Folk story: Men release their pregnant mother and snake, but a few days later, the mother snake said that he took your mother to break the temple at night

During the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, people lived in Beifeng Village for generations. Because the land did not grow too much of food, the strong labor in the village had to go to the town to do hardships in the town to keep the family eat.

On this day, Zhang Ping came to the restaurant in the town to make miscellaneous. The businessman in the restaurant was insufficient. Zhang Ping was very honest and honest because of his hands and feet.craft.After the chef Li couldn’t do it, he would take over his class.

Zhang Ping smirked happily after learning about it, because it was difficult to feed him and his mother in the ground. Zhang Ping’s name was Wang Caixia. She married Zhang Ping’s father in her ten -year -old.Zhang Ping was born later, and the life of their family can also be on track.

However, when he was not as expected, Zhang Ping was born, and his father was recruited for the war, and he had no news since then.In this way, the burden in the family fell on Wang Caixia. After giving birth to a child, he had high -intensity labor, and later he fell into the root cause.Now that he is old, he will relapse from time to time. Zhang Ping’s income is exhausted alone, and he has to buy medicine and live, and he is not hungry.

It’s okay now, Zhang Ping became the apprentice of chef Li, and the salary was more than he had zero workers before. The next day Zhang Ping went to the back kitchen. Chef Li saw Zhang Ping.It wasn’t that no apprentice came, but I felt fortunate, and ran away after two days.

Therefore, this has caused Chef Li to have no good opinion of these apprentices. To this end, he felt that Zhang Ping should not be able to do it, so he didn’t plan to teach him any craftsmanship to make him miscellaneous.

Chef Li frowned and said to Zhang Ping: "If you come to me as an apprentice, you can plan hard, but you can’t find someone for two days."

Zhang Ping touched his head and smiled: "As long as the master doesn’t dislike me stupid, don’t want me, I will specify that I will not leave."

Chef Li didn’t say anything when he saw this. He heard too much such words. In this way, Zhang Ping paused with the kitchen. In his life, chef Li continued to make Zhang Ping constantly, butZhang Ping is not afraid of suffering. He has always worked only for less words and resentment.The scenes of this pile fell into the eyes of Chef Li.

Chef Li asked him on this day: "Zhang Ping, you just want to learn my craft so, so don’t be afraid of hard work?"

Zhang Ping said with a serious face to Chef Li: "Back to Master, I am not afraid of suffering. Compared with this bitterness than my mother, I just want to learn craftsmanship, and then respect my mother.","

Chef Li was touched by Zhang Ping, so he decided to carefully teach Zhang Ping’s hands -on cooking skills -food therapy.

He rely on this hand to make good moisturizing. Later, Zhang Ping made a rapid advance in cooking under the teachings of Chef Li.After receiving the town, give her a good treatment.

After a few months, Zhang Ping also ushered in vacation. He was ready to pick up his mother with the money he made.Seeing that it was a cauliflower snake, Zhang Ping thought that the snake taught by Chef Li was a big tonic.

Zhang Ping bought the snake and was ready to go home. On the road of the countryside, he found that the snake was constantly hitting the cage. Zhang Ping put the snake on the ground and watched it. It turned out that the snake was pregnant.No wonder he would be so irritable. He thought of the weakness of the female, but just for his mother, and also thought of his mother, he released the snake.

After he returned home, he talked to Wang Caixia’s recent life. When he said that he wanted to bring Wang Caixia to the town, Wang Caixia refused.

After a few days, Zhang Ping was about to leave, but he stayed for one night because of the weather. On this night, he had a strange dream. A woman appeared in his dream. The woman dragged a snake tail.It was startled by him. The woman said quickly: "Enong Gong is afraid, I am the snake you used to save before, because I was about to produce all the right to production before, fortunately, there is Engong to rescue it."

Zhang Ping was relieved when he heard him say this. He asked: "Then what do you call me now?"

The woman quickly said: "Ensong now takes your mother to kiss the temple on the mountain, otherwise you will be dangerous."

Zhang Ping listened to her and was so frightened that he was sweating. He quickly got up to wake up Wang Caixia. Before he could explain, he carried his mother and ran to the mountain temple in the mountains.It didn’t take long for the day after tomorrow to pour the rain.The next day he went down the mountain and found that his house had been rushed by the flood because the terrain was too low, leaving only the steady flood.

He was secretly happy to listen to the snake girl, otherwise it would be dead.Now that the home is gone, Wang Caixia can only follow Zhang Ping to the town. Later, because of Zhang Ping’s hard study and his kind filial piety, he got the key cultivation of chefs and shopkeepers.His salary began to rise.

Later, Zhang Ping bought a house in the town by this craft, and also conditioned his body for his mother Wang Caixia. With Yu Qian, he also married a good wife. After that, their family lived a happy and beautiful life.

Well, this is the end of the story today. Thank you for watching support, thank you.

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