From tomorrow, these people in Guangdong will have an additional income

"Go out for five minutes, sweat for two hours"

Recent weather

It’s like a huge steamer

It’s about to steam the Cantonese people

How hot

Today (31st) at 09:00

The highest temperature in the province has exceeded 30 ℃

The day with high heat power has been opened

To match

Occasionally come out to brush the existence thunderstorm

That sour …

Since the "cooking" mode has been opened two days before playing

In addition to caring about daily watermelon, milk tea, air conditioning

I also pay close attention to one thing …

That’s a wallet!

After all, it is really expensive to turn on the air conditioner

What is worthy of happiness is

From tomorrow (June 1)

For workers, especially outdoor workers

In summer, one income will be added

High temperature allowance


In June 2012, the State Administration of Work Safety, Ministry of Health, Human Resources and Social Security, and the National Federation of Trade Unions’ Notice on Printing and Distributing the Management Measures for Severing and cooling measures (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures for heatstroke and cooling") stipulated specific onesHigh temperature allowance system.

The "Prevention and Cooling Measures" stipulates that if workers are engaged in high temperature operations, they can enjoy job allowance according to law.

In these cases, high temperature allowances should be issued:

Employers arrange workers–

Above 35 ° C (including 35 ° C) High -temperature weather is engaged in outdoor open -air operations;

Effective measures cannot be taken to reduce the temperature of the workplace below 33 ° C (excluding 33 ° C).

High -temperature allowance shall be issued to workers and included in total salary.

What are the standards for the distribution of high -temperature allowances in Guangdong?

On December 1, 2011, the 82th Executive Meeting of the Eleventh Executive Meeting of the People’s Government of the Guangdong Provincial Provincial People’s Government passed the "Measures for the Protection of High -temperature Weather Labor in Guangdong Province".Regulations.

In May 2012, 6 departments including the Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security jointly issued the "Administrative Measures on the Distribution of High -Temperature Institutes" and "Notice on the announcement of the province’s high temperature allowance standards", which clarified the province’s high temperature allowance methods and distribution of high temperature allowances and distribution of high temperature allowances in our provincestandard.

In May 2021, five departments including the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Guangdong Province jointly issued the "Notice on Adjusting the Provincial High -Temperature Antive Standards" (Yueren Social Regulations [2021] No. 9).


From June 1, 2021

Adjust the standard of high temperature allowance in our province to

300 yuan per person per month

If the high temperature allowance is converted in accordance with the regulations

13.8 yuan per person per day

The distribution time is June-October

Under what the workers are

Can you enjoy high temperature allowance?

These situations should be distributed in accordance with regulations:

Enterprises, individual economic organizations, and private non -enterprise units in the administrative area of Guangdong (hereinafter referred to as employers) arranged workers to work during June to October each year;

State organs, public institutions, and social groups arranged for workers who established labor relations from June to October each year.

If the worker is engaged in open -air positions and the employer cannot take effective measures to reduce the temperature of the operating venue below 33 ° C (excluding 33 ° C), the employer shall issue a high temperature allowance to the worker on a monthly basis and list the specific salary list to specifically specify the specific list of wages.Project and amount.

01 Drinks cannot be filled with high temperature allowance!

During the high temperature weather from June to October each year, employers should provide free drinks that meet the food safety standards from workers who work and interior high -temperature work.The cool drinks provided cannot be filled with high temperature allowances.

02 The maximum temperature exceeds 39 ° C should stop outdoor open -air operations!

During the following high temperature weather, employers should reasonably arrange working hours, reduce labor intensity, take effective measures to ensure the health and life safety of workers:

The maximum temperature of the day is above 39 ° C, and the outdoor open -air work should be stopped on the same day;

The maximum temperature of the day is above 37 ° C to less than 39 ° C (excluding 39 ° C), and the outdoor open -air work hours of outdoor open -air must not exceed 6 hours.

The maximum temperature of the daily temperature reaches above 35 ° C to less than 37 ° C (excluding 37 ° C). The employer shall take the round -to -round rest time to shorten the continuous operation time, and shall not arrange for outdoor open -air workers to work overtime.

03 Do not arrange for pregnant female employees to engage in high temperature operations!

Employers must not arrange for female employees and minor workers with high temperature weather above 35 ° C to work and work at an operational place with temperature above 33 ° C.

04 Due to the stop operation of high temperature weather, no salary must be deducted!

The employer must not deduct or reduce the salary of the workers due to the stop work of high temperature weather and shortening the working time.

05 High -temperature allowance is not included in the minimum wage and normal working time!

Article 12 of the "Minimum Wage Provisions" stipulates that when workers provide normal labor, the employer shall pay the wages of the workers after removing the following items, and shall not be lower than the local minimum wage standard:

(1) Extend the working time and salary;

(2) Special working environments and conditions under the middle class, night classes, high temperature, low temperature, undercuts, toxic and harmfulness;

(3) Welfare benefits of labor, regulations, and national regulations.

The "Administrative Measures on the Distribution of High -temperature allowances" states that the normal working hours and minimum wage standards do not include high temperature allowances.

06 Units will be punished without high temperature allowance!

If the employer violates the "Measures for the Protection of High -temperature Weather Labor in Guangdong Province" and fails to issue high temperature allowances to the workers, it shall be ordered to make corrections within a time limit for the human resources and social security authorities at or above the county level.Fined fines below 10,000 yuan.

The employer violates the "Measures for the Protection of High -temperature Weather Labor in Guangdong Province" that the corporate union or the local family trade union has the right to compete with the employer, and the employer shall promptly correct it.If the employer refuses to make corrections, the relevant trade union organization shall ask the government and its relevant departments to handle it in accordance with the law and supervise the results of the processing.

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