Give up for medicinal therapy, learn 3 small tricks, and actually get pregnant in one month!

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I have not come to a holiday since I was a child. Sometimes every two or three months, every time it is good times.Last year, I was pregnant unexpectedly, but in the early pregnancy, I always bleed and worked hard to protect the fetus. Later, the fetal membrane had been destroyed early for 19 weeks. After that time, the regular holiday interval was shorter, with an average of 37-45 days.

For half a year of rest, children started to have children in February this year. They did not want to follow the two cycles (three months) according to the ovulation test paper. They went to see Western medicine.After 12 days of deer fetal paste, then monitor ovulation. As a result, the seventh day after ovulation came with blood brown secretions. It lasted for four days. If there was too much proportion, there was too much fake.The role of the fetal paste (not suitable for my constitution?), Maybe it may be particularly looking forward to monitoring ovulation. Endocrine disorders are used, so deer fetal ointment has been abandoned by me.

When I went to the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in June, I planned to prepare medicine for conditioning. The doctor probably felt that I did not count the fake for all four days. I had to open a week of medicine for a week. I thought why I had to urge the scriptures so troubles.The results, I went home without taking any medicine.

Next, I have to talk about my mother. I saw a post saying that skipping rope, eating black beans, and brown sugar ginger tea can help pregnancy. After a natural holiday, I started eating black beans for a week (about 50 pieces per day).Drink brown sugar ginger tea warm palace (it ’s really not delicious, sweet and sweet), skip rope 300-500 every day, but did not insist on jumping every day. As a result, there is really a super strong yang when ovulation in July.The red hair is purple and red in seconds, and has never been before, and decisively pushed to her husband during the day.

Starting chest pain a few days after ovulation, and then measured early pregnancy and weak yang on the holiday.My husband always called me to get a lottery after returning from the class for two days, and then went to the official yesterday. After two days, I went to see HCG doubles.

I have experienced labor once, it is really painful. I want children every day. I will cherish and relax this time. I hope that everything goes well.

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