.

Daily diet should include five categories of foods: grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat or other protein rich foods.In addition, choose as much as possible vegetables and fruits of colors and categories.

2. Eat more grains appropriately and try to choose coarse grains and high -fiber grains.

3. Ensure that animal food intake.

For animal foods, 50 grams per day in the second trimester, and 125 grams per day in the third trimester; for fish meat, it is recommended to consume 300 to 450 grams per week.

4. Drink 300 to 500 ml of milk every day.

5. Take ingestion of iodine -rich foods 1 to 2 per week: such as seaweed, fish, shrimp.

6. Drink plenty of water.

After pregnancy, you will pay special attention to your diet during pregnancy, and you may often hear a variety of diet taboos.For example, you cannot eat snacks, cold drinks, crabs, spicy, coffee, etc. during pregnancy.

In fact, there are not so many dietary taboos during pregnancy. Snacks, cold drinks, crabs, chili and coffee can be eaten by pregnant mothers, but there are some precautions: snacks: not only to ensure food hygiene and safety, but also not to eattoo much.Crab: After cooking, consume it, and it should be appropriate.Cold drinks: We must not only control the amount, but also control the speed of consumption. The most important thing is to ensure the hygiene and safety of cold drinks; if possible, use refrigerated or frozen healthy foods as much as possible instead of cold drinks.Eating spicy: The extent that the pregnant mother can tolerate it.Coffee: It is recommended not to exceed 2 cups a day.

During pregnancy, you may eat some composite vitamins, nutritional supplements, etc., such as: folic acid, iron, calcium, DHA, etc. You must pay attention not to take it too much, which may cause liver and kidney function burden.

1. folic acid

Add 0.4 to 0.8 mg every day.

2. Calcium

Early pregnancy: The recommended daily intake is 800 mg. Generally, eating more foods rich in calcium can be satisfied;

In the middle and third trimester of pregnancy: The recommended daily intake is 1000 mg. Because these two periods, the diet will be difficult to meet this standard. Moms can choose calcium supplementation. It is recommended to choose a single piece of small dose of calcium.No more than 500 mg.

3. Iron

Early pregnancy: 20 mg per day; middle pregnancy: 24 mg of daily; 29 mg per day: 29 mg per day;

Specific usage use needs to be used under the guidance of a professional physician after evaluating the individual situation.


It is generally believed that the daily intake of not more than 2 grams of DHA supplements is safe. It is recommended that pregnant mothers supplement them in strict accordance with the product manual.

If conditions permit, choose to give birth as much as possible.But if the following situation occurs, you can choose a cesarean section:

1. Severe pregnancy period and complications.For example, giant fetal, eclamps, and severe organs and systemic diseases caused by gestational diabetes.

2. Fetal, placenta, and amniotic fluid abnormalities.For example, the bowls are not called, the internal embarrassment of the fetus, the front placenta, the abnormal position of the fetal position, and the premature peel of the placenta.

3. Difficulty.For example, during the process of delivery, the production process stagnates and needs to end the output as soon as possible.

4. The birth canal is abnormal.For example, pregnant mothers have pelvic malformations, vaginal malformations, and giant genital warts.

The most important thing is to remember that if the baby who does not have a smooth delivery is smarter than the cesarean clinic, the cesarean section will not affect the child’s health.

Whether or not prenatal education during pregnancy is a question that many pregnant mothers will pay attention to.However, there is no evidence that prenatal education can promote the development of the fetus or make the baby smarter.

Compared with prenatal education, the emotions of pregnant mothers are actually more important.

Some scientific research shows that the adverse emotions such as anxiety and depression during pregnancy will affect the growth and development of the fetus, and even affect the child’s character.

Therefore, for the good development of the baby, it is recommended that pregnant mothers try to adjust their emotions as much as possible and be able to maintain a good mood every day.Stable in state and happy mood is to give the baby the best gift.

For women, pregnant children are one of the most important stages in life.However, there are always some important things that will be ignored, or it is difficult to distinguish between true and false … I hope that sharing today can help all pregnant mothers to better spend long pregnancy!

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