Four "fierce long -term" of fetal development. The nutrition of pregnant mothers must be in place, and the fetal development is fast and good.

For pregnant mothers, from the moment of pregnancy, the most concerned thing is whether the fetus develops healthy, and for the sake of the fetus to develop healthier, the pregnant mother is willing to suffer any more.

During pregnancy, if you want the fetus to develop better and faster, you need to grasp the "long -term" of the fetal development and supplement nutrition in a timely manner in "long -term".So let me talk about it today. During the 10 months of pregnancy, the fetus developed 4 waves of "long -term". Pregnant mothers should remember to supplement nutrition!

Four "fierce long -term" of fetal development. The nutrition of pregnant mothers must be in place, and the fetal development is fast and good.

The first long -term, 8 weeks of pregnancy, about the second month of pregnancy. At this time, the embryo is gradually differentiated into a fetus. It is a critical period for fetal development and the first long -term.

At this stage, the pregnant mother may not be able to eat things due to the pregnancy reaction, but at this time, for the development of the fetus, maintain a balanced nutrition, do not picky eaters, eat more nutritious foods, especially helping the fetal brain development of the

The second long -term, 20 weeks of pregnancy, is about the fifth month of pregnancy. At this time, the fetal development has taken shape, and the hair is also growing rapidly.

At this stage, the bones of the fetus are constantly developing, so at this time, in order to develop faster and better for the fetal bones, the pregnant mother should help the body in time to supplement calcium, eat more calcium -containing foods, or supplement some calciumPrevention.

If pregnant women have leg cramps, it shows that calcium deficiency in the body should be supplemented in time.

The third long -term, 28 weeks of pregnancy, the seventh month of pregnancy. At this time, it is a hurdle of fetal development, and it is also the third long -term for fetal development.

At this time, the pregnant mother must pay attention to supplementing nutrition and ensure the balanced nutrition, and this time period is also a critical period for the development of the fetal brain. Pregnant mothers should eat more foods rich in DHA, but avoid eating too much, otherwise it is likely to be likely to be likelyObesity during pregnancy may also cause huge but not conducive to childbirth.

The fourth is a long -term, 32 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, it has reached the 8th month of pregnancy. The fetal development has matured. At this time, the fetal development rate has become faster and faster, preparing for delivery.

Therefore, during this period, pregnant mothers should eat more protein -rich foods to meet the needs of fetal development.However, at this stage, pregnant women may also have different degrees of edema. In order to alleviate this situation, pregnant women should reduce salt intake, pay attention to moderate exercise, and avoid sedentary or long -standing.

Four long -term fetal development, hoping that pregnant mothers can grasp it!

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