Folk story: Women are asking for children, and they are really pregnant soon. The husband found the clue after tracking

Thirty -year -old Langzhong Muyuan has not been married so far. In the county seat, Muyuan Muyuan is regarded as one. Because of his superb medical skills, don’t look at him only thirty years old, but even those old gentlemen are quite convincing.

Because this wooden original is a medical family. Since childhood, he has been cultivated by his father. At the age of fifteen, he started sitting in the hall. He could open some simple recipes. At the age of 20, he took over the medical hall alone.It’s right.

Because the Mujia Medical Museum has passed on for three generations for more than 50 years, even if he is young, it is still endless.

At this moment, Muyuan, three fingers on his right hand, gently put on the wrist of the old man, his eyes were slightly narrowed, and he was in the pulse. At this moment, there was a loud laughter outside the door: hey!I said that in Mu Lang, it is not easy to see you, and you can see you if you get a medical hall.

The closure of Mu Yuan with surprise, staring at the woman who came in, should be said to be a matchmaker. This woman is a well -known matchmaker in the city, known as half a month old.

After the woman came in, she looked at Muyuan, and she wanted to speak. The kuhara waved her hand and said: Wait a while!

After speaking, he ordered the old man, and then prescribed prescriptions to grab the medicine. Then he covered the door and made other patients lined up later.

With a surprising color, asked: Aunt Liu!You are busy, why did you run here?

The woman listened and laughed: You think I am willing to come!It’s not for your marriage.

After listening to this, Mu Yuan looked a little impatient and said: Aunt Liu!Haven’t you told you, I haven’t thought of getting married yet. When I think about it, I will find you.

When the woman listened, not only was not angry, but said with a smile: You say you!There are more than thirty people, and they still have the horns. If your father is asking me every day, you think I am willing to manage it!

The Muyuan family, followed by the matchmaker, seemed a little relative, so this wooden original called her six aunt, the woman finished speaking, and ignored him, and then said: Do you remember what you asked me?

Hearing this, Mu Yuan was stunned and watched the woman for a long time, and then the voice trembled and asked: Do you mean that, can you do it?

The woman thought about it and said, "If it can’t be achieved, it depends on you. I learned yesterday that the woman was suspected of abandoning the old color and decline, and I recently got a strange disease.If you say you want to redeem people, you can go.

Hearing this, Mu Yuan suddenly revealed the ecstasy. The woman saw it, sighed, and said, "I shouldn’t tell you, the woman is a prostitute. In that blue building, it has been more than ten years.Nowadays, there are more than thirty, not just the old age, the key is that this woman is sick now, and the old lady will make a relaxed.

Mu Yuan listened, with joy on his face, saying: Thank you, Aunt Liu. I have her in my heart. I will not marry others. After the incident, I will have thanks.I have to be annoyed to ask the Sixth Aunt Liu to ask me how much silver can I use to redeem it.

When the woman listened, she could only nod, and she was too lazy to say, so she walked out, leaving only Muyuan in place, caught in excitement.

It turned out that when Muyuan was 20 years old, he actually helped him to get married in the family, but the experience of a diagnosis changed his life.

On that day, a man came over to invite him, saying that the girl in the building was ill, and asked him to help him for diagnosis and treatment. Muyuan was puzzled because this green building had his own fixed Langzhong.

The man said the truth. It turned out that the girl’s illness could not be ruled by Lang Zhong, and then thought of asking him.

Mu Yuan did not refuse. The first time he entered the Qinglou in his life was actually in this way. After that, he diagnosed and treated the patient. As a result, Muyuan actually fell in love with this girl.

The woman’s name is Qiu Ling. It is said that she was still a family of Qianjin, but her father was guilty. She was almost destroyed and was eventually sold into the Qinglou.

After seeing Qiu Ling, Mu Yuan didn’t think about the tea all day. At that time, he asked the six aunt and went to the building to inquire. As a result, the old son and the lion opened his mouth. If he wanted to redeem himself, at least a thousand silver.

After Mu Yuan heard it, if he was hit, one thousand or two, even if he sold the medical hall and sold the house, which was about one hundred or two, how can one thousand and two!

Therefore, things were so unsolved and dragged down, but Mu Yuan had been holding hope, and often passed the Qinglou to try to see Qiu Ling to solve his acacia.

Ten years have passed, and Muyuan still did not marry, just waiting for the matter. As a result, he really heard the news today, so he was not just excited at this moment, he was just ecstatic.

Until the time when the dusk, Aunt Liu finally came, Mu Yuan was relieved, and quickly asked: Aunt Liu!How about it?

The woman sat down, took a cup of tea directly, took a sip, and said: I asked all of them, and I also inquired on the side. The autumn spirit is now thirty -two. Xu is a bumpy experience.It is the old, the key to this woman, there is no solution to others, and the old man speaks. To redeem himself, it takes fifty or two silver.

