Follicle development is not good, do you directly promote ovulation?

Pregnant seeds are very important. As a woman, you have to have a mature egg, so the development of follicles is very important, because only mature follicles will discharge high -quality eggs, and such eggs will have the opportunity to combine with eggs to form fertilized eggs.Ovulation with poor development cannot be ovulated normally or poorly, which will usually lead to failure of conception.

Folk follicle development in clinical practice is not good in these aspects

1. Folkmine is not developing, just at a very small level;

2. Follicle development, but immature, often less than 18 mm in diameter;

3. The follicle development is not good, manifested as an oval shape, and even the "dates nuclear", without any essence;

4. The follicle development is not good, the quality of the egg that cannot ovulate or excreted normally;

5. Folk mature, but not ruptured;

How to see if the egg develops normally

B -ultrasound monitoring can clearly see the form and size of the follicles development.

In general, from the 8th day of the menstrual cycle, the B-ultrasound monitoring every 2 days is monitored every 2 days. When the diameter of the follicles is 17 mm, it should be monitored once a day.Test twice a day until ovulation.

Monitor the follicles with B -ultrasound. It is recommended to find a fixed doctor to monitor. When a doctor observes an advantageous follicles from a certain angle, the development of this follicles will be better next time.Doctors may have different judgments.

Poor folicular development is mainly related to these aspects

▇ pituitary problem

In other words, because of the poor ovarian development, common diseases are pituitary prolactinoma, and hypervidellactinemia, so go to the hospital to check in timeSymptomatic treatment can effectively restore ovulation.

Premature Ovarian Ovarian Ferry

Some women have premature ovarian failure in their youth, which is closely related to their bad habits, such as often staying up late, irregular diet, diet weight loss, frequent flow of people, etc. These behaviors are hurting the ovaries, clinically, and clinicallyIt is scarce or even amenorrhea.

综 polycystic ovary syndrome

Patients with polycystic ovaries do not appear ovulation every month. It will appear multiple small follicles every month, but often they are immature.More hard things.

Blindly promoting rows = 苗

Many patients ask if the follicles can not directly ovulate ovulation. In fact, it is not. Many patients have poor ovarian function.Oach ovulation is easy to fail.

We should comprehensively regulate ovulation, and then ovulation -promoting after reducing hormones. Such an excretion is high, and the quality of the eggs is good, and the quality of the fertilized eggs is good.

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