Gynecological experts answered: Is the harm of "drug flow" smaller than "people flow"?

Speaking of "accidental pregnancy"

I have to mention "drug flow" and "abortion"

Many women seem to be more inclined to drug flow

Because the flow of the drug looks very simple

In this case

Is the damage of the drug flow less than the flow?

Is it really?

Director of the Gynecology Department of Shishi Modern Hospital replied: Actually not, whether it is abortion (surgical abortion) or medication, it is harmful. Whether it is direct damage or potential risks, it is unsightly.

First of all, you need to understand what "drug flow" is

Note: The abortion of the drug must be determined to be pregnant in the palace. If it is an ectopic pregnancy, the abortion of the drug may cause severe bleeding.Therefore, the girls please take a check before miscarriage to determine whether it is an intrauterine pregnancy.

1. What is the drug flow?

In other words, the drug abortion is to use the drug to terminate the pregnancy. Generally, it is suitable for pregnancy within 49 days of pregnancy. At this time, the embryo development may still rely on drugs to discharge.Abortion or induction.

The mechanism, process and expected effect of drug flow

Ultra -doses of rice non -non -non -olone (a drug against progesterone receptor), combined with prostaglandin preparations, the embryo is stripped from the mother’s body, and the embryo is eliminated through the shrinkage of the uterus.Drug abortion is generally used for three days, embryos are usually discharged on the third day, and the decontamination is discharged within 1 to 2 weeks.

During the period of drug flow, symptoms such as moderate abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.The bleeding time after the drug is 2-3 weeks.

After the drug flow, you need to rest for 2 weeks.

2. What is the flow of people?

Simply put, the flow of people is suitable for pregnancy 14 weeks ago.

The flow of people is absorbed by the method of attracting negative pressure. At present, most of the cases are supplemented by venous anesthesia.The operation time is short, about 5-10 minutes.For experienced surgeons, about 99%of this operation can be completed smoothly.

The bleeding time after people flow is short, about 1 week.

It also needs to rest for 2 weeks after the flow of people.

3. Why is the drug flow harmless?

1. Drug flow

Most of the people who choose the drug flow are that this method not only saves money, convenient, simple and effective, but also does not perform surgery. It is relatively safe and reliable.If the drug flow is failure or the abortion is incomplete, you may need to clear the palace again.

If you really need to be Qing Palace, it is almost the same as the surgery flow, and it will even cause bleeding after abortion. If the bleeding time is long, there will be risk of infection.

2. Flow

Everything has two sides, and the flow of people has the advantages of abortion.

The flow of people is faster and less bleeding. There is no abdominal pain or mild abdominal pain after surgery under intravenous anesthesia, and less bleeding after surgery.However, as long as it is surgery, there will be risks. The flow of people requires the operation of the uterine cavity. The chance of infection or adhesion is higher than that of the medicine.

Therefore, whether it is the flow of drugs or the flow of people, there will be certain risks, and it cannot be said to be safer and reliable.And the loss of the drug is to be the flow of people, which is equivalent to two ways you want to experience one at a time.

4. Misunderstanding of the drug flow recognition

The drug flow is to take a few tablets at home, just lie down and lie down

This is wrong!

Not everyone’s situation is suitable for drug flow, and the dose of medication should be dependent on the actual situation.Be sure to go to a regular hospital for examination, and then use the doctor’s arrangement carefully.

There is no pain in the drug flow, it will be okay if it hurts


In addition to the most common abdominal pain, some people will have nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, chills, fever, numbness of hands and feet, diarrhea and so on.

The drug flow does not need to be surgery, so you can go to work immediately


The drug flow is forced to peel off the uterus from the uterus. Therefore, the trauma of the uterus exists, so the drug flow needs to rest for two weeks or even longer to ensure the complete recovery of the uterus.

Bleeding for more than 3 weeks, the palace is not harmful

When it comes to Qing Palace, the heart is hanging, which is indeed a troublesome issue.However, the current medical community does not need to be clear for the clear palace.

The following situations need to be cleared:

① The vaginal bleeding amount after the drug flow is small, and I go to the hospital for examination and find that the embryo continues to develop;

② If the patient has severe vaginal bleeding at this time after taking the medicine;

③ After the drug flow, there are pregnancy tissues discharged, but the vagina is irregularly bleeding and unclean, and the bleeding time is too long. Checking the B -ultrasound that patients with residual tissues need to clear the palace in time.

What should I do?

First of all, we must carefully conduct a comprehensive examination in the outpatient clinic.

Including hematuria, leucorrhea routine, gynecological examination, screening of infection items, blood types, and permanent coagulation time.Also do ultrasound, and it is determined that it can only be used in the palace pregnancy or abortion.

The drug flow is limited within 49 days of pregnancy.It is easy to fail or too small.The age of the drug flow should not exceed 40 years.In the past, the loss of the drug loss should not choose the drug flow.Those with abnormal liver function are not suitable for drug flow.

The abortion is suitable for those who do not have more serious internal medicines within 10 weeks of pregnancy, and those who have no obvious uterine position or morphological abnormalities are suitable for abortion.

In some special circumstances, such as those who are not prone to exposure, those with uterine fibroids, those with uterine scars, cervical pregnancy, uterine scar pregnancy, etc. The flow of people is very risky and requires a serious assessment of surgeon doctors.

Finally, the gynecological experts at Shishi Modern Hospital emphasized again

Before you are ready to have a child, bring a condom

Save money, time, time, not hurt your body

Girls need to care for their bodies

Don’t let yourself

Go to the point where you have to choose a miscarriage

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