Have you done a marriage check?

What is the significance of pre -marital medical examination?

Through pre -marital health consultation guidance, through the passage of the marriage inspection, facing the health problems of both men and women, responsible for themselves, for each other, for the future children, and provide a guarantee for the family of love.Although it is not a mandatory marriage check now, active marriage examination is a responsible attitude towards both men and women.

What is a pre -marital medical examination?

Pre -marital examination refers to the pre -marital medical examination of men and women who are preparing to get married to medical and health care institutions before handling marriage registration.

After a pre -marital medical examination, the medical and health care institutions shall issue a pre -marital medical examination certificate to the parties to the pre -marital medical examination.

What projects do you include pre -marital inspections?

Inspection items include examinations of severe hereditary diseases, specified infectious diseases, and three types of diseases related to mental illness.

The so -called genetic disease refers to: due to genetic factors and congenital formation, all patients have lost their own self -living ability, and their descendants have high risk of reappearing.

The so -called specified infectious disease refers to: AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, and other infectious diseases that are medically believed to affect marriage and fertility provided by the infectious disease prevention and control law.

The so -called mental illness refers to: schizophrenia, manifestation of depression, and other heavy psychiatric diseases.It also includes physical examination and external genital examination.

When do you do before marriage?

It is recommended to carry out 3 months before marriage registration.

What should I do if there is a problem with a pre -marital inspection?

Medical examinations before marriage, the physician shall propose medical opinions for the specified infectious disease during the infectious period or during the onset of mental illness.Both men and women who are preparing to get married should suspend marriage and get married after the disease control.

What do I need to prepare before marriage?

Avoid the menstrual period, go to the hospital in the morning, if you are pregnant, you need to inform the doctor in advance that you can do not do a chest tie.Yichang Maternal and Child Health Hospital is a fixed -point wedding inspection institution (including military marriage) in Yichang City. Women are checked in gynecological examinations. Men are checked by surgery. Finally, doctors who are qualified for marriage examinations review the results of the marriage inspection and issue a certificate of marriage inspection.

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