Hearing this, Muyuan hurriedly said: Redemption!I want to help him redeem it, I am out of fifty two.

Aunt Liu listened and laughed bitterly: That is, you are a fool, and you will be willing to get fifty or two silver, redeem the death of the dead, the old sister -in -law is obviously a bullish price, it is a trap, but you have to step in one foot in one foot.Essence

Mu Yuan shook his head and said: As long as I can afford it, I am willing to spend how much money.

Aunt Liu shook his head and said, "I’m going to help you talk about the price. There are too many fifty or two. I estimate that the twelve silver is not used.

Mu Yuan was afraid of having a branches outside the festival, but it was not easy to say anything when I saw Sixth Aunt Liu so much.

The next day, the sixth aunt came to the medical hall with a smile, and when she was diagnosed, she was diagnosed with Mu Yuan. She threw the patient directly and asked: Aunt Liu!what’s the result?

Aunt Liu listened, and laughed: That is, your sixth aunt, my clever mouth, the old sister -in -law is not an opponent.However, you have to get a carriage. It is impossible to come out. It can only be memorized or lifted out. I went to see it. Qiu Ling was very sick. You must be mentally prepared.

Mu Yuan listened and laughed: It’s okay!I am Lang Zhong, I am good at treating the disease. Thank you Aunt Liu. I have to take another trip tomorrow.

Aunt Liu heard it and said: Little things!I will go with you tomorrow, and I will handle this matter, and I will feel at ease.

Mu Yuan sent Aunt Liu out and returned to the house and jumped up, but after returning to the back house, the old father heard the matter and called him over.

The house was a parent. The old father looked a little angry and pointed at him and said, "You, you!"After ten years, is it just to wait for such a prostitute?

Mu Yuan listened and dared not hit, and said, "Dad!In this life, I don’t marry.

The old father was a little angry, but the mother said and and the same, the old father’s anger was much smaller, and in the end, he could only sigh: hey!Children’s grandfather!Follow you!

The next day, Mu Yuan was accompanied by Aunt Liu, and finally arrived at Qinglou. The old man also knew Mu Yuan. He didn’t say much. After receiving the silver, several people arrived in a room.

Mu Yuan was a little surprised because that time, Qiu Ling lived in the best room, but this time it seemed like a miscellaneous room with humidity and pungent, and the woman was lying in the house.

The formerly glorious woman, at this moment, her face was bleak, and she seemed to be ten years old. The whole person showed a twilight. The old son was near, and the cold voice said: Autumn girl, someone came here todayPeople, I hope you will live well!

Then he said to Muyuan and Sixth: Hurry up!unlucky!

Mu Yuan saw it, frowned, and didn’t say much. In front of the bed, she said to Qiu Ling: Girl, go with me!

At this moment, Qiu Ling, eyes, looked at him, and six aunts, his eyes closed, nodded slightly, seemed to be fate.

Mu Yuan leaned over, hugged the woman, and walked towards the outside. The six auntie helped the next to her. This went out. The crowd passing by was so envious and vicious, but Mu Yuan didn’t care at all.

Outside, the woman was placed inside the car, and the carriage drove towards the medical hall. After that, she put them in a specially prepared room and turned back.Thanks!

Aunt Liu didn’t say much, and gave him the selling deed. After Mu Yuan took it, he torn it directly in front of Qiu Ling.

Muyuan guarded the woman, warmly said: Girl!This is your home, you will cure you, I want to marry you!

When the woman listened, she was expressionless, but she closed her eyes. Mu Yuan didn’t care and began to diagnose and treat women.

This Lang Nakahara, the medical skills are really not simple. Looking at the woman’s illness, she was determined to be cured by the Qinglou, and she would give up her. Unexpectedly, after half a year, the Qiu Ling was really good.

At this moment, Qiu Ling looked at the original appearance. It was extremely beautiful. Although he was in his thirties, after such suffering, he had a dusty temperament, which made Muyuan more intoxicated.

Looking at the autumn spirit of eating, Mu Yuan said: Qiu Ling!Since you are okay, I think we should handle the marriage. I go to choose a day, and we have done the marriage.

The woman who was eating, after listening, showed a smile and said: Everything has listened to your arrangements.

Mu Yuanxing rushed away and found someone to arrange related things. After all, this marriage was a big deal.

After January, there was a drum sound at Lang Zhong’s home. According to the process of marriage, he welcomed him and worshiped. He did not deliberately do it because Qiu Ling was a woman with a dusty dust.

This matter has caused a lot of waves in the county seat. After all, this autumn spirit is still a bit famous. There are really a lot of pursuits in the past. Since the marriage, some people have often come to entanglement.

