Folic acid folic acid should be eaten like this during pregnancy!The hospital generally does not tell you

Folic acid is an indispensable nutrients for fetal development. Preparing for pregnant mothers to supplement folic acid in advance can play a role in preventing pregnant women’s anemia, and at the same time, it can also reduce the occurrence of pioneering eclampies in advanced pregnancy.In addition, taking folic acid can reduce the probability of baby’s congenital disease.The effect of folic acid is very effective, and folic acid can be supplemented by diet or folic acid tablets.

1. Preventing pregnant women’s anemia: The body of pregnant women needs folic acid to create normal red blood cells.The survey showed that the prevalence of anemia in Chinese childcare women was 20.6%.Insufficient folic acid intake may also cause anemia for pregnant women.

2. Preventing baby’s congenital malformation: Reducing the risk of birth defects in the baby, taking folic acid tablets can prevent birth defects such as fetal heart disease.

3. Prevention of neural tube defects: Neural tube defects are congenital deformities in neonatal in China.If a woman insists on taking the recommended dose of folic acid every day before the three months of pregnancy, and the first three months of pregnancy can reduce the risk of nerve tube defects by 50%-70%.

4. Promote placenta development: affect the basic structure of DNA and cells. Therefore, obtaining sufficient folic acid is particularly important for the rapidly growing placenta and babies.

5. Preventing pregnant women’s premature eclampsia: taking a variety of vitamins containing folic acid can reduce the risk of pregnant women suffering from eclaose.

Key points: starting from three months before pregnancy starting folic acid

1. Usually expectant mothers should start supplementing folic acid from the first three months of planning to be pregnant, because in the first three months of pregnancy, the nervous system of the fetus starts to develop, and the cells begin to split.Disadvantages, deformed phenomena.

2. In the early pregnancy, take another three -month folic acid. By the third trimester, take an appropriate amount of folic acid under the guidance of the doctor.

Key points: How much folic acid is suitable for expectant mothers in one day?

1. In accordance with the standards set by the World Health Organization, prepare for the first three months of pregnancy and three months before pregnancy, 0 and 4 mg per day are enough.The content of folic acid tablets and composite vitamin tablets produced by different pharmaceutical factories has different contents, and expectant mothers should pay attention to identification.

2. Excessive folic acid will be excreted with urine, but taking large dose of folic acid can affect the absorption of zinc by pregnant women, resulting in zinc deficiency, slowing the fetal development, and increasing weight in low weight.

Priority 3: Mom and Dad to make up folic acid together during pregnancy

During pregnancy, prepare for father and mother should supplement some folic acid in an appropriate amount, which cannot be missed to the best time to supplement folic acid.Supplement folic acid in a timely manner, so as to prevent little baby from coming to "register", it is not caught off guard.For men who want to be a father, deficiency of folic acid will reduce the concentration of semen. Then if you want to succeed in pregnancy, it is also critical for men to supplement folic acid.

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