Four sister -in -law dreamed that her mother -in -law was wearing a Shi Yi, and blame them to blame them. The fourth brother gave the villa to Zhang Youyi.

On February 24, 1922, Zhang Youyi gave birth to her second child and Xu Zhimo in the German hospital, and was another boy.Zhang Youyi named him Peter, and the Chinese name was De Sheng.

About a week later, Zhang Youyi dragged his tired body and returned to the residence of the seven brothers with his child.As soon as he arrived at home, he received a letter from Zhang Youyi, a man named Wu Jingxiong.

Zhang Youyi carefully opened the letter. It was Xu Zhimo’s elegant and handsome handwriting. He told all his unbearable marriage of unreasonable marriage. A large piece of paper was finally condensed into two words: divorce.

At this time, Zhang Youyi seemed to be relieved. Before the letter was demolished, he had only a little hope for Xu Zhimo, and it disappeared as the end of the letter.

Zhang Youyi immediately called Wu Jingxiong and went to Wu Jingxiong’s family to meet Xu Zhimo the next day.Xu Zhimo did not ask his child at all, and handed the divorce agreement to Zhang Youyi directly in Chinese. Zhang Youyi picked up his pen and solemnly signed his name.

Xu Zhimo relieved deeply, murmured in his mouth: "Lin Huiyin … Lin Huiyin is going back to China, I am nowhere to divorce!"

Xu Zhimo, Lin Huiyin, Zhang Youyi, Lu Xiaoman

What makes Zhang Youyi even more embarrassing and uncomfortable is that at the time, there were 4 friends of Xu Zhimo testifying to testify to their divorce.There was Jin Yuelin, who was the Professor of Peking University who had not married Lin Huiyin for a lifetime, and Wu Jingxiong. The other two did not know the name.

The four people saw Zhang Youyi signed, and we went up and congratulated them together, holding his hand in ritual, celebrating his "new life".

Xu Zhimo, who was excited, even said thank you Zhang Youyi westernly.Then he said in a tone like a stage play: "You Zhang Youyi does not want to divorce, but we have to leave, because we must do it for others, and there must be a precedent for divorce."

At that time, the departure of the international students became a fashion. When I heard that who was going to divorce, she helped to "help".Chen Hansheng and Xu Zhimo are the pioneers of divorce.Later, Zhang Yiruo, Wu Yan, Fu Sinian, and Yu Dafu were married with Yuan.

The same is true in China. In order to advertise themselves as new youths, they always abandon the marriage given by their parents.For example, Chen Duxiu, when he saw Hu Shi, he said: If you don’t divorce your little feet wife, it is not my friend and so on.

In fact, Hu Shi did not want to divorce Jiang Dongxiu, his little feet wife, which was arranged by his mother, but did he dare?Jiang Dongxiu’s hot and sophisticated people know that Hu Shi dares to divorce him, and he will hold the scissors and tell Hu Shi: First use scissors to kill your two sons, and I commit suicide.Jiang Dongxiu really got the true biography of Sima Yi’s wife Zhang Chunhua!Immediately, Hu Shi followed Jiang Dongxiu home.

good!The book is positively.From Wu Jingxiong’s house, Zhang Youyi, who was riding on the carriage, flowed down with the bumps of the carriage.From the age of 15 to Xu Zhimo, to 7 years today, Zhang Youyi at this time was less than 22 years old.The scenes of more than 20 years have been expanded slowly in my mind like playing movies.

On December 29, 1900, Zhang Youyi was born in a wealthy family in Baoshan, Shanghai.Coincidentally, today, a year ago, Nie Rongzhen, one of the top ten marshals, was born.

The Zhang family is a very status family in Baoshan.The ancestors started by operating the salt industry and saved considerable wealth and a large number of fields.In the generation of Zhang Youyi’s great -grandfather, the Zhang family started practicing medicine, and her family was more solid.

Zhang Youyi’s grandfather was an official in the Qing government. Due to his outstanding achievements, when he told the villagers, the emperor also deliberately presented two sedan seeds.These two sedan seeds have become the glory of the Zhang family.

