For the so -called true love, her husband murdered his wife in August, causing a tragedy of a dead body

A traffic accident occurred in Qingxuan County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province. It was confused that the police worried. The more you checked, the more he murmured.

At that time, the police received a report saying that a car accidentally turned around in a ditch on the side of the road. The police immediately rushed to the scene and saw that the wheel on the left side of the car was on the side of the road, and the wheels on the right fell into the ditch.It is understood that at the time there were two people in the car, a couple, husband drove, and his wife Liu was very serious in injury.

When the ambulance arrived, her husband was unconscious, and his wife Liu died unfortunately. What was even more heartbroken was that Liu was pregnant with eight months.

After the investigation, the police found that there seemed to be a lot of doubts about the accident. It was said that the people in the car were hurt like that. The impact power should not be small. This car must be seriously damaged.However, the situation of this car seemed very abnormal, and the car was intact, and it didn’t seem to have experienced a major car accident.

At this time, another person came to report the case in a hurry. The father of the deceased Liu, who said his daughter was killed, because the day before the incident, one thing happened.The gas at home suddenly leaked. Liu’s father said that fortunately, her daughter reacted quickly, but she did not expect that she had just escaped, and the daughter had an accident the next day.

Liu’s father felt that it was not easy, because he checked that the gas leak that night was not accidental.The natural gas hose was fixed by fixed parts, and it was unlikely to fall off for no reason. He suspected that someone had deliberately removed the tube.

The person he suspected was either someone else, or the daughter Liu’s husband Jingmou. First of all, the gas pipe outsiders at home could not touch. Secondly, Jingmou and Liu had a bad relationship after marriage, and they were always divorced.With the in -depth investigation of the police, it was found that the doubts on Jingmou were really not.

At that time, the police checked Jingmou’s mobile phone and found that a few days before the gas leak, he checked something on the Internet. Can natural gas be poisoned by users?Moreover, Jingmou drove from Yulin City on the day of the incident. It was only about five kilometers from the accident place, but Jingmou drove for more than two hours.

The police went to see Jing Mou in the coma, and at that time, they were almost amused by his coma.Jingmou’s eyes were closed, and his face was still pumped. The forensic interpretation would not tremble after the coma. After a long day, he was lying there and pretending to be unconscious.He had such a big thing in his wife and children, and he was in a coma, which was even more suspicious.

The police woke up Jingmou without saying a word. Jingmou, who had just woke up, seemed to have not eased, just didn’t speak, and panting his head while rubbing his head.

At this time, the reason for Liu’s death was finally result. Mechanical suffocation was not the death of the car accident that Jingmou said. During the period of death, only Jing Mou was beside Liu, obviously he couldn’t get rid of him.Dry.

In the face of various evidence, Jingmou still resisted in every way. The police had to take photos of his wife Liu and the fetus after the accident. Until this moment, Jingmou collapsed completely, could not control his emotions, cried, and asked the police to hit himself.

Jingmou finally spoke, but he did not expect him to say that his wife Liu forced him to this portion.Their marriage was wrong from the beginning. The two were introduced by the family. At first, they couldn’t speak at all, but under the urging of the family, they hurriedly married.

Jingmou said that he and Liu couldn’t talk about it at all. It was just a chicken and a duck. What made him more irritable was that the two often had friction in handling some housework.Contradiction.Jingmou felt that such marriage was tasteless.

In order to explain to the family, Jingmou also decided to adjust his mentality, but his wife Liu’s insistence on doing it made him intolerable.He found that his wife was ambiguous with a man on the Internet.

Liu’s mother said that her daughter had indeed admitted that she had a friend of the opposite sex on the Internet. It is said that the man on the Internet had blatantly looking for Jingmou to make a big trouble.At that time, Liu Moufei was about to divorce, and even suspected that the children in Liu Mou’s belly were not his own quota.

However, after the police found a mobile phone in Jingmou’s house, and found that the netizen of his wife’s netizen was completely played by Jingmou himself, the purpose was to divorce, because Jingmou himself was very ambiguous with a female netizen on the Internet.Find that female netizen.

The child in Liu’s belly, in Jingmou’s opinion, is also a stumbling block from his way to happiness, so Jingmou has a terrible idea, and moves his hands and feet on the gas pipeline at home, but his wife Liu Mou found in time to find out in timeHide for a while.At that time, Jingmou was almost crazy. On the way home the next day, he extended the poisonous hand to his wife and forged a traffic accident to confuse the audiovisual.

Jingmou thought he was seamless, but he couldn’t hide the law, and couldn’t avoid his conscience.Life cannot be restored, and the fault he made will never be forgiven.

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Source: Jiangxi Satellite TV Legend Story

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