For three years of marriage, my daughter -in -law was not pregnant. I divorced her. One year later, my intestines regretted it.

I am an ordinary Chinese man. I am 35 years old. I am healthy and my career is successful.Three years ago, my wife and I got married. I love her and hurt her very much.However, after marriage, we have no children, which has become a heart disease between us.

The daughter -in -law is called Xiaoling. She is 32 years old. She looks beautiful, has a gentle personality, and is also very good for me.We have been working hard for children after marriage, but there are no good news.

I am worried and anxious. For a traditional Chinese man, there is a very shameless thing for a child.

After three years of hard work and attempt, Xiaoling and I still have no signs of pregnancy.I started to doubt whether Xiaoling had any fertility problems, but she went to the hospital for examination, and the results were normal.I feel very frustrated and confused, I don’t know where the problem is.

Gradually, I started to become anxious and impatient.I often quarrel with Xiaoling, blaming she did not take good care of herself, and blamed that she did not have a good child.Every time I quarrel, I regret it, but I can’t control my emotions.

One day, I returned home with a low emotion, and Xiaoling was making dinner in the kitchen.As soon as I saw her, my mood was out of control.

"Look at you, you still can’t get pregnant for so many years, aren’t you attentive to me?" I blame it loudly.

Xiaoling lowered her head and her tears slipped.She said softly: "I also want children too, but I have tried my best."

"Do your best? Are you doing so?" My tone became more sharp.

Xiaoling didn’t speak, she just wiped her tears silently and continued to make dinner.I feel that I am increasingly incapable of controlling emotions, and my heart is full of pain and anger.

That night, I filed a divorce.I feel that I can no longer continue this unwavering marriage, and I need to start again.

Xiaoling didn’t resist, but just nodded silently.I feel heavy, but I think this is a decision.Xiaoling and I went through the divorce procedures and walked out of the palace of marriage.

The days after divorce are not good for me.I feel guilty and regret, and I feel distressed about my original decision.I started thinking, maybe I was too anxious to ask for my son, and put too much pressure on Xiaoling, making her unable to cope.

I started to doubt myself, reflect on my words and deeds, and feel that I am not considerate and caring for Xiaoling.

A year later, I accidentally learned that Xiaoling was married again and was pregnant.The news shocked me and disturbed.I began to question my decision and felt that I was too grassy and did not give Xiaoling enough time and support.I feel deeply regretted.

I decided to go to Xiaoling. I wanted to see her condition in person and apologized to her.When I saw Xiaoling, her stomach was obviously raised, and her face had a hint of happiness.

"Xiaoling, I …" I hadn’t finished speaking yet, Xiaoling raised her hand and signaled me to stop.

"I know that you come to me to apologize, but I don’t need your apology. We all know that the marriage between us has no future." Xiaoling’s tone was firm and there was no fluctuation.

"But Xiaoling, I really regret it. I feel that I am too grassy and I don’t give you enough time and support. I know now, I really love you, I can’t lose you." I said excitedlyEssence

"Love me? Why do you say these words now?" Xiao Ling looked at me with a sneer.

I was silent. I knew that my original decision was selfish. I only considered my feelings, but I didn’t really understand Xiaoling’s mood and situation.

"It’s too late to say this. I have been married again, and I am pregnant. I want the happiness, I have found it now." Xiaoling’s tone was a trace.

I stunned, and I felt like a knife.I lost Xiaoling, I lost my favorite person, and she had found new happiness.

I stood in front of Xiaoling silently, unable to speak, and my heart was full of pain and regret.I realize that I lost not only a wife, but also the most important person in my life.

I started to regret my decision at the beginning. I regret not giving Xiaoling enough time and space, and did not really understand her feelings.

Xiaoling looked at me. There was no resentment in her eyes, but she was disappointed and firm.She shook her head and said gently: "We came to this step, maybe it’s doomed. I don’t blame you or hate you, but we can no longer return to the past."

I want to say something, but I can’t find the right word.I just stared silently at Xiaoling’s back, watching her dripping away, my heart was like a knife.

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