To what extent Zhang Youyi’s family, seeing his father’s dietary requirements, he can see it.

The Zhang family has a large house in the center of Zhenru Town, Shanghai. It was built in the second year of Yongzheng and south to the south.

By the time Zhang Youyi was born, the grandmother, Zhang Youyi family and uncle’s family were living in the courtyard.Dozens of people live together, and the house still looks very spacious.The Zhang family’s life is exquisite, not only their own kitchen and miscellaneous service, but also the maids who specialize in making shoes for them.

Of course, the phrase "I don’t tire of food, I don’t tire of it" is not an exaggeration to use Zhang Youyi’s father.He did not have a meal with everyone in the courtyard and had his own kitchen and husband alone.

During breakfast time, Zhang Youyi’s father’s chef will line up in the yard and tell him what ingredients he has purchased today.He will tell them one by one to eat today, and tell the chefs to pay attention to details, such as the heat during the firing, the shape of the dish, and even emphasizing the weight of clamping on the chopsticks and the feeling of chewing in their mouths.

He also often likes to pointed at the kitchen for cooking.

Seeing this, did you think of the luxury of more than 360 dishes in the Empress Dowager Cixi, or the tedious procedure of a roasted eggplant in the mouth of Wang Xifeng in Jiafu.This is the case of an ordinary rich man in Shanghai, let alone the queen mother or Jiafu!

Zhang Youyi’s mother is a typical old -fashioned woman. Her life seems to be to fulfill the woman’s mission: she is cautious to hold her family and stretch her childhood.She nurtured 12 children, 8 boys, and 4 girls. This was her proud credit.

Zhang Youyi’s mother followed the ancient training of "women’s talent is not virtue".Since Zhang Youyi has just been sensible, her mother has educated her to fill her elders, and she must keep in mind the first filial piety: the body is skin -skinned, and her parents must not be damaged.

The mother warned them that no matter how much suffering and grievances in their lives, they must not have the idea of life, which is extremely filial to parents.Moreover, no matter what you do, you must discuss with parents and must get their permission to implement it.

The mother’s teachings have a huge influence on Zhang Youyi’s life: no matter how much suffering from suffering, she will not commit suicide; no matter how much grievance she suffers, she will not resist.

Until his later years, Zhang Youyi said to Zhang Bangmei, the granddaughter of his nephew: "I want you to remember one thing: in China, the woman’s family is worthless. After she was born, she had to listen to her father’s words; after marriage, she had to obey her husband;Have to follow your son again. "

Isn’t this Xianglin, who is not alive from Mr. Lu Xun!

When Zhang Youyi was 7 years old, the Zhang family’s dozens of people lived in, and due to a misunderstanding with his uncle’s house, Zhang Youyi’s father moved away from the big house and came to Nanxiang, who was dozens of miles away.

Zhang Youyi’s father was clever, and after his own hard work, his family slowly developed again.When Zhang Youyi was 10 years old, the second brother and the fourth brother returned from Japan. He quickly found a job and his family became better and better.

At this time, Zhang Youyi showed her mother’s desire to go to school, and her mother did not agree.Mother believes that girls should stay at home quietly like her, learn something that traditional women should hold home, and then choose a good family to marry.

However, Zhang Jiayi, who returned from Japan, was more enlightened and supported Zhang Youyi to study.One day, Zhang Youyi did not intend to see a advertisement in Shanghai’s "Declaration", which was the enrollment notice for the second women’s teacher school Suzhou Girls’ School.

This girl’s school is a new school. All the professors are western disciplines. The academic system is 4 years, the first three years of learning theoretical knowledge, the fourth year is an internship, and the primary school teacher and teacher certificate will be issued after graduation.In order to encourage women to enter school, the tuition fees charged are very cheap. A semester only needs 5 silver dollars, including accommodation costs, books, and zero costs, and even the traffic expenses for holidays.