However, this woman lived deeply, trying to avoid the embarrassing situation.

Since Mu Yuan became married with him, although the relationship between the two did not say violently, it was like paint, but it was also a respected as a guest!Mu Yuan was very satisfied.

It was only after half a year. Qiu Ling still did not show signs of pregnancy. Muyuan was Langzhong. He knew that his wife would not be able to get pregnant, but he was dedicated to conditioning. As a result, he was still disappointed.

Qiu Lingxu knew his thoughts and tangled it, and said: Xianggong, I heard that in the ancient temple outside the city, begging is very spiritual. It is better to try it!

Mu Yuan listened and nodded: I heard this too. In this case, I’ll accompany you tomorrow!

The wife listened and shook his head: Let me go!You are too busy with the medical hall.

Mu Yuan heard it, and felt reasonable, and agreed, but still told: Be careful when you go out!

The wife nodded and said: Rest assured!I will pay attention.

The next day, after having breakfast, the wife wore a set of ordinary peasant women’s costumes. When she saw it from a distance, she was not very eye -catching. Muyuan suddenly showed satisfaction.

Immediately, his wife went out, and Mu Yuan didn’t think much. After more than three hours, the wife returned. Mu Yuan asked: What is this trip?

The wife smiled and said: Fortunately, there are a lot of people there. I think it is useful, but I still need to go frequently, so it looks more sincere.

Mu Yuan listened and recognized it. He said: This kind of thing is not false. This kind of thing depends on the sincerity. If you want to go, you can tell me. If I need me to accompany you, I will accompany you.

The wife shook her head and said, "It’s not necessary, there are many people on the road, not far away, you can rest assured!

In three months, Mu was originally used as a dead horse as a living horse doctor. Anyway, his wife was not pregnant. It was also a hope to go to incense and pray.

On this day, after his wife returned, Mu Yuan had no match, and said: Let me take a look at the pulse!

The wife was obedient. After sitting down, Muyuan began to diagnose the pulse. After a while, Mu Yuan showed an unexpected ecstasy, stared at his wife, and laughed: Okay!Xili!I have children!I have children!

After hearing the words, his wife heard it, and after a moment of stun, a barely smile was revealed, but then he said gently: a little sound!You see, let me say it is used in the incense tube!It seems that I have to go often in the future.

Mu Yuan heard that he didn’t feel anything. He said: "I often go, but after all, you are pregnant, and occasionally go, as long as you are sincere.

After the incident, his wife was in the name of Shangxiang, separated by three forks, and he had to go to the temple once. Mu Yuan finally became doubtful.

Once, after his wife went out, Mu Yuan followed him behind him. After the ancient temple, he didn’t find any problems.

After arriving at the ancient temple, his wife kneeled down to the incense. A young monk followed him. After his wife got up, he followed this person to a remote chamber.

When Mu Yuan saw it, his face was ugly, and he followed quietly and hid outside the window.

The wife’s voice is not loud, but I can hear it clearly: husband, when are we like this?

The man sighed: When I return the vulgar as soon as possible, we can really be together.

Qiu Ling: Okay!This is always the case, I have ashamed in my heart!That Mu Yuan treats me well, but I am so, it is always hard to be at ease!

After hearing this, Mu Yuan’s mind was empty, and the anger began to forget, as if he was a fool, and he returned to his home.

After more than an hour, the wife returned, and when she saw the lost Muyuan, she asked: What’s wrong with you?

Mu Yuan looked at his wife, sighed, and said, "Who is that monk?

When he heard this, his wife was suddenly stupid, tears rushed out, kneeling on the ground, and said, "It’s not good for me, you spared us!

Mu Yuan was very calm and said: I love you for ten years. For you, I have never married, and you are sick. Then I have redeemed you. It can be said to be the extreme, but you treat me so much.,Why!It seems that my wishful thinking, you go!From then on, we have nothing to do with it!

Immediately threw a book, the woman saw it, and her tears were like a spring, and she begged hard, but Mu Yuan had a decision, and the woman had to clean up and left.

The next day, the moment when the door was opened, the woman stayed in front of the door. Mu Yuan met and asked: Why go back?

Qiu Ling cried: I was wrong, you forgive me!

Bring it into the house, this woman told the original committee. The original monk was her lover of her bamboo horse and her original fiance. It was only because of the disaster at home.Being able to continue the front edge, but whoever thought, the monk did not admit his account and bombed her directly.

Mu Yuan listened, watching the crying wife, and finally sighed, and said, "Come back!"But there is only one chance!

My wife nodded: I know you are good to me. I am not good at me, and I will change it.

Muyuan did not investigate anymore, but the two lived a peaceful life until they were old.

The story is over!

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