For eight weeks of pregnancy, the "blood bag" in the belly is larger than the fetus

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This year, the Yuanyuan couple intends to have a child.In February, the fetal heart stopped before the first pregnancy, and they had to bear to give up.Two months ago, Yuanyuan was pregnant again.However, Yuanyuan’s weight exceeded the standard, 160cm tall, and weighing 170 pounds, which is a high -risk pregnant woman.Coupled with the experience of stopping the fetus, this time, a big family has made a spirit of 100 points and is prepared to be adequate.

One day at the end of September, Yuanyuan had severe pain in the left upper abdomen without signs. The anxious family rushed to the gynecological treatment of Dingqiao Hospital of Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the fastest speed.

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After Ma Jing took the consultation, it was found that the round life signs were relatively stable, without vaginal bleeding, and abortion of abortion and other signs of abortion.However, considering that Yuanyuan is a high -risk maternal, and there is another previous history of abortion, Ma Jing perfects the B -ultrasound examination for Yuanyuan, and found that the uterine attachment and the fetus are not different, but attentive she found that there is an appointment in the adrenal area on the left side of the pregnant woman on the left side of the pregnant woman8.8cm*7.7cm huge mixed echo group block.

Yuanyuan said that the mass was discovered during the medical examination before giving birth, but she was not serious.

Ma Jing called Yuanyuan’s ultrasound diagnostic sheet at the time, and the lump at the time was about 5cm*5cm."It’s not good! It didn’t take long for this! Why did this swell grow so much?" Ma Jing couldn’t help but be alert.Subsequently, she immediately contacted the adoption of ECG monitoring and strictly lying in bed, and immediately contacted the agile team of the kidney surgery for consultation.

Understanding the history and condition in the past, Cheng Gi judged that Yuanyuan might have acute adrenal bleeding.After completing the full set of adrenal function, the cause of enhancing CT and acute adrenal hemorrhage was further improved.But at the same time, Cheng Gensi also found a worse news -the patient’s left adrenal area of the left adrenal region at this time rapidly increased again, increasing to 12cm*9cm, and the circle also showed the worseSymptoms of lips white.

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The adrenal glands are a small hat above the kidneys on both sides. It can secrete a variety of hormones that are vital to the human body, such as glucocorticoids, salt cortex, and sex hormones.This important organ is actually very small, often only 4-6cm long, 2-3cm wide, and has extremely rich blood supply.Usually, the rich blood supply helps the adrenal gland to transport the hormones produced to the whole body, but when acute bleeding, rich blood supply often means great danger, which can easily cause a large amount of coagulation factors to be consumed, causing secondary occurrenceSevere internal bleeding may lead to death.

At this time, the left adrenal glands are performed surgically to prevent the blood vessels that block bleeding and prevent a large number of bleeding from saving the life of patients.However, at present, the fetus in the patient’s abdomen has grown to the eighth week and is still at the stage of impact of surgical anesthesia drugs and surgical trauma. If surgery is performed, a great probability will affect the child’s normal development and even deformity.

Cheng Ci immediately told the husband and wife to tell the husband and wife one by one that the husband had not waited for the round opening, and the husband held his wife’s hand first and said, "Doctor, do surgery immediately, save my wife!"

The Yuanyuan surgery was successfully completed under the operation of Huang Yasheng, the director of the kidney surgery, and the surgery took a huge block with a length of about 12cm, which was full of a lot of blood clots.After the surgery, under the careful treatment and care of the kidney surgery team, the rounded life signs were stable.Unfortunately, she is about to undergo gynecological abortion surgery.

"There are many unknown pensions in the adrenal glands, but 90%of adrenal clocks are benign." Director Huang Yasheng said, "If the circle can be intervened in time when discoveringIt does not mean that there is no need to treat. After the adrenal mass is found, the examination should be further improved. According to the hormone level in the body, the symptoms of the patient, and the size and nature of the tumor, the regular review observation or surgery treatment is performed under the advice of the doctor.

Although most adrenal cobies have no symptoms and are benign, some adrenal mass still changes.Patients should seek medical treatment as soon as possible when adrenal campaigns become larger in a few months or a year.

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