Seeing this, did you think of the factors that a young Mao Zedong considers the Hunan Fourth Normal School.At that time, Mao Zedong’s father did not have no money to let him go to the Peking University, but he thought it was worthless. It would be possible to read so many books?Zhang Youyi’s family is even more like. She supports two sons to study in Japan to have money, but who makes Zhang Youyi a girl?

With Zhang Youyi’s soft grinding and strong support, Zhang Youyi finally went to Suzhou to study.

Zhang Youyi and Xu Zhimo’s marriage were organized by Zhang Jiazheng, his fourth brother.To put it bluntly, Zhang Jiazheng looked at Xu Zhimo with his social reputation and wrote a letter to Xu Zhimo’s father, which set it.

Zhang Jiazheng was the secretary of Zhejiang Governor’s Mansion, and inspecting the local school was part of his official duties.At a time when inspecting Hangzhou Middle School, he accidentally saw a student composition entitled "On the relationship between novels and society". The elegant style of text in the text made him admire.

Look at the words again, this article is written in a soft brush, but the strokes of each word in the article are very powerful. The scheme, one hook, and one fold, as if the back of the paper, is strong and powerful.Such calligraphy can only form their own unique style only for many years.

Once again, Zhang Jiazheng was very happy to ask this student’s family background: this student is Xu Zhangyu, the only child of Xu Shenru, the richest man in Yanshi, Haining County, Zhejiang, and Xu family has many industries and is very respected in the local area.

It is him. With such a family life, there are such talents, and he will not care about it.As a result, Zhang Jiazheng wrote a letter to Xu Shenru, suggesting that he was a second sister who was waiting for the word, and could settle the Qin and Jin dynasties with the Xu family’s only son.At the end of the letter, Zhang Jiazheng belonged to his real name.

After receiving the letter, Xu Shenru was very happy, and immediately replied: "I am fortunate to use Zhang Jiayu’s sister as a daughter -in -law."After receiving the letter, Zhang Jiazhen immediately told the family that his parents were very satisfied. At this time, Zhang Youyi was only 13 years old.

Xu Zhangye was the famous new poet Xu Zhimo later.He was born on January 15, 1897, nearly 4 years older than Zhang Youyi.When Xu Zhangxun was young, there was a monk named Zhihui who rubbed his head for him, and predicted that "this person will become a big device in the future."Therefore, when he went to study in the United States in 1918, his father renamed him Xu Zhimo.

Xu Zhimo has been outstanding since he was a child. In 1910, he was introduced by his uncle Shen Junru and was admitted to Hangzhou Middle School (renamed Zhejiang No. 1 Middle School in 1913) and was in the same class as Yu Dafu.

Xu Zhimo’s grades in various subjects are good, and all books are read. The classmates sent him a nickname: "Both feet bookcases".

Zhang Youyi also studied hard at the Second Women’s Normal School and had good grades.At the end of the semester, Zhang Youyi returned home for the summer vacation. The mother showed her Xu Zhimo’s photos. She took a look at it. Xu Zhimo was too handsome!

And Xu Zhimo, when he saw Zhang Youyi’s photo, the corner of his mouth went down and said disgusted, "It’s ugly!"

Although Xu Zhimo did not like his father’s marriage for him, he did not strongly oppose his filial piety to his parents.If you do n’t have a strong opposition, you agree. Parents of both parties have begun to handle the specific matters of marriage.

According to the rules, before the two people get married, they must be "eight characters".

Zhang Youyi’s mother found a fortune -telling woman and asked her to "eight characters" to Zhang Youyi and Xu Zhimo.Xu Zhimo is a monkey, Zhang Youyi is a rat, coupled with birthdays, hours and other factors. The results of the fortune -telling wife are: "Two people do not match each other. If Zhang Youyi belongs to a dog, it is a combination of heaven!"

The mother was too affectionate, so she discussed with the fortune -telling mother -in -law: changed the year of Zhang Youyi from 1900 to 1898, and the zodiac was a dog.

