Fujian girls do not know 5 months of pregnancy, bleeding after induction of labor!Doctor reminds: Abortion is not as simple as throwing a thing

"Painless abortion only requires ** yuan"

"Easy to flow trouble"


In recent years, some private small hospitals on the streets have given the illusion of young women, which gives young women an illusion, as if abortion is a normal thing, and it can be easily solved as long as a few hundred yuan.As a result, more and more women have been aborted in the hospital in recent years, and they have a low aging trend.

Recently, the obstetrics and gynecology department of Lijinshan Hospital in Fujian Province took several cases, which made the doctors boo.

Ms. Zhao, 28, is the mother of two children. Four years ago, she had an abdominal lens surgery for ectopic pregnancy.

Not long ago, she went to the hospital after menopause and found that she was pregnant.

Who knows the next day, she feels painful pain in her lower abdomen, and even hurts.

But even so, Ms. Zhao still did not pay attention to abdominal pain when she was awake, and took abortion drugs again.Subsequently, abdominal pain increased again.

When Ms. Zhao was sent to the emergency department of Lijinshan Hospital in Fujian Province, she found that she was a big bleeding of ectopic pregnancy.

The doctor’s emergency laparoscopic detection was found to be 1000ml in the abdominal cavity, and the left fallopian tube was ruptured during pregnancy.After the left fallopian tube resection and blood transfusion treatment, Ms. Zhao finally recovered a life.

Xiaoyun, a 16 -year -old, is a student at school. Recently, she has not had menstruation for more than a year. Because menstruation is not regular, she did not take this matter.

Not long ago, because the constipation was more serious, she accidentally found that she was pregnant for 5 and a half months when she came to the hospital for medical treatment.

The doctor asked the case, and Xiaoyun said that he and a boy of the same age had an unprotected sexual behavior. Due to long -term irregular menstruation, he did not find that he was pregnant.

At this point, Xiaoyun had to introduce labor by his family.Because the fetus of more than 5 months is relatively large, the process of induction of labor, Xiaoyun has major bleeding, which has caused great harm to her physical and mental.

Many women did not experience abortion, and they felt that abortion was a trivial matter. It was as simple as throwing a child as a child.but it is not the truth.

Psychologically speaking, many women will have a serious sense of guilt, leaving a deep psychological shadow in their hearts.

From the physical level, the impact of abortion on women’s health is even greater.

According to the Chief Physician of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Jinshan Hospital in Fujian Province, abortion can easily cause various gynecological infections, such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammation, and even uterine perforation, which eventually leads to infertility.In particular, some immature girls are still under development, and abortion is more likely to lead to chronic gynecological diseases.

Even some women think

Very safe drug abortion,

It must also be within 49 days of pregnancy,

It is clear that it is the premise of intrauterine pregnancy,

In order to use it.

Xin Long March said-

The abortion of the drug must be prescribed by the doctor’s doctor’s evaluation, and the medication should be taken according to the standard. On the third day, you must come to the hospital for medication and observe the excretion of pregnancy.

If the bleeding during the drug flow exceeds the amount of menstruation or inadequate drug flow, the palace needs to be cleared, and the color Doppler ultrasound follow -up.

Therefore, the drug flow is not an individual or a small clinic that can be operated at will.

If there is no clear diagnosis whether it is in -palace pregnancy, the use of drug flow will be used, and hidden dangers will be buried.Because the ectopic pregnancy rupture and bleeding, the tragedy of the death of pregnant mothers occur every year.

Abortion and induction of labor have a great damage to women. To protect women’s fertility and the source of life (uterus), it should start with scientific contraception.

In recent years, the problem of sexual education of minors has been paid more and more attention.


Xin Long March Hope

The whole society can vigorously popularize

Education of reproductive knowledge and contraceptive knowledge,

Let every woman fully understand the harm of the flow of people,

Do a good job of protecting measures and care for your own body,

Avoid premature sexual life,

And take appropriate contraceptive measures,

Multidimensional prevention of unmarried people.

Source: Fujian Health News All -Media Reporter: Lin Ying

Edit: Bingkuo


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