Hard blood deficiency and insomnia, liver blood deficiency and dreams, one prescription and two -flavored medicine, the same heart and liver, nourishing blood to help sleep

Hello everyone, I am Dr. Shen.Blood deficiency and insomnia, liver blood deficiency and dreams. Today, Dr. Shen will teach you a recipe for two -flavored medicine.

Do you have this situation, it is drowsy during the day, dizzy, exhausted, and always want to lie down, but it is difficult to fall asleep at night, lying on the bed over and over, and the quality of sleep is also very poor.The eyes began to dream. When I woke up in the morning and opened my eyes, I was still in the dream. I felt like I didn’t sleep all night. I was particularly tired after getting up.

Insomnia and dreams like this may indicate that you have a heart and liver deficiency.Because the most important thing in our sleep relies on the mind, the mind is peaceful, we can sleep well, and the mind needs to be attached to the heart. If the heart is not enough, before going to bed at night, the mind cannot be peaceful, so it is difficult to fall asleep, or I want to sleep soonIt’s time, I heard a little movement and woke up again.

In Chinese medicine, the liver can in charge of our consciousness, thinking activities, and our dreams.Another sentence is "Hidden Liver Hidden Blood". Whether liver blood is sufficient, it also determines that we have more dreams, so we say "liver blood deficiency and dreams".At the same time, liver blood can also nourish your heart blood. If the liver blood is insufficient, it will also cause our heart blood to be insufficient, which makes it difficult to fall asleep.

Today, Dr. Shen will teach you a two -flavored medicine recipe. It can nourish the heart and blood, but also nourish the liver and blood. If you have sufficient yin, our sleep quality will be improved.

These two medicines are longan meat and angelica.Let’s talk about longan meat first. Longan meat is mainly belonging to the heart, which can nourish blood and sanctity. For many symptoms caused by deficiency, such as panic, we can clearly feel the heartbeat. I always feel uncomfortable in my heart.Yellow, white lips and other symptoms can improve symptoms by replenishing their efforts.

Then angelica, Angelica also returns to the scriptures, and can also nourish the heart, but more importantly, the angelica is the main enlisation of the liver meridian, which can nourish liver blood, allow our liver, and manage our dream activities.

We just said that "the liver master hides blood", if the yin and blood of the liver meridian is insufficient, it will cause the qi and blood of our whole body to be weak, so we have insufficient heart blood.This also regards our body as a whole, which is in line with the theory of "overall theory" of Chinese medicine.

At the same time, Angelica Angelica appears in lack of yin and blood, dizzy, panic, palpitations, yellow face, pattern on the nails, etc., and also have a good effect of nourishing blood to nourish yin.

However, it should be noted that longan meat and angelica belong to the nourishing and tonic drugs. If we belong to the body with spleen deficiency and dampness, or there are humid and humid evils on the body, it is not recommended to useEssence

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