After Zhang Youyi’s house was sent to the Xu family of "after the modification", the Xu family had more than eight characters, and one word "combined".So a week later, the Xu family sent a pair of crickets, which means the meaning of loyalty to marriage. The Zhang family accepted this dependent letter, even if it was officially engaged.

The marriage date is set in November 1915. The Xu family hopes that the wedding will be held after graduating from Xu Zhimo Middle School.After the marriage period was determined, the Zhang family began to be prepared.This is the first time that the Zhang family has married her daughter, and she must be beautiful.

You may have to ask, isn’t Zhang Youyi Miss Zhang’s Er?What about my sister?right!Sister Zhang Youyi’s marriage, fortune -telling, said that she must marry late, and she would not marry until the age of 25, otherwise she would not be happy.

Because in the concept of Zhang Youyi’s parents, it doesn’t matter if girls studying or not, it is most important to find a good family to marry.

Although Zhang Youyi asked her parents to go to Suzhou for a period of time, when the teacher knew that she had been engaged, she no longer asked her strictly.At that time, the teacher did not require the girl who had a marriage of rich people.The teacher knew that they got the graduation certificate and would not go to the teacher.

The Zhang family really moved her mind in Zhang Youyi’s dowry.In the last fourth brother, Zhang Jiayu suggested that Zhang Youyi’s dowry is best to choose European -style furniture that is completely different from Chinese furniture and dignified style, which will make Zhang Youyi face his in -laws.

Xu Zhimo is also a person who has received Western education, and he will definitely like this Western style.As a result, Liu Yiyi’s sixth brother sent a special trip to Europe to buy furniture.

Six brother bought too much, and could not load it until one more train, so he had to directly use the barge from Shanghai to transport the furniture to the port of Shishi Town, Haining, Zhejiang.

From the dock of Yanshi to the Xu family, we must pass through the town. This is exactly a good opportunity to show Zhangjia’s strong strength to the town.And Shi Shi’s folks also want to see Zhang’s luxurious dowry, they wait early on the dock and dowry to pass.

Therefore, Liu Brother placed the exquisite porcelain in Europe in the glass display cabinet, and cleverly fixed it, and found some very experienced transport workers to ensure that the things in the glass cabinet will not lose a little from the port to the Xu family to the Xu family.Essence

The western -style tableware is covered with exquisite linen tablecloths. The dual -person tableware is placed in the daily use of Zhang Youyi couples in the future, and there is even a vase inserted with red flowers.All these are bundled with exquisite silk and are fixed on the table to allow people who watch the lively to see European -style tableware on the luxurious table.

In addition, there are bulging sofas, hand armchairs with foot, many large drawers, and dozens of large boxes are filled with knitted embroidery and some valuable objects.

The Xu family is also unambiguous. There are many industries in the Xu family, covering many industries, not only operating the Xu family old name Xu Yufeng sauce garden, but also a power plant. There is also a Yutong Qianzhuang in Shanghai, and then the Silk cloth number is opened.

On the day of Zhang Youyi and Xu Zhimo’s wedding, it can be described as a grand holiday in Yanshi Town.Zhang Youyi’s cousin was carefully put on makeup for Zhang Youyi. It is said that Zhang Youyi after makeup is like "a plum in the white snow".

In order to give a wedding for his only son Xu Zhimo, the Xu family also came up with sincerity.Welcome to the scene.The front is the four big flags, six feet long triangle flags, which are the flags of the Xu family. The word "Xu" embroidered on the two flags on both sides.

There are also "Zhang" embroidered on the two flags, which represents the daughter of the Zhang family on behalf of the Xu family.Behind is the bride’s sedan seeds. The sedan seeds are covered with red satin outside. There are four kinds of animals hanging in the four corners of the sedan seeds, namely Hu Die, who represents the happiness of marriage, a puppet that represents the strong love, the bat that represents Fuzawa, which represents the extension of Fuzawa.Jiqing has more than a carp, which is a sedan that was qualified to sit in the original wife.

Behind the sedan is the ordinary sedan seeds of the Zhang family, and then a band behind. They play various joyful tones with Sheng Xiao’s flute.

The folks on the crowds of people are full of lively.

