From pregnancy to giving birth to baby, wearing underwear is particular, it is not good for you and your baby to do wrong

Text 丨 Youyou

From pregnancy to postpartum promotion to Baoma, women’s breasts have changed a lot.Wearing the right underwear, care for the health of the chest is particular about it. Doing the wrong health will cause adverse effects on the health of themselves and the baby. Pregnant mothers and Baoma should take it seriously.

1. Choose the importance of the right underwear

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother not only has the abdomen, and the breasts have also begun to "develop". The underwear selection during pregnancy is not right. It not only affects the image, but also affects health, and even affects postpartum breastfeeding.

After delivery, with the development of breastfeeding, the mothers’ chests showed a different degree of "shrinking".If the underwear is not selected well, the chest sag may also cause breast disease.

Women are important to choose underwear, especially during the two special periods of pregnancy and postpartum, and should pay special attention to breast care.

2. How to choose underwear during pregnancy

How to choose underwear after pregnancy? The pregnant mothers refer to the following points:

1. Material.Underwear directly contacts the fragile chest of pregnant mothers, and the material of skin -friendly items needs special attention.Pregnant mothers should choose the production of regular manufacturers and have product quality testing.The underwear should choose good breathability, comfortable and soft fabric, not static electricity, and cotton better.

2. Size.After pregnancy, the breasts of the pregnant mother have been "growing", and the size of the underwear is very important.Pregnant mothers should not choose too large or small underwear.In particular, the underwear is small. You must replace it in time. You cannot use your chest to change the trumpet.The size of the underwear is too tight, which can easily cause breast disease. Due to small loss, the consequences are more serious.

3. Color.After pregnancy, the body is not as good as before. Some pregnant mothers have sensitive skin. Some pregnant mothers will also have lactation in the third trimester. The breast ducts are all connected. The breasts are directly exposed to underwear.(The darker the color, the heavier the dyeing agent, the more residuals are more), it is recommended to wear a special underwear for pregnant women.

3. What should I pay attention to when breastfeeding underwear

During breastfeeding, underwear directly exposed to the chest, and the chest was directly contacted with the baby’s small mouth.Bao moms choose underwear, not only related to their own health, but the baby’s health will also be affected.

During breastfeeding underwear, the material is good, the size is appropriate, and the color is light color. This is necessary.In addition, in order to breastfeed, Baoma tries to choose underwear designed for breastfeeding, so that the mothers can save a lot of trouble.

What needs to be emphasized is:

First, Baoma can’t wear underwear because it is not convenient to wear underwear to breastfeeding.The breastfeeding period does not wear underwear for a long time, and the chest sags. As the baby’s age increases, Baoma finds that when her chest is severely drooping, it is too late.

Second, the underwear during breastfeeding should be replaced and cleaned in time.After the underwear is soaked by milk, it is easy to harden, and it is easy to hurt to the delicate skin of the chest. The milk contains a large amount of nutrients. It is easy to breed bacteria in time without washing on the underwear.As a result, he was sick.

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