Fruit longan is a treasure!You may not know that it is a traditional Chinese medicinal material that can be used for treatment

Unconsciously, it is on the market for fruit longan (otherwise called litchi slave).Speaking of Fruit Longan, I believe everyone is familiar with it.Different from the warmth of lychee, the taste of longan, sweet and delicious, and relatively peaceful attributes, make it a rare supplement in people’s mouths, and it is appropriate for young and old.But everyone may not know that longan not only is the fruit in the fruit, it is a Chinese medicinal material that can be used for treatment.Today I take this opportunity. I want to share this magical fruit with you. I hope the article can bring you some help.

1. Longan Dragon: The product of nourishing, different longan meat is longan

In the Ming Dynasty, Li Shizhen, Li Shizhen, recorded in "Compendium of Materia Medica": "Food is expensive for litchi, and nourishing benefits is good for longan."In the "Ji Sheng Fang" of the Southern Song Dynasty medical scientists, a recipe is also recorded, which uses a long -eyed meat that is good at nourishing the spleen and nourishing qi.Therefore, longan meat is indeed a rare supplement to nourish the spleen and qi.

If you are still unfamiliar with longan meat, you believe it is very familiar to change the name Guiyuan.Guiyuan is actually a different longan meat.Fruit farmers are freshly picked from longan trees. They are directly peeled off and eat them directly. They are called fruit longan.And dried fresh longan meat under the sun and became a longan, this is the longan.The more famous red dates in the medicated diet, the longan tea, the cinnamon egg sugar water, and the ingredients of the ingredients of the ingredients, etc., all of which have the effects of nourishing the spleen and nourishing blood nourishing blood.Li Shizhen, everyone in Chinese medicine, also said: "Guiyuan has been serving for a long time and is smart, light and not old, uncle, deity, appetizing spleen, nourishing deficiency and long wisdom."

2. Longan leaves: cold medicine you don’t know

Longan leaves believe that everyone does not have much contact, but it is indeed a traditional Chinese medicine that blindly has good functions."Chinese Medicine Dictionary" has such a record: "Longan leaves are sweet, light, and flat. They have the effects of clearing heat, dampness and detoxification, and treating colds, heat, and eczema."Longan leaves are light, flat. Control and treat influenza, cold, longan leaves three to five dollars, decoction of tea. "

3. Longan shell: detoxifying and eliminating wind, convergence of sores can cure burns and burns

Longan shell, I believe that everyone will throw into the trash when they eat longan.But you may not know that the longan shell is actually a traditional Chinese medicine that can detoxify and eliminate wind, condense sores and cure muscle burns."Chinese Medicine Dictionary" records: "Longan shells are sweet, warm, and have the effects of removing dampness and muscle, treating dizziness and deafness, burns.""And" Quanzhou Materia Medica "is even more recorded:" Longan shell to treat gangrene for a long time: Dragon and shell burning gray research, tea adjustment and turbid compress. "From this, the longan shell is indeed a good detoxification and wind, convergence, convergence, and convergenceThe effect of sore muscle, can cure burns and burns.

The medicinal value about fruit longan is shared with you here today.Fruit longan is a treasure, which can be used for the treatment of diseases. Everyone knows this time.


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