From suspicion to determination to surgery, my ectopic pregnancy experience for your reference

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It has been one day for discharge, today is Wednesday.A week ago, on May 18th, I felt pain on one side of the lower abdomen and the pain of the thigh roots. Although it was not strong, it felt very clear.I couldn’t hold it, I went to B -ultrasound in the afternoon. The conclusion was that there was no pregnancy in the palace, and the attachment on the right was 2.1×2.2.The result of the blood test is HCG2300, and my HCG was 2745 on May 14.At this point, a suspension case finally settled.

I was admitted to the hospital on May 19.After waiting in line for an hour before finishing the admission procedures, there was no room. The hospital temporarily arranged me in the temporary bed in the corridor.The doctor had seen the checklist I brought, saying "Arrange surgery tomorrow", and then gave me a bunch of inspections.B -ultrasound, X -ray, ECG, blood drawing test, urine test, etc.I asked, cannot be treated conservative?The doctor replied: "The lump is below one centimeter and the HCG is below a thousand, which can be kept for treatment. You have a large piece and you must surgery. Besides, the time length of conservative treatment cannot be determined. Some people may have one one.The month is completely cleared, and some people may not be cleaned repeatedly. "As soon as I heard it, I was prepared for surgery.

When doing the B -ultrasound, the doctor looked at the computer record and said: Hey, a person with the same name as you also performed laparoscopic surgery last year.I said, that may be me, I did it in November.The doctor looked at a few more and said: It’s really you!After finishing these.In the evening, my husband came to the hospital to sign a familiar book with me, and to build a fingerprint.The doctor asked if he kept the tubal of tubes, and we said it was kept.I didn’t eat dinner this day, and I couldn’t even drink water after 10 pm.Unlike the laparoscopic surgery that had been performed before, this surgery does not require skin and enema.

At 9 o’clock in the morning on May 20th, I put on the sick clothes, the nurse gave me a needle, and then sent me into the operating room.The anesthesiologist put me on the operating bed and settled it.I said to the anesthesiologist: Please help me tell the surgeon that I was pregnant with the tube on the right, and asked her to help me sew.The anesthesiologist said: Rest assured, don’t say, the doctor will help you make good!Then I was put on a breathing mask, and then I didn’t know anything.

When I woke up in a stack of call, I felt suffocating, and I felt that I was about to death, but I couldn’t move my hands and feet, and my eyes could not be opened, so I had to shake my head and shake my head.The medical staff kept calling me the name and found that I shake my head and guess that I might be uncomfortable, saying that "may be blocked by sputum (trachea), and then took the appliance to suck me with sputum.After a while I felt much better, so I fell asleep again.I woke up again in the ward.Fortunately, the bed in the room was empty when it came out, otherwise I had to sleep on the corridor.The body is the line: the tube of the infusion, the tube of oxygen, the line of the ureter, the line of the heart rate, the line of the analgesic pump … the husband is with me.When I was waking up, my husband told me that the doctor took a pile of things to see it, saying that it was the block of my tubal removal.He also said that there was a little sticky on the left side, and I had helped me clean it up.The state of the fallopian tube is good as a whole, and there will be a chance to get pregnant in the future.

I finished the operation at noon and turned over in the bed in the afternoon.In the evening, I wanted the nurse to pull out the ureter, because the lower body was always bleeding. I wanted to get out of bed and replace the diseased clothing and put it back to the underwear (I could not wear underwear during the operation), and put on my aunt towel.But the nurse refused to pull it out, and said that the next morning, it could be pulled up.The woman in the next bed was also hospitalized because of ectopic pregnancy. A few days ago, surgery was performed.She admired me that I wanted to get out of bed that day, saying that she lay for two days after the operation.I said, "Maybe it’s a habit, I have performed several operations!" This operation left four knives on the stomach.I took my previous experience, in order to have a child, I have been ended for eleven knives.Do I have to change my name, called "Seeding Eleven Mrs."?But the eleven knife is not all. I don’t know how long it will take.

Antibiotics of three days after surgery.The wound recovered normally, without redness and bleeding.A mild curettage was performed during the operation. The doctor said that my uterine endometrium was already 18 mm thick, and the scraping was conducive to the endometrium.After surgery, rice non -sinone is also eaten to promote the excretion of residues in the gestational sac.The bleeding of the lower body is like menstruation. The blood volume in the first two or three days is large, and there are many dark membranes.Today, there is less blood.When I was discharged from the hospital, the doctor said that I had to check HCG every other week, and I had to see the HCG drop to 0 to complete the success.After the operation, the fallopian tubal flux under the uterine hysteroscopy was performed twice to check the condition of the uterus and fallopian tube.

I packed up the day before I was discharged, and I was comfortable at home after all.The next day, my husband went to work, and I went to the hospital for discharge.My body feels much better than a few days ago, the wound is not very painful, and the feeling of abdominal distension is reduced.The hospital’s bill is 10,000, and after the medical insurance reimbursement is reimbursed, more than 4,700.Before the hospitalization surgery, I also had more than 1,000 money testing and doing B -ultrasound, and I had to conduct HCG review and tubal examination after being discharged.Both physical and mental and wallet are scarred …

It turns out that a period of cycle law, a woman with normal ovulation (long cycles, irregular ovulation are separately). If the early pregnancy test strip is not deepened or deepened, it is not obvious. Even if it is deepened later, it will be deepened, and it will be deepened.Maybe it is difficult to escape or destiny outside the palace.Like the patient next door, her gestational sac of her ectopic pregnancy has even grown her fetal heart!When she was undergoing surgery, she was a living tire in the gestational sac, so she also took a chemotherapy needle during the operation to consolidate the effect of killing tires.Fortunately, there was no major bleeding, otherwise she had to remove the fallopian tube on one side.Don’t blindly believe that as long as you can double it, it is okay, and don’t think that HCG is safe when you reach thousands of.HCG is the sign of embryonic quality. Doctors say that in normal words, more than 40 days of menopause should have tens of thousands to 100,000.A healthy palace embryo should have fetal heart buds within 40 to 50 days.If the early pregnancy test strip is not good, you must not be able to check the two months after you get two bars.I have a colleague who found that the embryo was suspended in two months when it was built for three months.For too long, the dead embryo is stranded in the uterus for too long, it is likely to cause harsh consequences. It will not cause more damage to the body early.

Most of the ectopic pregnancy incidents have passed.For a few days, I will go back to work. Life will not stop because of your personal stagnation and stumbling.All the responsibilities are there, waiting for you to complete.Complete every task in life more efficiently, and treat your health and body more seriously. This is what I get.

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