Zhang Youyi sat in the sedan, and the brain was running at a high speed: Xu Zhimo was a new young man, and he would definitely like a generous and lively bride, then I would be more lively and generous;Treat you, you must swallow it, you can’t go against it again …

Zhang Youyi settled with this thinking trend to cope with everything.After all kinds of tedious procedures are completed, it is about 4 o’clock in the morning.Even when Xu Zhimo opened her red hijab, she didn’t dare to laugh at Xu Zhimo, for fear of losing her lady’s style.

Xu Zhimo didn’t look at her. She was holding this. After that, Xu Zhimo was completely died. From now on, he will not give her a good look.

Two people’s caves and candles have passed in the silence without interest.In the future, Zhang Youyi remembered his mother’s teachings. No matter how his father -in -law, mother -in -law, or husband treat her, he will be so cautious, be careful, and dare not say a word.

Practice has proved that such a daughter -in -law has indeed won the love and joy of her in -laws, but that important person Xu Zhimo always treats her as air, ignores it, cold as frost.

A few weeks after the two got married, Xu Zhimo proposed to his father to study, and his father agreed.Soon, Xu Zhimo first arrived in Shanghai. Zhang Youyi’s second brother Zhang Jiason arranged him to study in Shanghai’s Baptist Club, which was later Hujiang University.The course here is too simple for Xu Zhimo. Soon, he left Shanghai and went to Beijing.With his outstanding talents, Xu Zhimo entered Peking University to study.

Here, through the introduction of Zhang Jiason, Xu Zhimo met the big names such as Liang Qichao and Hu Shi, which inspired Xu Zhimo’s spirit and learned harder.He often wrote a letter to his family to report how his studies are progressing and how life is happy.He can greet everyone at home, but there is no Zhang Youyi, and he has not mentioned it.

Zhang Youyi’s position in Xu Zhimo’s heart is not as good as Wang Wei’s status to his hometown of Hanmei: "Jun comes from his hometown, you should know his hometown.

In the summer vacation of 1917, Xu Zhimo returned. In order to complete the task that his parents gave him -breeding offspring, he did not let Zhang Youyi get pregnant as Mr. Lu Xun treated Zhu An as a month later.

When Xu Zhimo learned of Zhang Youyi’s pregnancy, as if he was relieved, it seemed to be a major event that made his parents happy. Of course, this incident had nothing to do with himself.

On April 22, 1918, Zhang Youyi gave birth to her first child and Xu Zhimo. He was a boy. The child’s grandfather Xu Shenru named him Xu Jixuan, and the name was Ah Huan.At this time, Zhang Youyi’s actual age was less than 18 years old.

Xu Zhimo was a little happy about the birth of Ah Huan, but even more happy, he could study abroad.This time with his father’s abroad, Xu’s father immediately agreed.

In the summer of 1918, Xu Zhimo left his home and went to Clack University in Walste, Massachusetts, Massachusetts, to study bank studies and sociology.

Xu Zhimo was still indifferent before his way, making Zhang Youyi not have any hope for him. She had to take care of her son with all her heart. Her son was her only sustenance.After that, Xu Zhimo’s letter will mention Ah Huan, and there is no word to Zhang Youyi.

Later, Xu Zhimo went to Europe again. Although his father was angry with Xu Zhimo’s abandonment of his doctorate degree in studying at Xu Zhimo, he was helpless.However, Xu’s father made an important decision: let Zhang Youyi go to Xu Zhimo to take care of his life.

In fact, before that, Zhang Youyi’s second brother Zhang Jiasen made this suggestion to his father, but his father did not agree with Ah Huan as a reason.

Zhang Youyi thought: In the country, Xu Zhimo ignored himself. If he was abroad, only his own relative, would he change his attitude towards himself?With this hope, and she was an obedient child, she embarked on a journey to Europe.

Zhang Youyi arrived at Marseille in France after a few weeks at the sea.According to Zhang Youyi, Xu Zhimo may be the only one among many people who reluctantly come here.

