Frequent urination, urgency, urinary pain!Don’t take it seriously, can girls heal after urinary tract infection?

Most of the urinary tract infection is caused by bacterial infections, and some are caused by fungal or mycoplasma and chlamydia infections.Most of these diseases need to be treated with antibiotic antibiotics.However, some patients are not serious in urinary tract infection. As the patient’s resistance gradually increases, it is possible to heal itself.

In the early stages of pregnancy, urinary tract infections may be because there is no attention in normal life. Pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria enter the urinary system through urethral retrograde and cause urinary tract infections, resulting in a series of clinical symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria.It is also possible that the patient did not pay attention to hygiene during sexual life in the early stages of pregnancy, and did not pay attention to timely cleaning, which caused the occurrence of urinary tract infections in the early stages of pregnancy.Once urinary tract infection is found in the early stages of pregnancy, you still need to go to a regular hospital to use sensitive antibiotic antibiotic antibiotics in time, and choose a small antibiotic with less side effects.

Whether women’s urinary tract infection can urinary incontinence should be analyzed according to the severity of the patient’s specific condition. Some severe urinary tract infections may lead to urgent urinary incontinence in women.Some mild urinary tract infections are generally not incontinence.For patients with urinary tract infections, the main use of sensitive antibiotics for anti -infective treatment. Most patients have a better effect. With the recovery of urinary tract infection, the symptoms of urinary incontinence will gradually relieve.After the urinary tract infection is completely cured, urinary incontinence will disappear.

This disease itself does not cause rising urine sugar.The cause of the elevation of urine sugar is mainly the cause of two aspects. The first is the rise of blood sugar, which exceeds the heavy absorption ability of the renal tube; the second is the heavy absorption functional disorder of the renal tube.This disease will not cause the above two aspects of this disease, so it will not cause rising urine sugar.

Pelvic inflammatory disease may also cause urinary tract infections. If pelvic inflammatory disease is severe, inflammation gradually spreads to the urinary system, it may also cause urinary tract infections, frequent urination, urgency, and urinary pain.The urine specimen needs to be taken for routine urine examination. If the white blood cells are abnormal, you can confirm the diagnosis. Of course, you can also take urine specimens for bacterial culture examination.

There are relatively few urinary tract infections that can heal, and as the disease gradually increases, some complications may occur with the increasing urinary tract infection.shock.Therefore, it is recommended to treat patients with urinary tract infections.You can choose torticanic antibiotics, cephalosporin antibiotics, or antibiotics of peniconone.If female patients are under 18 years of age, it is not recommended to apply antibiotics of peniconone.

For patients with urinary tract infections, it is recommended to drink plenty of water and dilute. This can repeatedly wash the urinary tract, which is conducive to the discharge of bacteria.Foods you usually eat, such as steamed buns, rice, vegetables, fruits, etc. are all edible.However, it is recommended not to eat too spicy foods, such as chili, because too spicy foods may cause patients to decrease in resistance.Patients can eat more fruits in moderation. On the one hand, it can increase the intake of water, on the other hand, enhance the effect of diuretic diuretic effects, which can promote the recovery of this disease.

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