Folic acid should be supplemented in the early pregnancy. How much daily intake is appropriate?Suggest in this range

Women have to eat folic acid after pregnancy. The main role of folic acid is to make the children born with pregnant women try not to have malformations as much as possible.Folic acid in the hospital can also be used for free for free, but pregnant women can’t eat too much. Do you know what the daily intake of folic acid is?

Generally speaking, pregnant women want to supplement folic acid, and the content of folic acid per day should not exceed 1,000 micrograms. It is enough for pregnant women to consume more than 400 micrograms per day, which can make the children born with a child from giving birth to a child.However, pregnant women must not be eaten. Although eating too much folic acid is not good for pregnant women, it will be more harmful to pregnant women without eating folic acid.If pregnant women do not eat folic acid, the child born is likely to be deforming, and the child’s growth and development are not as good as other children.

When pregnant women eat folic acid, they should also pay more attention to the instructions of the use, because some drugs also contain folic acid components, especially some vitamins, which contain folic acid ingredients, so pregnant women need to take a closer look before supplementing vitamins, take a closer look at it.What are the ingredients in the manual so that pregnant women will not supplement the content of folic acid every day.

Generally speaking, pregnant women want to replenish folic acid, and they should supplement folic acid within three months after pregnancy. At this time, it is a critical period to supplement folic acid, and the effect will be better.Because in the past three months, it is the most critical period for fetal growth and development. At this time, eating folic acid can make children better supplement.At this time, eating folic acid can make the nutrition of pregnant women a great supplement. If pregnant women lack folic acid during this time, the health of the fetus will not be guaranteed, and problems such as malformations or congenital heart disease occur.Therefore, it is necessary to eat an appropriate amount of folic acid at a critical moment.

Under normal circumstances, pregnant women should take folic acid for half an hour after eating, because eating folic acid at this time will not affect the gastrointestinal and intestines of pregnant women, and it can also make folic acid nutrients and be absorbed by the body faster.Eating folic acid before, for pregnant women with poor gastrointestinal and intestines, will cause some harm to the stomach.

Specific mothers should pay more attention to their physical condition after pregnancy. If there is any symptoms of discomfort in the body, they should go to the hospital for examination immediately, especially in the first three months of pregnancy.The moon is the time when the fetus is unstable, and it is easy to occur. Sometimes it may make the fetus fail to keep the fetus because of a small mistake.

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