Fu Peirong: Does anyone care when you dream?Read this story to see everything open

Tell a story in "Zhuangzi · Grand Master":

Lu Guo had a man named Meng Suncai. His mother died. His performance was very special, but he was praised by everyone.

Yan Hui was curious, so he asked Confucius:

"Meng Suncai’s mother passed away. When he cried, he didn’t cry, he didn’t worry about it, and he was mourning.

Without these three points, they are famous for being good at being funeral in the whole Lu State.

Is there such a real and famous person?I feel strange!"

A person’s mother died, she didn’t cry when she cried, and seemed to not worry about it, and she didn’t sorrow in the mourning. Why did the people around him praised him?

Think about it, how do ordinary people evaluate this person on this occasion?

It is impossible to say, "How do you do the funeral", it must be how he raised his parents and filial piety when his parents were alive.

How does Confucius explain for Meng Suncai?

Confucius said: "Meng Sun has achieved the extreme of the funeral, and he is deeper than those who know how to live.

His characteristics are to distinguish life and death and have nothing to gain, but have distinguished from the world.

Meng Sun did not know what life was for, and did not know what death was; I didn’t know that life and death were the first.

Based on the principle of conforming to change, he just waited for the changes he didn’t know.

Besides, now, how do you know what is going on?It has not changed now, how do you know what has changed?

I and you are dreaming and never woke up!"

Zhuangzi borrowed Confucius’s mouth and once again mentioned dreaming.

Zhuangzi likes to remind the world:

Life is like dreaming. All day, the princes, ministers, bosses, partners, one day in the future, I found that they are dreaming. Why care so much?

Confucius praised Meng Suncai’s words, which was the "externalization and inside" emphasized by Zhuangzi.

What is externalization?

What do others live and what to do with funerals, I come according to the rules;

Is that inside not?

I know in my heart that when my mother was alive, I tried my best to be filial;

When my mother died, I followed the natural emotions of my heart, doing what I should do, and do not have to do it for others.

It is exactly the inside, mainly sincerity.

There is another point in this passage:

Zhuangzi persuaded us to know how to conform to changes.

How to change, do not distinguish what is for life, what is the reason for death, because it is unable to distinguish.

And when it comes to "conforming to change", how deep Zhuangzi said?

That is: waiting for the changes you don’t know.

When you want to change, how do you know what is the same?

If there is no change, how do you know what is changing?

This means that in the process of time, people can not grasp a state of no movement at all.

Because I have been changing!

How do you know what is changed and what is the same?Unchanged now, it may change in the future.

The key is, can you jump away in the process of time?

Otherwise, you can’t make it clear, you may be dreaming like a lifetime.

Before the end, Zhuangzi still wants Confucius to continue:

"Besides, Meng Sun thought that the body was replaced without loss of mind, and there was a physical transformation without real death.

He just felt that others were crying, and he was crying, so he showed it.

Besides, people call themselves ‘I’, but how do you know what I am talking about me?

Besides, if you dream of a bird, fly into the sky, and the dream is sinking into the abyss.I don’t know if we are talking, are we sober or dreaming?

When people are suddenly suitable, they are too late to laugh; once they laugh, they are too late to arrange;

Accepting arrangements and changing changes will enter the whole of emptiness and nature."

People call themselves "I", which means that "I" is opposite to others.

But do you really know who is this "I" and what kind of thing is it?

When dreaming, dream of birds fly into Gao Tian; dreaming fish sinks into the abyss.

Explain what characters and work do today, what are the characters today. In fact, the characters are multiple.

At home, you may be children and parents; work outside, various industries and various titles.

How do you know which one you said "I"?

What does Meng Sun do?

He cried and cried, and he didn’t say what I wanted to deliberately, just follow the way of this world to except.

But in the heart, there is a kind of own awareness, knowing that there is no so -called "I", everything is in "Tao";

Therefore, you don’t have to count whether it is fish or bird; don’t distinguish whether you or me, this is his attitude of life.

There is a way in the world in the world. What the rules of this world are?

But Zhuangzi reminded you that you still need to know how to develop in the outside and follow you in response to you, but I am not disturbed by any interference.

In the following sentence, Zhuangzi’s observation of people is really detailed.

He said: When a person is suddenly suitable, he is too late to laugh.

That’s right!

The joy and sorrow of the world are often "no last resort", and it is best to let it go.

There is a book in the Qing Dynasty called "The History of Rulin Wai".

Fan Jincao took many years. When he finally held it, did he laugh?

No, he was crazy.

When people are too happy, they are too late to laugh, and everyone has similar experience.

So what is it?

To learn to accept arrangements and conform to changes, it will enter the whole of emptiness and nature.

Zhuangzi used a word here, which is very delicate, called "Entering Little Time".

"Little" is empty, "sky" is nature, "one" is the whole;

"Entering Little Time" is the highest, empty, and natural whole.

It is a major event in the world for life, but people can really distinguish life and death. They understand what life is for, and what is going on?

Zhuangzi’s answer is that people cannot distinguish them clearly.

In this case, it is better to adapt to changes and accept arrangements.

On the one hand, in accordance with the world’s customs, do things in accordance with the rules;

On the other hand, we should be indifferent to joy and sorrow, so as not to be too disturbed in my heart, and return myself to the safest avenue.

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