Guo Biting is pregnant, but you need to understand that you can understand it.

Guo Biting has married the giants for a long time, and Xiang Zuo also made a careful proposal for her in her own shopping mall.Recently, the sharp -eyed media found that Guo Biting almost attended the event with her mother -in -law with her mother -in -law, almost separate.

Take a closer look, and found that Guo Biting was pregnant, and the news of pregnancy was solid.However, artists are generally confidential, such as Zhao Liying, who also posted rumors after pregnancy, and then secretly produced a child.Guo Biting is too obvious, and it is difficult to hide it if you want to hide it.

When female stars are pregnant, they will hardly make public.The first is to ensure the safety of children and do not want to have a child. The second is that I do n’t want to be frightened during pregnancy, and the third is that I do n’t want to know their movements clearly to prevent the situation in which Guo Biting concealed.What about the details of living?

1. Spots appear on the skin

Many pregnant women were tender and tender before pregnancy. After pregnancy, yellow -brown spots began to appear on their faces, and they did not eliminate for a long time after giving birth. They could only intervene manually and use freckle products or laser removal.

The endocrine and pregnancy in the body are almost different before pregnancy.This reaction is not only in the body, but also the skin surface.Even if the female star is exquisitely maintained, it is difficult to escape the gaze of pregnant women.

2. The shape of the lower abdomen

One month of pregnancy, the lower abdomen will change.There will be some raised.It was not the rolling whole lower abdomen, but it was a point, and the belly was a bit pointed.Normal people’s small abdomen is round, and then a little drooping. When the pregnant woman is pregnant, the belly is a little pointed and wearing clothes.

3. Bloating

Pregnant women are pregnant.The leg edema will be very powerful, but in the early stage, the upper body will be more like a state of edema, but the changes in the legs are not obvious.

As the pregnant woman’s pregnancy time is longer, the lower body of the pregnant woman will become more and more powerful.In addition to the legs, your fingers may also be swollen.Especially after a night of sleep that pregnant women go through, the body is not exercising, and the body’s limbs will appear edema.

4. Vomiting

In the first week after pregnant women’s pregnancy, pregnancy may occur.As the pregnant woman’s abdomen is rapidly bulging and the stomach is oppressed, it will be uncomfortable at first, and it will be very sensitive to some smells.Pregnancy will begin to be very frequent, and it will be relieved a lot later.

5. The hips will become obese

Beginning in the early stages of pregnancy, the hips will change.The hips will gradually become larger, and the change will be particularly obvious from behind.

6. Green tendon appears in the calf

When pregnant women are pregnant, the calves bear all the pressure on the upper body, and the blue tendons in the legs will become more and more serious, and the phenomenon of varicose veins will appear.At this time, pregnant women can avoid standing for a long time and sitting more.

1. As the belly becomes more and more drum, stretch marks appear.

Pregnant women not only have difficulty escaping on their faces, but also difficult to escape stretch marks.The belly is getting bigger and bigger, and the thin belly has also been pushed by increasing internal forces.The skin of the belly also appears in pregnancy.

When people gain weight, their skin will also appear.The changes in the weight of pregnancy have reacted the whole body.The legs are swollen and stretch marks appear in the stomach.

2. The number of urination is increased, and the urine is more frequent

Starting from the beginning of women’s pregnancy, the metabolism in the body will follow the change, and the number of urination will become very frequent.In the later period, the uterus will gradually become larger, and the interior of the uterus will be filled with amniotic fluid. The bladder of the urination of pregnant women will be squeezed by the uterus, which will make the pregnant woman’s frequent urination.

3. The lower body secretion becomes more

After a period of pregnancy, the endocrine effect of the body will excrete a lot of secretions.At this time, pregnant women must clean and rinse every day, and the speed of underwear replacement must keep up.If there are too many secretions, pregnant women can use some washing fluid for special care to prevent inflammation.

4. Decrease in stool times

After pregnant women are pregnant, although they are more likely to be hungry, the number of stools will be reduced.At this time, you must eat more fiber grains and coarse grains to ensure dietary health.

5. Sleeping time is longer, it is easier to be sleepy

The internal operation of the pregnant woman’s body is accelerated. The body consumes too much to meet the operation of the body, and it needs to rest and sleep.Not only in the evening, it may be easier to tired during the day. It is also good to sleep more.

6. In the late pregnancy, breathing is not smooth

In the late pregnancy, pregnant women who have a relatively large age of pregnancy will have a heavy breathing.

7. Personal taste changes

When pregnant women are pregnant.There are some strange changes in the taste.The taste of some pregnant women may be the same as before pregnancy.

8. Love sour

The taste of pregnant women just pregnant will be sour and like acid fruit.

9. chest change

Because breasts need to be breastfeeding, they will become more plump, and may have discomfort and pain in the chest.

When pregnant women are pregnant, individuals will change from top to bottom when they are pregnant.Family members must take care of the emotional feelings of pregnant women.

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