Have you dreamed of your husband’s derailment

I was sleepy at nine o’clock in the evening. I was ready to sleep after washing. Suddenly I felt a little thirsty. Do I say I still have water in my cup?By the way, I said, he said, no, I will go to drink for you, and I fell asleep when I was waiting for the water.

After falling asleep, I dreamed of being derailed, and even had a husband with a husband. The child had it, and I knew that person. It didn’t take long for that person to have a child.

At that time, my husband and I were watching a movie. The man called me to say that I went to her house after watching the movie. I was not very familiar with her. The ghost made her home. When I went to her house, I went to a small corner. My husband was my husband.Sitting with him, her husband was in another house. After that, my husband had been chatting together, and he was very close. The woman’s clothes were quite small. LaterThat repair.I teased her child there. Her child just turned over for more than a month, and she would walk. It was amazing, and I was impressed how the girls who were born in her family became boys.Children, they are still repairing the net together and chatting.

Later, my husband went to her house every day. After a while, my husband came back to divorce me and told me that he drove away. The house was left to me. The house of his hometown belonged to him, but all the foreign debt belonged to me.I thought you can be a pit.I thought to leave, since your heart does not belong to me, I will not want it.After the divorce, I worked two jobs and woke up slowly.

Have you ever dreamed that your husband derailed?

After waking up, I watched my phone. When my husband saw me playing with my mobile phone, he asked me why I didn’t sleep?Me: I woke up with you, he: oh?Me: You’re derailed, he said: When?Me: In a dream, I described it with him, he: You can do it.It is a pity that the director’s screenwriter is a pity, and you can have this dream.Me: That’s not that you are ruthless, and you are angry.[呲 [] [[[] [呲 [] [呲 [] [呲 [] [呲 []

Do you lose your temper after waking up in this situation?

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