Han Geng’s wife, Lu Jingshan, insisted on practicing Pulati during pregnancy, and became red as nails.

On May 10, Han Geng’s wife Lu Jingshan shared her daily and pregnancy status during her social account.Because of her pregnancy, Lu Jingshan had to temporarily rest and no longer enter the group to shoot.Lu Jingshan, who has now entered the third trimester, has also appeared in the body, such as mental anxiety, low back pain, etc. For this reason, Lu Jingshan gave up the original running to Laculati to help him relieve these discomfort.

Although there are already babies, Lu Jingshan still loves beauty. She doesn’t like to wear loose clothes, because she can’t highlight her body, and she prefer tight clothes without affecting the growth of her baby.In addition, Lu Jingshan also put on makeup, coated with lipstick to make nails, and a bit of heel shoes will wear noodles. In short, Lu Jingshan must be a hot mom.

At the same time, Lu Jingshan also said that female friends should maintain bravery and independence, do not go for others, do not wear clothes that others like to wear, let alone lose weight for others’ eyes.I am confident, healthy, and happy.I have to say that Lu Jingshan, who was upgraded to her mother, really became more powerful!

On May 8th, at Mother’s Day, Han Geng and his wife Lu Jingshan sent officials to announce the good news of pregnancy, and generously shared the pregnancy photo taken by the two people together.In the photo, in order to echo his wife’s oversized pregnant belly, Han Geng also deliberately turned off the special effects of the pregnant belly, full of new ideas and full of love.The couple kissed the pregnant belly together, and the picture was very warm.

Lu Jingshan was interviewed and said that she had prepared a mother and sweetly confess the baby in the belly "welcome to come."At the same time, Lu Jingshan also exposed the specific time of her pregnancy. Lu Jingshan said that he became pregnant before his father died.According to this calculation, Lu Jingshan should have been pregnant for more than 6 months, otherwise the stomach will not be so pregnant.

Although he has entered the middle of pregnancy, because he has been doing exercise, Lu Jingshan’s figure is maintained very well.Even if the belly is as big as a lot, the vest line is still clearly visible, and there is no blessing on the face and limbs. This figure is really "hot mom".

In February 2018, Han Geng officially issued a romantic relationship with Lu Jingshan. At the end of 2019, the couple held a wedding in New Zealand, and sweetly joined hands into the marriage hall.Now two years later, the couple finally ushered in the crystallization of love, congratulations!

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