Frequent urination during pregnancy is not necessarily normal, or it may be sick!

Xiaoping has been pregnant for more than six months. During this time, it always felt itching and urgency of the vulva, but because there were no other discomfort, I thought it was a normal reaction during pregnancy and did not go to the hospital for examination.Who knows a few days later, she suddenly launched a high fever. The family was taken to the hospital for a routine urine examination: white blood cells and red blood cells were high.. "The doctor diagnosed that this was because the early urinary system infection was not effectively treated, and the long -term infection caused pus to cause a fever and could only be hospitalized.

Due to the physiological structure of women with short urethra, near the anus from the anus, and the bladder during pregnancy, the bladder is prone to breed bacteria, so it is more likely to develop urinary system diseases during pregnancy.If it cannot be treated in time, inflammation may cause upward infection in pregnant women’s palace, causing the incidence of premature breakthroughs, amniotic fluid pollution, and premature birth. Pregnant women may suffer from acute pyelonephritis, which will have a great impact on maternal and infants.

However, during pregnancy, expectant mothers have stimulated the bladder during the uterine increasing uterine, and the changes in hormones have weakened the sensitivity of the bladder to the tension.It is a "normal phenomenon", and many mothers will ignore the symptoms caused by urinary tract infections, and even delay the best time to treat.

How to distinguish between frequent urination and urinary tract infection during normal pregnancy?

The frequent frequent urination during pregnancy is as follows:

1. The number of urination is increased, urinating more than 7 times during the day, and urinating more than 2 times at night, and the interval between urination is within 2 hours.

2. There is no urgency, pain, fever, low back pain and other phenomena during urination.

3. The urine color is normal, no turbid, no hematuria.

4. Urine examination does not have inflammation such as red blood cells or abnormal white blood cells.

If urinary tract infection occurs, it may be as follows:

1. The number of urination has increased, urinating more than 7 times during the day, more than 2 times at night, and the interval between urination is within 2 hours.

2. Accompanied by urgency, urinary pain, fever, low back pain and other phenomena, I always feel that urine is not clean.Urinary pain in pregnant women is sometimes mistaken for the treatment of uterine contraction and delaying urinary tract infection. Some pregnant women also have symptoms such as fever.

3. The urine is turbid and even hematuria.

4. During the examination, I found that there were a lot of white blood cells, red blood cells, and even a small amount of urine protein in the urine.

The expectant mothers quickly test it. If the above symptoms are not available, pay more attention to prevention. There are symptoms of urine to change the pads. Washing underwear daily, urinate immediately without urinating.Pay attention to drinking more water during the day to increase the urine output and control sex.If frequent urination, urgency aggravation, urethral tingling, or pain in the abdomen, you should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.

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