Grass shrimp is expected to go out of the rivers and lakes?IntersectionTaiwan’s grass shrimp is successfully breed again, the price can reach NT $ 1,300 / jin

The New Year’s Day dining table is indispensable. Of course, shrimp cuisine is also the favorite of many people, but do you know?Grass shrimp, which is more meat than Q, has been extinct in Taiwan for many years, but now in Tainan, shrimp farmers have successfully reinstated Taiwan’s grass shrimp, but the breeding rate is less than 20%.It is hoped that through the cultivation and optimization of breeding, to find the varieties of grass shrimp with disease resistance, so that Taiwan’s breeding industry has new development possibilities.

A straw shrimp fry it with the egg crispy in the oil pan. The straw -roasted grass shrimp with grass shrimp as the main character, with a sweet and sour sauce to taste the aroma, but it is a long -lost Taiwanese dish.Mainly because grass shrimp has been extinct in Taiwan for many years.

Tainan grass shrimp farmers Yan Ronghong: This is our own lactic acid bacteria. The main purpose of this lactic acid bacteria is to make the stomach in the shrimp better.

Pour the lactic acid bacteria into the bait. This is the secret weapon of Yan Ronghong’s restoration of grass shrimp. He started to raise shrimp from his father.Another wave of unknown reasons in 1992 was removed from Taiwan’s breeding industry.But he didn’t want to give up. Starting 7 years ago, he decided to regenerate Taiwan’s grass shrimp.

Tainan grass shrimp farmers Yan Ronghong: Slowly replenish this grass shrimp to the previous scene, and then hopes that such a breeding technology can be exported overseas and other Southeast Asian countries, because if he is basedFor generations of cultivation, grass shrimp will just raise fewer and fewer.

Sprinkle lactic acid bacteria bait into the pool to improve the grass shrimp to resist foreign viruses in a way of improving resistance. In addition, his shrimp ponds and mangroves are surrounded by the water source.The successful rehabilitation before the year, coupled with low-density fish and shrimp mixing, only 50,000 grass shrimp is released in one hectare. At present, the breeding rate has reached 10%-25%, the price can reach 1,300 yuan, and the supply is in short supply.In addition to 80 % of the sales of online Taiwan, 20 % are sold to the international market, allowing Taiwan’s grass and shrimp to see the opportunity to regain rivers and lakes.

Reporter: Fighting white spot disease, the academic community is also working hard to come to Chengda. There are a few large -scale disease -resistant research centers here. They have cooperated with France.And it has been reproduced to the second generation, confirming that this disease anti -gene is hereditary.

When you come to Chengda shrimp anti -disease research center, large breeding pools to small fish tanks, grass shrimp figures can be seen everywhere. Those who can stay here are carefully selected shrimp. Researchers use eachSeeding instruments to check the genes, the white spot disease of grass shrimp is most afraid of to screen out the genes with anti -disease.

Researchers of Chengjin Shrimp Diseases Center: We (Taiwan) has no research institution or really devoted to the research of grass shrimp. Whether it is the breeding of white shrimp or grass shrimp, we will pick up our current Taiwan.The technology of shrimp raising that has been developed for a long time will be a very complete entire industry chain.

Decided from breeding to start, and breeding and reproduction became the key to successful breeding.

Reporter: Selecting shrimp, which is very important, is to find ways to make them pass on to generation. Next, it will take you to the ripening area of the shrimp. Here you will do it for their humidity and time.A strict control.

Behind the pushing hands of the leader of grass shrimp breeding is Professor Luo Zhufang, who leads us into a dark house with a room temperature of 29 degrees, climbed up to a large breeding pool, and the lamp can distinguish which seed shrimp can be successfully conceived.Which ones have to wait, the whole breeding optimization must be reproduced through the actual generation.

Luo Zhufang, President of Chengda Biological Sciences: He must be able to be inherited, and I have to know his genetic law, so I can make him very planned to produce shrimpThe diseased shrimp was screened again. His fast -growing shrimp is used to make further high -quality characteristics.

At present, through the large -scale indoor optimization of breeding, the breeding rate of grass shrimp can reach at least 70 %. In the future, it is also intended to conduct outdoor trials. I hope that it can successfully cultivate the strong Taiwanese grass shrimp varieties within 2 years.The unremitting efforts of Taiwanese shrimp farmers and the experimental breeding of the academic community are expected to make Taiwanese grass shrimp, which once faded out of the rivers and lakes, and can gradually recover the steady lack of the jumping market.

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