Xu Zhimo was still indifferent to Zhang Youyi, and asked her parents and Ah Huan in a regular business.After that, he kept coming to London and temporarily lived in a club.At this time, Xu Zhimo had already seen Lin Huiyin, a beautiful woman and a talented daughter. Lin Huiyin was only 16 years old.

After a while, Xu Zhimo moved his family to a small town called Sha Shidon.The house they rented was very small, with two bedrooms and a living room.Zhang Youyi has changed from grandma to authentic housewives, buying food, cooking, cleaning the room, etc., but Zhang Youyi has no complaints.She believes that women should be the case.

Xu Zhimo

Later, Xu Zhimo asked her a female teacher in English and could learn English for two hours a day, which made her very happy.

Xu Zhimo was still indifferent to her. The two were always cold -eyed and a low eyebrow.In order to prevent himself from being too embarrassing, Xu Zhimo actually leased a bedroom to a Shanghai student named Guo Yushang.

After a while, Zhang Youyi found that she was pregnant. When she told Xu Zhimo about the news, Xu Zhimo was very annoyed and asked her to kill immediately.And there is a dialogue that is almost well -known in China: Zhang Youyi said that someone gave birth and gave his life. Xu Zhimo said that some people died because of a train accident. Didn’t people often take the train?

In order to force Zhang Youyi to divorce with herself, Xu Zhimo can say that he tried to do all kinds of ways: first let Zhang Youyi prepare the food, invited a small feet woman in a suit to come to the house, and let Zhang Youyi say "small feet and suits are not tuned."EssenceThen he said to Zhang Youyi: "Our marriage is small feet and suit, so I have to divorce you!"

Seeing that Zhang Youyi did not divorce himself, he began to miss again.Within a few weeks, Guo Yushang also felt that Xu Zhimo would not return. He and Zhang Youyi were lonely and widows and women, and they moved away. Only Zhang Youyi and children in the stomach were left alone.

During that time, Zhang Youyi remembered to commit suicide countless times. After all, because of the mother’s words and the thoughts of Ah Huan, she dispelled this idea.

One day, a man named Huang Zimei sent Xu Zhimo’s letter to Zhang Youyi. He asked Zhang Youyi: "Are you willing to be the daughter -in -law of the Xu family, not Xu Zhimo’s wife?" When Zhang Youyi hesitated, Huang Zimei said: "Xu Zhimo doesn’t want you anymore."

Zhang Youyi became angry for the first time: "Is Xu Zhimo too busy, and even things like divorce need to be conveyed?"

After Huang Zimei walked, Zhang Youyi decided to write a letter to the second brother Zhang Jiason and told him everything.

A few days later, Zhang Youyi received a letter from the second brother: "Do not get a fetus, my brother is willing to adopt. Put off all things and come to Paris."

From Sha Shidon to Paris, he must first take a train, and then cross the British Geely Strait by boat.In this journey that was extremely uncomfortable in the body and mind, Zhang Youyi made up his mind: give birth to the child and raise him to adults.

After meeting with the second brother, after careful care from the second brother, Zhang Youyi was stable and cheerful.One week later, his brother found that he had to study academic papers, and he had no time to take care of his sister.He had a couple friend living in the suburbs of Paris, and the male owner was Liu Wendao.The second brother decided to send Zhang Youyi to Liu Wendao’s house, and the couple were very happy to accept Zhang Youyi.

In this way, Zhang Youyi lived in the Liu family for 4 months.At this time, Zhang Youyi’s seven brothers came to Paris. He was going to study in Germany. By the way, Zhang Youyi.Zhang Youyi lived at Liu Wendao’s house. Although Mrs. Liu took good care of it, she was really embarrassed and followed the seven brother to Germany.

On February 24, 1922, Zhang Youyi gave birth to her second child and Xu Zhimo’s second child, and the scene of our article appeared.

The relationship between Xu Zhimo and the talent of the Republic of China, Lin Huiyin, was described by countless people, and it would not work here.Anyway, Lin Huiyin was not good with Xu Zhimo, but turned to follow Liang Qichao’s son Liang Sicheng.Later, the two people’s love careers had a good harvest, which made great contributions to China’s construction industry.

