Guo Jingming exposed Yang Mi’s pregnancy, and Wei Daxun’s expression was subtle, and netizens teased his online collapse

Guo Jingming, who hasn’t appeared for a long time, has a lot of latest developments, and his performance is very active. As always, he dares to talk!

Guo Jingming, the latest issue of "Please Refrigerator", was broadcast on May 12 as the guest of the show. He originally talked about his dedication to the splendid fireworks conference of the Shanghai Bund in "Little Times 3".

Speaking of "Little Times 3", CUE and starring Yang Mi were taken for granted. Then, in order to be qualified for the real scene, a lot of preparations were finally allowed to be filmed in order to be qualified for the real scene.

As a result, when the scene was about to shoot, Guo Jingming himself suddenly became ill and was hospitalized, but the shooting time of this scene could not exceed the time of approval restrictions, and the staffing coordination of personnel would be very troublesome. There was no way Guo Jingming could only be in the caseThe hospital pulled out a bit, and the assistant was taken to the studio to guide the shooting.

At this point, everything was normal, and then Guo Jingming started to do things. Suddenly, Yang Mi had a baby’s past when filming "Little Times 3".

At first Wei Daxun, who was sitting aside, watched Guo Jingming listening to the story intently, and then Guo Jingming deliberately told Yang Mi at that time Yang Mi could not take medicine with his baby, so he was particularly "no conscience" to him, fearing that the virus infection would not be able to catch a cold and get sick.Essence

At this moment, Wei Daxun’s smile gradually solidified, and the smile could not reach the bottom of the eyes. With a kind of stiffness that smiled and smiled, there was some embarrassing but politeness in the expression.Deliberate expression management.

Many netizens feel that Wei Daxun seems to be working hard to control his expression, but even though so many people think that Wei Daxun’s smile is reluctant, his expression is a little embarrassed.

Cut the camera on the side of the side of the melon, and it is also a squeezing fist that meant to laugh and laugh at the lively expression.

Then He Yan inadvertently appeared "the pen of God", and turned to Wei Daxun to ask Wei Daxun "when you have a special collapse".

After seeing this clip, many netizens shouted that Guo Jingming was "really a werewolf", a little more ruthless!

Whether Yang Mi and Wei Daxun have been picked up by careful netizens, they played games, shopping, or have all kinds of couples with the same models. They could be called "catching the wind" before.

Since April 13, Yang Mi and Wei Daxun have been photographed together again, and the two also returned to the hotel after wearing a couple’s secret date.

However, although the discussion of Yang Mi and Wei Daxun’s discussion is so popular that the two have never had a formal official announcement relationship and kept silent. What should I do step by step?Wei Daxun filmed a permanent hotel, but did not want to publicly respond.

Although neither of the two parties had responded, the people outside the circle probably had a lot of melon. As a friend of Yang Mi, Guo Jingming mentioned in a show with Wei Daxun.


Author: Meow Meow

Responsible editor: Xiao Zhongshan

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