Gourd!Exposure Eye Shadow Emperor’s derailment in the wedding, let Xiao San get pregnant, his wife pulled Xiao San to get a fetus

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There are too many recent melons in the entertainment industry.

Some paparazzi broke the news that the well -known actresses of the post -85s had been the primary three of the Golden Lord, and unexpectedly conceived the child of the Golden Lord.

But the Lord Jin didn’t want to marry the actress, but wanted a child.So he thought of a way that he asked the post -85s actress and a male star to get married, and successfully had a son.

Male stars don’t mind for fake marriage, because he and Jinzhu have a deep interest relationship and are willing to cooperate with acting.

In addition to the melon of the post -85s actress, there is a paparazzi that expose a big man’s melon.

Papaya broke the news that a big actor who mainly performed a TV series, who liked Chinese studies on the surface, was actually chaotic in private life.

Papaya bluntly said that he had 4 primary three, and he was also a well -known actress.

What is even more exaggerated is that Papaya said that the four actresses were conquered by the charm of the actor and willingly became his lover.

Even the wife of the big -class actor knew his break, and he didn’t make a big noise, and chose to ignore it.

Because paparazzi broke the name of the first letters of the four actresses, for a while, netizens speculated who was the big actor and 4 well -known actress.

No, whether it is a well -known actress after the 85th, or a big actor, the identity of the four well -known actress has not guess, and some paparazzi exposed a big melon.

This big melon is related to a film emperor.

The paparazzi broke the news that an actor with the title of "Eye Eye Shadow" was derailed in the marriage and was pregnant with his wife and made a woman outside.

Fortunately, his wife acted decisively. After knowing the situation, he took his husband’s Xiao San directly to get the fetus. At that time, the child in the small three belly had not been 5 months.

Maybe I feel that the clues are not clear enough to make netizens difficult to guess.

The paparazzi deliberately selected the comments from netizens, also responded, and provided some clues again.

When replying to netizens’ comments, the paparazzi bluntly said that the electric eye shadow emperor came from the Hong Kong circle, and the couple had no children.

Papaya’s selected netizen commented on the eyes of the Emperor Eye Shadow Emperor’s wife.Netizens said that the wife of the electric eye shadow emperor was very sober. She knew that when the child was born, the electric eye shadow emperor would not marry the child’s mother, and the child would be discriminated against because of the illegitimate child.

Therefore, it is a good thing to kill the child, whether it is the Emperor Eye Shadow Emperor or the Eye Eye Shadow Emperor’s Primary Three.

Based on these clues, netizens suspected that the electric eye shadow was Liang Chaowei, and it was Carina Lau who pulled Xiaosan’s child.

For a long time, Carina Lau has done a decisive thing and took care of Liang Chaowei’s affairs very well. She is a person who can do such a thing.

In addition, Liang Chaowei and Carina Lau have no children, and they insist on Dink.

Liang Chaowei had responded for the reason for not being a child.

One was because his parents had a bad relationship when he was a kid, leaving him a deep psychological shadow.

Secondly, he was worried that he would not take good care of the child. He felt that he had to take care of his mother, sister, and wife.

Although Carina Lau wanted to have a child at the beginning, she eventually chose to respect Liang Chaowei.

It is precisely because they have no children, and many netizens are curious about their 800 million family property.

Regarding this, Hong Kong media broke the news that Carina Liang’s great probability will leave the 800 million family property to Liu Zhaonn, Liu Jialing’s nephew.

We will not discuss the ownership of Carina Liang Chaowei 800 million family property for the time being. The news of the bombardment of paparazzi and their couple’s fit is too high.

However, we cannot conclude that the paparazzi broke the news of the electric eye.

After all, paparazzi did not take out the evidence of real hammer, and after Zhuo Wei, paparazzi liked to play gimmicks, and it was not impossible to say that the film emperor was not possible to say that a ordinary actor said.

Therefore, before this melon was completely cooked, we let the son D fly for a while.

Who do you think this electric eye film emperor will be?

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