Xu Zhimo, who was hit by the chicken, later met Lu Xiaoman, known as "South Tang and North Land" (Tang Ying, Lu Xiaoman).Lu Xiaoman is also a talented woman. She has married an officer Wang Yan. After meeting Xu Zhimo, both sides thought that they had found a person who really loved each other for a lifetime, offended his family, offended friends, and offended the world together.

Xu Zhimo and Lu Xiaoman

As the saying goes: love is always simple, and it is too difficult to get along.The two broke through the feudal cage combined, and soon they were smashed by secular chai oil and salt, and quarrels became commonplace.

On the evening of November 17, 1931, Xu Zhimo, who had just returned to Shanghai from Beijing, met with Lu Xiaoman who was very late and drunk, and nestled a stomach.The next morning, when I wanted to talk to Lu Xiaoman, Lu Xiaoman, who was in a bad mood, caught the cigarette lamp and smashed it over.Xu Zhimo flashed, and the smoke lanterns knocked off Xu Zhimo’s glasses.

On the morning of November 19, 1931, Xu Zhimo flew to Beijing on a free airline to listen to Lin Huiyin’s lecture.As a result, in the southern part of Jinan, the fog suddenly permeated, and the plane was surrounded by the mist. In order to find an accurate route, the pilot had to reduce the height of the flight.Xu Zhimo, who was only 34 -year -old, returned to the blue sky.

Besides the heroine Zhang Youyi of our article.After Zhang Youyi was forced to divorce, he introduced her German woman Dora to her, and raised her son Peter who was born shortly after.

Zhang Youyi’s life source was $ 200 from the father -in -law Xu Shenru every month. At that time, the economy after the World War I was recovering, and the price was very low.

Zhang Youyi just buried his head to learn, and everything in the family was treated by Dora.During his studies in Germany, a Chinese student was called Lu Jiaren. He saw Zhang Youyi.When he confessed to her, Zhang Youyi rejected him.

In fact, Zhang Youyi also likes Lu Jiaren, but the second brother Zhang Jiason told her: At least in the next 5 years, you should not have a scandal with a man. Otherwise, the divorce of you and Xu Zhimo will all blame your head.In marriage, women are in a passive situation, and they are detained. It must be a woman’s fault.

Look, this is the old feudal etiquette’s restraint on women. Father and brothers are men, their mother is a woman, and there will be the same way of thinking as men.

Unfortunately, Peter got a serious illness, and it was not cured anyway. On March 19, 1925, Peter Peter always closed his eyes, and one month before her 3rd birthday.

Abandoned by her husband Xu Zhimo, her beloved son left her again. This kind of sorrow of the cone and heart made Zhang Youyi just want to follow his son immediately.At this time, the mother’s words float again: the body is skin -skinned, and the parents must not be damaged.

Shortly after, Zhang Youyi moved from Berlin to Hamburg to continue to complete the next semester.

Zhang Youyi returned to China in 1926.Xu Zhimo’s parents resolutely did not recognize Lu Xiaoman, but only recognized Zhang Youyi.After learning that the son’s divorce with Zhang Youyi, they recognized Zhang Youyi as her daughter and followed Zhang Youyi until they died.

Originally, Zhang Youyi wanted to open a women’s school in Yanshi, and even found a house that was very suitable for schools.However, due to the practice of the eldest son Ah Huan, Zhang Youyi decided to take Ah Huan to leave the stone.

Ah Huan is 8 years old, and life can’t take care of himself. Everything is helped by the servant, which makes Zhang Youyi, who has been educated in the West, disagree.So, to discuss with her in -laws, with their consent, Zhang Youyi brought Ah Huan to Beijing.

Zhang Youyi’s mother and son’s spending in Beijing were still borne by the Xu family.Shortly after Zhang Youyi came to Beijing, her in -laws wrote a letter and said that she couldn’t see the Landman’s faction. She actually asked Xu Zhimo to eat her half bowl of rice in front of us … So, the two of them came to Beijing, and Zhang Youyi mother and sonTogether, Zhang Youyi had to agree.

