Girls are pregnant after getting engaged, but the in -laws are unwilling to pay 80,000 gift money. Girl: Broken the child to get married

The girl suddenly became pregnant after getting engaged. After seeing that the daughter -in -law was pregnant, she refused to pay the remaining 80,000 yuan gifts. The boyfriend even felt that she was to use the child to blackmail money. Therefore, there was a dispute between the two sides.break off an engagement!

The beautiful girl in the photo is Ms. Wu. Ms. Wu often met her boyfriend Mr. Li because her parents often urged their marriage.

Ms. Wu felt that he was a talent, so the two were engaged in lightning 15 days after getting along with each other. The two also said that they had a wedding gift at 110,000. When they were engaged, they gave 30,000 when they were engaged.

Ms. Wu was pregnant not long after engagement, and her mother’s family was preparing for her daughter to marry a variety of dowry. What makes people think that the dowry of the woman is ready, but the man began to disappear.

At this moment, the child in Ms. Wu’s belly grew up day by day, but her boyfriend could not be contacted, and the parents of the woman were angry.

Ms. Wu, who was forced to be helpless, found the media and hoped to help. The reporter also heard about this, so she followed Ms. Wu to her boyfriend’s supermarket.

I didn’t find Mr. Li here when I came here. Only the boyfriend’s mother here was here. After learning about the reporter’s intention, Mr. Li’s mother said: It was not that her son was unwilling to get married, but her parents made trouble in the middle.So the two talents did not marry Fengzi.

When we were engaged, we paid 30,000 colorful gifts, and 80,000 were waiting to pay when they got married, but my son speculated the money at home to open the supermarket.

I think that after the supermarket, the two of them have been guaranteed in the future, so now there is no money at home, and the supermarket is a gift. Even if they no longer pay the remaining gifts, they should agree.

But her parents said that they could not get married if they did not take 80,000 gifts.

Because of this, neighbors came around.

Some neighbors said: This girl just doesn’t know how to do it. They exhausted all the supermarkets for the small couple, so that the two people could live stable after marriage, but they wanted 80,000 gifts. This is obviously cheating for marriage!

Subsequently, the reporter searched for many times and found Mr. Li. The two sides accused each other as soon as they met.

Mr. Li said, "I suspect that this child is not mine, because when we are together, she often chats with the opposite sex. Since we realize that there is no three months together, the date of her pregnancy is not right with us.So I suspect that this child is not mine.

Ms. Wu on the side was really sad when she heard her boyfriend’s words. Then she took out the B -ultrasound report of the hospital to prove her innocence emotionally, but no matter what, Mr. Li refused to believe that the child was not his own.

In this way, we will do parent -child identification. No matter which party loses, we must double the other party. The two parties are also because of the child’s affairs, so the trouble is getting more and more stiff.Appraisal.

But the next day, Ms. Wu came here early, but she never saw her boyfriend. Therefore, Ms. Wu took the reporter to this supermarket again.

This time her boyfriend was in the supermarket, and the two had a dispute at the time of the two. This time, Mr. Li did not deny that the child was not him. This time, he was always blaming his girlfriend and did not pass his own wishes.Broken.

Ms. Wu also saw her boyfriend’s family. Now she decides to go out of the child, and her boyfriend hears that she is going to kill the child, and he will go to the court to recover the original 30,000 gift money.

Ms. Wu said: As long as the boyfriend’s noodles came to apologize, I would return all the gifts to him. If he insisted on appealing, then I would also appeal to ask him to compensate my mental loss and reputation loss.

In the end, Ms. Wu went to the hospital alone to kill her children!


I have to say that the man’s family is not kind and promised not to be done. Either you don’t agree. He wants to use the child to grasp the woman, despicable, and hit a rake in turn, saying that the woman’s money.

Before I was pregnant, I promised to give it, and I didn’t think that the woman had a lot of it. Then after getting married, I felt that the woman had too much. I don’t want to give it. I don’t want to give it.Don’t want to give it, otherwise why don’t you feel before pregnancy?

Then engagement, isn’t it just engaged because of the good talk?

Now that I have agreed to give it and have been getting married, because the woman was pregnant, and then the man regretted it, and hit a rake, saying that the woman greedy for money, I laughed, this was a rang of the game.

So such a man left early, it was liberation. This man knew that he was his own child. He also wanted to create public opinion to compromise with women. If you do n’t get married, can you get a marriage in the future?Essence

Therefore, it is reasonable to be self -esteem and self -love before marriage!

What do you think about such things?

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