Funny Duanzi Collection: I might be pregnant

1 The rural areas should know who said who is his family or uncle relative. Today I met a strange work. I took a car in the city and came up with a woman.Woolen cloth.The driver didn’t say the ticket. When he got off the car, the driver thought something wrong, and asked the woman: The two of us are a grandfather?Women: Hey, don’t you know this?We are all old.After talking about getting out of the car, a car people laughed, and the driver looked black!Intersection

2 Today, the goddess asked me what he had, and I thought about it slightly, and said to her, "Below." I saw her scolding me with red face: hooligan.I don’t understand. I learned more than a hundred kinds of instant noodles for four years in college. Isn’t this a specialty? What happened to girls now?

3 Girlfriend said, after getting married, all my underwear bought by her. I asked: Why do women tickets say: I buy you a lady’s underwear …

I asked again: Why is this?She said: In this case, if you want to do bad things in the future, you have no face to take off your pants!


4 I was in a bad mood today. I quarreled with my wife as soon as I lost my temper, and then my wife aggrieved. You have never been fierce at the beginning. Now that you will start fiercely for a year and a half, you dare not think about what you will treat me in the future.If the husband is not convinced, what about you? You have not changed?The wife said straightforwardly, "Yes, I hit you at the beginning, and now I still hit you!"

5 days, Pharaoh and master quarreled, Pharaoh said angrily: You are a mango, yellow outside, and yellow inside.

The master looked at the old king, and said Yoyo: You are a pineapple, yellow outside, yellow inside, and green on his head!

6 A few days ago, the company came with a beautiful girl of a mixed -race. It was a single language, Germany, and British language. He was still single. Nowadays, the singles in the company’s eyes all have a green light in their eyes, and they will give care to their care.I heard that my sister wanted to learn Chinese yesterday, so I didn’t even look at the mandarin.

7 Today, the wind is really big. I just went out and saw an uncle scratched by the wind. I asked: Uncle, my salary of 2,500 a month, can I help you get up?Uncle said: Girl, let’s go, I’ll wait for a while!Hey, Uncle’s heart is so good, this world is really full of love …

8 "Numbers will not deceive people," the teacher said. "A house, if a person has to spend 20 days, it only takes one day. 288 people are enough for one hour." A student then said:"17280 people only take a minute, and 103,6800 people only take a second. In addition, if a ship crosses the Atlantic Ocean for 6 days, it is enough for six ships to be.Will not lie! "

God review: One lesson one person takes 45 minutes, and the 45 people only last for a minute.

9 Horse noodles: "Lord Yan, the new little ghost who guarded the oil pan hell is a pervert …"

Yan Wang: "Oh?"

Horse noodle: "Every time he pushes people to put on the oil pan, he forces others to hold two pairs."

Yan Wang: "Oh, forgot to tell you, he used to be fried fritters"

10 Xu Xian ran on the road in a panic, and said to everyone, "I only know that my wife is a snake today, it’s terrible!"

Passerby: "What is strange for his wife is a snake, not terrible, not terrible."

Xu Xian was strange: "Not terrible?"

Passerby: "My mother tiger is terrible!"

Passerby B: "My family has the East Lion."

11 My brother’s birthday, the sister -in -law cooking himself and made a few dishes.Unexpectedly, the vegetables were so ugly, but no one dared to say a word.The little nephew tasted two sips, and suddenly had a vomiting.Seeing that the sister -in -law stared at himself, the little nephew explained: Mom, it’s not difficult for you to make the dishes, I, I might be pregnant.

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