Full dry goods sharing: the whole process of pregnancy and summary

Since the pregnancy in June 15 years, I have paid great attention to diet, not eating cold, not eating junk food, three meals a day are normal, but there is no stomach at all. Every time I go home, my mother will ask me if I am.It’s not a problem, it’s a mother, the key to me and my husband 32, I always want to play for two years after marriage. I didn’t expect to be so hard when I wanted a child.

Mainly talk about the process of pregnancy. We went home on the 27th before New Year’s Day. Find an old Chinese medicine medicine to see. The premise is that both of us went. I saw me first and said that I was hot and cold., Husband is shortage of qi and ischemia, which affects sperm vitality. So we prescribed different Chinese medicines to drink at the same time, and returned to their home on the 1st to calculate No. 3 ovulation according to the ovulation rules.Mainly said that on the 3rd, because I am the uterine -defending husband up and down, we two at the same time this time, I really think that the small things are hot in the uterus, so I think I hope it is great, and then I will then soakFoot, (I do n’t need it after each ovulation, because it has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, afraid of pregnancy and impact)

Let’s talk about the symptoms of pregnancy. On the 10th day after the same room, I cough and fever, 38.5, burned for a day, so I took a cold medicine, and I was afraid that I did n’t take other cold medicine when I was pregnant.The high fever was caused by pregnancy. The rejection of the fever was pasted, and then I had a cold on the 15th. I had a meanting one after a few minutes. After a few minutes, I saw the two bars vaguely when I went to see it. At that time, I was super excited.I went to the hospital for two days. I have tested it twice until now. The doctor said that the value is okay.

After pregnancy, the lower abdomen has always been as faintly painful as menstruation. The main chest pain is really great. It is more painful than touching during menstruation. Then there is thirst, and it will be very thirsty.Sleep, the taste is not like eating.

1. It is very necessary to check the two couples at the same time to prevent waste of time

2. Women generally keep their feet in cold and do not eat anything cold.

3. Love the time to find the right time, the posture is right, it is best to see the climax at the same time

4. Relax, jump the next day after ovulation and love, to prevent some eggs from mature.

5. Don’t eat it if you eat folic acid menstruation on time. If I eat it, it will be delayed for many days and it will be irregular. I just stop eating.

6. I think a few days after I love love, don’t think about it. I used to pay attention to what to eat. This time, I also helped my friends to move dumbbells, take a bath and drink, not anything else. I forgot about pregnancy.It may be more conducive to pregnancy without thinking.Let’s talk about this first, what is important to share with you.

I wish you all a good pregnancy, and more pregnancy will bring good pregnancy

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