Zhang Youyi’s mother’s seriously sick telegram asked her to return to Shanghai with Ah Huan and her in -laws.When she arrived home, her mother could not afford to get sick.After 10 days, the mother died of illness.After cooking, Zhang Youyi had not been relieved from the sadness of the lost mother. His father had passed away for a hundred days and followed his mother.

Zhang Youyi did not return to Beijing, but chose to stay in Shanghai.

Because when the parents were there, the fourth brother had the expense of a big family. After the parents died, the sisters could not rely on the fourth brother to live.In order to alleviate the burden of the fourth brother, Zhang Youyi took the four sisters and the eight brothers and Ah Huan who had not been out of the cabinet and settled in a small town near Shanghai.The 300 yuan living expenses paid by the Xu family each month made Zhang Youyi stretched.

A dream of the fourth brother and four sisters actually changed Zhang Youyi’s life.

The fourth brother Zhang Jiazheng was already the general manager of the Bank of China at the time, with good reputation and generous income.They have a luxurious residence in the concession in Shanghai.

One day, Zhang Youyi received a phone call from the fourth brother, saying that it was a mother -in -law who dreamed of his mother at the same time last night, and wearing the colorful life clothes when he was dressed in his bed.The responsibility of the family, lived a good life, but left the younger brothers and sisters in the countryside.The two were awakened at the same time.

The fourth brother was very superstitious. He determined that his mother’s soul must be in his house, so he decided to let Zhang Youyi live in this luxurious residence.Zhang Youyi also did not resign, and directly took his brother and sister into the luxury house of the fourth brother.

The family had a fixed residence, and Zhang Youyi began to find a job.After the introduction of the fourth brother, Zhang Youyi found a German teacher’s position at Soochow University.

At this time, Zhang Youyi was elegant and dignified, fluent and authentic German.

No one can stop it if people are going to hang up.One day, several ladies from the Shanghai Women’s Commercial Savings Bank came to Zhang Youyi, hoping that she would take over the position of the general manager of the Shanghai Women’s Commercial Savings Bank.The other party was very frank and told her because she was the sister of the General Manager of the Bank of China.

In 1928, Zhang Youyi served as the vice president of Shanghai Women’s Savings Bank.Because she was diligent and capable, she also paid attention to study and investigation and research, and soon made women’s banks return to life, and it was booming and became more and more popular.

By 1936, the bank had accumulated 1 million yuan of assets from the original 200,000 yuan in injection.Zhang Youyi was hailed by the world as "China’s first female banker".

Stills Zhang Youyi played by Liu Ruoying

Later, she opened a "Yunshang" clothing company with her friends.The friends who took the shareholding include Xu Zhimo who had deeply hurt her. Zhang Youyi’s mind was too wide!

After the outbreak of the comprehensive civil war, Zhang Youyi’s second brother Zhang Jiason went to Hong Kong and later went to India again; the fourth brother Zhang Jiazheng went to Australia; the eighth brother went to Japan and then moved to Brazil.Zhang Youyi and Simi also came to Hong Kong.

Here, she met her other half: Su Jizhi.Su Jizhi is a doctor who lives with four children.They know each other, know each other, and love each other.After obtaining the consent of the second brother, the fourth brother, and the son Xu Jizheng, in 1953, when Zhang Youyi was 53 years old, he married Su Jizhi.

She fell in love with Su Jizhi for 19 years. In the summer of 1972, Su Ji died.Later, Zhang Youyi came to the United States and did not live with his children and grandchildren. He just lived alone in a place close to them and leisurely.

In 1988, Zhang Youyi died of illness in the United States at the age of 88.

In any case, Zhang Youyi is the most confidentous woman who lives in the Republic of China. She is a woman with aroma with aroma, independent and bright!

Reference materials: Zhu Binhua’s "Zhang Youyi Biography", Shantou University Press

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