Hard pregnancy is so hard, why do pregnant mothers continue to work?The reason is not just money

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I read a post yesterday, the title "What are you looking at the most sad picture?"

A netizen’s answer: When the railway station, there will be a kind of person wearing a small red hat to help people get on the car in the car.One of the female little red hats, her pregnancy belly is already very large, and she is still doing this kind of physical work and is very hard.

Netizens said that maybe this pregnant mother’s family has something to suffer. When other pregnant mothers are protecting and raging at home, she is still doing this kind of heavy work, hoping that she and her children are safe and healthy.

Isn’t a woman pregnant?


During pregnancy, pregnant mothers have symptoms of nausea, vomiting, tiredness, dizziness, and drowsiness.

As the date of pregnancy increases, nausea and vomiting will increase. In addition, the stomach becomes larger, the body becomes sinking, and the swelling of the legs and feet will make the pregnant mother feel more uncomfortable.

Since it is so hard, why do there be so many pregnant mothers to continue to work?

I feel worried about my future

Some pregnant mothers are very anxious about pregnancy before pregnancy. They are afraid that after she is pregnant and does not go to work, her husband will be bored, and he will be afraid that he will be humble when he reaches his husband for money.

Therefore, if the pregnant mother’s body allows, she will insist on going to work, insist on economic independence, and not reach out with her husband.

Moreover, the work competition is under great pressure. Women are pregnant, have children, confinement, and take care of their children to eat, drink, and sleep, which will make women become disadvantaged in social competition and even unable to keep up with the rhythm of society.

In order to prevent yourself from becoming no advantage after pregnancy, and not letting themselves from being disconnected from the society, many pregnant mothers still choose to continue working.

I feel better at work at work

When my classmate was pregnant, I was still working.Working in an offline experience store in a brand, you have to stand up to 8 hours a day. There are two shifts. Sometimes you have to go to work at 9 or 10 in the night.

The house and car do not need to repay the loan, and there is no economic pressure, but she feels that she can disperse the uncomfortable pregnancy reaction at work. As a result, she did not take maternity leave until she was 34 weeks pregnant.

In order to make money

Some pregnant mothers have no way. In order to give birth to baby and raising baby, the money must be sufficient.

When the husband’s salary cannot support the family, the pregnant mother has to continue to work, hoping to provide the child with a warmer and beautiful family.

So, should I choose to continue to work after pregnancy, or do I choose to leave?

Some pregnant mothers are very entangled. If you go to work, you are worried that your baby will have problems. If you do n’t go to work, you will be afraid to think about it at home. So can the pregnant mother continue to work?

First of all, the pregnant mother depends on her working environment

In addition to some special positions that cause great damage to the fetus, the pregnant mother must also depend on the specific situation of their working environment.

Just like the work of the "little red hat pregnant mother" above, the work that frequently raises the objects or runs outside every day, the pregnant mother can consider the resignation.

Secondly, the pregnant mother depends on her specific situation

Some pregnant mothers occur in the early pregnancy of early pregnancy. The baby has been unstable. Pregnant mothers can choose to rest for a while at home.

If the baby is stable in the later baby, the pregnant mother’s body is better, you can consider continuing to work.

If the working environment is relatively easy, the baby is also stable, and if the pregnant mother is healthy, it is also a good choice to work.

When working, you can keep your mother -in -law connect with the outside world. It will not be disconnected from the society, and it will be more relaxed in mentality.And the regular and appropriate exercise is better for the body, and it will be more conducive to production.

Of course, the above is a suggestion for pregnant mothers who want to continue to work.

After pregnancy, some pregnant mothers have considered reasons for all aspects. If you don’t want to go to work, it is also a good choice.

If the pregnant mother is raising a fetus at home, pay attention to these:

Go out and exercise when the temperature is suitable;

Communicate more with others and maintain a good mood;

Maintaining regular habits, the health has a great impact on fetal treasure.

Whether it is work or not, the chances of the quarrel between pregnant mothers and husbands have risen a lot. In addition to the impact of the hormone level of pregnant mothers, there are also issues of communication between the two sides:

When pregnant mothers are pregnant, they always hope that the child’s dad can find that he is not easy, and he wants the child and his father to forgive a pregnant woman’s difficulty and uncomfortable.

And the child and his dad. As long as the pregnant mother does not say, he can’t see it, and he will be taken for granted because of the excessive physical fitness of the pregnant mother.

A second-child mother said that it is not easy to know that husbands make money to support their families, so they are still working normally for seven months of pregnancy. One person eats, goes to the production inspection, home-hospital-company runs back and forth, and has not complained to her husband.But the more pregnant the pregnant mother, the more considerate of her husband, the more her husband felt that what the pregnant mother did in her life should be reasonable, so she quarreled with her husband, and he knew "Oh, my wife was pregnant, I should care about her."

Therefore, when communicating with the child and his dad, the pregnant mother or Baoma is best to directly put on their own requirements, instead of letting the other party keep guessing, and be angry if you can’t guess herself.

And the child and his dad are more considerate of the pregnant mother. Don’t be too lazy. From the perspective of the pregnant mother, you can accompany the pregnant mother for a while, and you can take care of it.

Although some pregnant mothers do not say that they are strong, as a prospective father, they also need to understand the pregnant mother.If you do n’t understand, you can read more books and communicate with pregnant mothers.

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