From pregnancy to production, what changes will the uterus go through?Mother is really great

The process of breeding children is very amazing. I believe that every mother who has experienced pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding is deeply touched.As the first place where everyone grows and develops, the uterus has also changed dramatically during the entire pregnancy of women. After understanding the changes in the uterus, mothers can also understand the growth of children in the uterus.In the before the pregnancy, the changes in the uterus are relatively small. After the fertilized eggs, the uterus has not brought any shape changes to the uterus, but the endometrium of the mother’s uterine will no longer fall off, so everyone must pay attention to their own themselves.After menstruation, if menstruation suddenly stops, this is likely to be a sign of pregnancy.

When I was two months pregnant, although she couldn’t see any changes from the appearance of her mother, the uterus began to swell due to the development of the fetus, so the mother’s uterine wall began to thin.Although the baby at this time is only as big as the big finger, he has also begun to grow limbs and internal organs.Three months of pregnancy is also a critical period. The baby’s development has begun to increase, and the uterus has been enlarged. Some mothers’ uterus also oppressed the bladder, causing frequent urination.Although the appearance is still not obvious, mothers can see the slightly bulging in the lower abdomen.

Moms who are four months pregnant have entered the middle of pregnancy. This is a relatively comfortable stage. The internal organs of the fetus have become more and more complete, and they are about nine centimeters in length.At this time, the mother’s abdomen was relatively obvious. At this moment, the size of the uterus was twice as unhappy.After five months of pregnancy, my mother should be able to feel the child’s activities, and I also feel that "new life is born".At this time, the uterine cavity was all occupied by the baby. Although the big belly became more and more obvious, the behavior of mothers was not much affected.

By six months of pregnancy, Baoma should be able to feel that their breathing is not as smooth as before, and there is a feeling of dull chest. This is actually because the length of the fetus in the uterus is close to 20cm.The seven -month uterus not only has to accommodate an increased fetus, but also to accommodate the increased placenta and increased amniotic fluid.At this time, the abdomen looks like watermelon, and mothers may have symptoms of hemorrhoids.

The baby who is 8 months pregnant is about 46cm. The uterus is bulging like a balloon, and it is squeezed to the surrounding internal organs.However, this uncomfortable feeling is much better to keep it until nine months of pregnancy, because the baby is about to enter the basin in 9 months, and the squeezing of the lungs and stomach is reduced. ThereforeAnd the appetite becomes better.

When it is 10 months pregnant, it is time to produce. If the mothers who are maternal, if they feel the rules of the uterus contraction, it means that it is about to produce.After the production is over, the recovery of the uterus will be completed within six weeks.The changes in the uterus during pregnancy are also the most important changes in mothers during pregnancy. Only by working hard to adapt to these changes can mothers rest assured during pregnancy.Some mothers feel uncomfortable because the stomach becomes larger and the uterus is oppressed, especially when the month is relatively backward, you can try to use some products that reduce the burden on the market, such as pregnant women pillows, pregnant belly straps, etc.Wait, it can make everyone easier in daily life.Of course, the most important thing is to eat and sleep well during pregnancy. Only by maintaining abundant energy can you cope with childbirth and breastfeeding.[SF Express] Fresh yellow heart kiwi is now picking ¥ 19.9 Buy

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