Hair dyeing or increased risk of fetal deformity during pregnancy

Jay Chou’s wife dyed her hair before giving birth and caused a "saliva war". Doctors believe that

Hair dyeing or increased risk of fetal deformity during pregnancy

Jay Chou’s wife Kun Ling gave birth to a cute daughter some time ago, but was found by netizens to dye her hair to purple during pregnancy and breastfeeding, which set off a debate on the online and negative netizens on the Internet.On the one hand, many people think that as long as the materials and methods are used properly, hair dyeing is not indispensable during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The opponents believe that there is risk no matter what.

Event: Postpartum hair dyeing caused a "saliva war"

Jay Chou’s wife Kun Ling gave birth to a lovely daughter, in order to share the joy of the advent of new life, showing a photo of breastfeeding in the online media.However, while sharing the joy, a group of netizens and fans found that Kun Ling’s hair was dyed with purple, and the sharp -eyed netizens turned out the photos of their online media during pregnancy and found that they also insisted on dyeing hair.

Later, Kun Ling responded that the use of plant dye creams can be used by pregnant women, and as long as they do not touch the scalp.However, some netizens pointed out that no matter what type of hair dye, they should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It also triggers the controversy of whether hair dye, cosmetics, and skin care products can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The incident has been fermented on the Internet and the arguments of netizens, so many people pay attention to whether the common hairdressing projects such as hair dyeing are suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding.Netizens with an open attitude believe that people who love beauty are there, especially celebrities often need to maintain a good image. As long as the hair dyeing materials are used are safe natural products, plus appropriate operation methods, such as try not to let as much as possible not to letThe hair dye directly comes into contact with the scalp, or now the scalp is applied to a layer of "protective film", etc. The hair dyeing during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not indispensable.The opposition sound believes that for the sake of the child’s health, no matter what you should dye your hair during pregnancy and breastfeeding, on the one hand, you will have adverse effects on your baby during pregnancy. On the other handThe harmful substances of hair dye also sucked into the body.And although it is a natural product, no one can guarantee 100 % safe.

Some netizens have summarized some natural hair dyeing methods, such as using lemon and coffee directly to dye hair, so that mothers who are pregnant and lactating can still dye their hair.

Sound: Dare to dare hair during pregnancy

The post -80s white -collar Lin Liying, who had just "upgraded", has always had the habit of dyeing hair. Although she has not dared to dye her hair from her birth to her son, a hair dye in the early stages of pregnancy has become her "one thorn" in her heart so far so far.Essence

Lin Liying said that because she has not been satisfied with her hair color and hair for many years, she has always been not as dark as others’s hair, and I do n’t know what the reason will grow from time to time.In spirit, since the work has been dyeing habits.Although I dare not dye my hair during pregnancy and breastfeeding, I still dyed my hair shortly before I found that I was pregnant, and I was still worried that it would have some potential impacts on the son.Lin Liying believes that no matter what kind of hair dye, the ingredients contained may have a adverse effect on the child, so they dare not try it out.

Regarding the current popular plant dyeing on the Internet, Lin Liying believes that if only fruits or plants are used as raw materials for hair dyeing, it is worth trying, and at least it should not have any impact on children during breastfeeding.

Suggestion: It is best not to dye your hair during pregnancy

Chen Yishan, the head nurse of the postpartum area of Foshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, pointed out that whether it is pregnancy or breastfeeding, it is not recommended that mothers have hair dyeing.Especially within 12 weeks of pregnancy, it is the critical period of fetal growth and molding. Many harmful substances such as benzene and mercury contained in hair dyes in the body will cause the risk of infant malformation if they accidentally enter the expectant mothers and fetuses.But if you appear in the case of dyeing during pregnancy, as long as you do not frequently dye your hair, you don’t have to panic, you must monitor and check the fetus during pregnancy.

And even during breastfeeding, Chen Yishan did not recommend her mother to dye her hair.It is rumored that babies can absorb the ingredients of toxic hair dye in the mother through milk. In fact, the incidence of this situation is not high, but it cannot be ignored that the mother’s hair dyeing during breastfeeding may cause the baby to harm the baby.Because hair dye itself is easy to cause adverse reactions such as skin allergies, the close contact between infants and mothers during breastfeeding may also cause infants to cause adverse reactions such as allergies, affecting the growth and development of babies.The safest method is not to dye hair during pregnancy and lactation. Even if the so -called natural plant hair dyeing paste is used, it is difficult to guarantee that it does not contain substances that threaten the health of infants.

As for the popularity of plants such as lemon, coffee beans as raw materials on the Internet as the method of "plant dyeing" by themselves, Chen Yishan believes that this method is generally safe, but it must be cautious. Pay attention to whether the selected raw materials are bad.Influence.For example, coffee beans contain caffeine. If pregnant women use coffee beans for hair dyeing, they may absorb caffeine components through the scalp hair follicles and affect the health of the fetus.

(Foshan Daily reporter Liang Weijian)

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