#G pregnant mother who is pregnant for one year without childbirth. Doctors are frightened after examination

Pregnant women did not give birth for one year, and the doctor was shocked after examination.Husband scolded: Divorce!2/3.

The mystery of a giant woman.

Her mother -in -law began to complain that Peng Ximei could not have children and looked for the prescriptions of spiritual examinations.She felt a little painful and swollen, but she didn’t care.Maybe she was pregnant, she guessed.Facing the strength of her mother -in -law, Peng Ximei was speechless.She silently endured the torment every day, and her body gradually lost weight.

Until one day in 2007, Peng Ximei suddenly had a pain in his lower abdomen and decided to go to the clinic with her husband to see the situation.When the two just stepped out of the house, the mother -in -law’s inquiry came on the face, and she said in sharp words that a wealthy family could not come from her temperament every day.She claims that she has a partial prescription and more effectively solve the problem of minor illness and pain than going to the clinic.The words of her mother -in -law made Peng Ximei give up the idea of going to the clinic to see a doctor.

Later, when her mother -in -law learned that Peng Ximei did not have a physiological cycle for several consecutive months, he announced excitedly.This is pregnant.With the help of her mother -in -law, Peng Ximei returned home.The mother -in -law told him that these symptoms were normal for each pregnant woman. Don’t worry too much, just take a good rest.

Although Peng Ximei was a little puzzled, she didn’t think of doubt.Over time, Peng Ximei’s belly became increasingly larger, and his actions became increasingly inconvenient.He noticed that the stomach of the pregnant women who became pregnant at the same time were not as huge as him.However, her mother -in -law believes that such a big belly is likely to mean that she is pregnant.

Therefore, under the careful care of her mother -in -law and husband, Peng Ximei’s body became weaker and weaker, and even fainted many times.Feeling that Peng Ximei’s body was abnormal, she could no longer stand it, hoping that her husband would accompany her to the hospital for examination.However, my mother -in -law resolutely opposed that the child absorbed your nutrition.This situation is normal, no need to go to the hospital at all.

Facing the mother -in -law’s opposition, Peng Ximei felt a headache.She had no strength to argue, and her body could no longer support a huge burden.Since her mother -in -law disagreed, she couldn’t go to the hospital.So she chose to stay silent, and she was full of doubt.

Is the child said that the child absorbed the nutrition of the mother, causing the mother to be really established?

As the saying goes, she is pregnant in October, but watching Peng Ximei has a big belly. After more than 10 months, she has no signs of production.Mother -in -law and husband began to feel incredible.At 11 months of pregnancy, Peng Ximei came to the hospital for the first time.However, the doctor unexpectedly said that she was not pregnant, and there was no fetus in her belly.After observing the results of the B -ultrasound, the doctor said anxiously that his belly was painful because the tumor had a tumor in his body and had deteriorated to the late stage.

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