Have you heard of 12 years to give birth to a child?

“”Is a story of someone else

Listening to the old man said that a couple and daughter are relatively strong, and the men are very honest. I only know that work and do not know that they enjoy that kind. The marriage is in a bungalow. At that time, a bungalow was pretty good., There are field species, there are hot rice when I go home, and I have a comfortable life.

Many people who are similar in that era are married for almost a period of time.

After a year or so, the woman has never been pregnant, and she married the village together. Many children were born.

They were also anxious, and her mother -in -law didn’t have a good look. She ran a lot of places to see a doctor. They spent a lot of money and were not pregnant.

The strange thing is that neither of them is sick. They are normal and can be pregnant. They just have no pregnancy

At this time, the village rumors were rumored. After seeing them came over after a meal, the metropolitanias had a lot of discussion, saying that women would not have children.

Sometimes my neighbor relatives will tell them where to see better, and try to give birth to children.

The woman told them that they were checked in the big hospital. If there was no problem, don’t go to see it

They said so, but they couldn’t help but secretly take Chinese medicine secretly to regulate their bodies

I am still not pregnant for several years

At this time, the man had no intention of doing it, and it was listless. Although there was no heritage to inherit in the countryside, there was no child, which was equivalent to no root.

The relatives gave them an idea, saying that they took a look at the incense. They did not believe it at first. Later, they couldn’t help but go to see it. Others told them that they were not selected when they were married.Pregnant

When the man heard it, he felt that the sky was collapsed. For 12 years, others and children can study in the middle school.

After returning home, the man’s hair is out of control, more decadent, playing mahjong every day, and the crops in the field are ignored.

Later, someone told a woman that to hold the children of individual families, it is okay to make life hope

The woman thinks and feasible, so such a man will be doing it

With the help of many people, women have raised a child of a particularly poor family. They really can’t afford it. They don’t want money and do not want things. They want to find a good family for their children.

Women promise to wait for children to be the same as their daughter -in -law

Everyone is very happy to hold back, after all, there is hope

When the girl is teenage, her mother is really pregnant

Give a boy

The whole family is very happy. At this time, there are people in the village that there are people who can’t be idle to the girl to the girl, you are holding it, this does not bring a younger brother, how happy your family is

The girl who is ignorant and does not know what to say. The family is okay, that is, the girl’s mother’s attitude changes, and her brother is all in her eyes.

Girls have to wash clothes and cook at home, and help bring their younger brother

At the age of getting married, the girl is married. When she is sent, the girl’s mother is too much.

The girl does not speak, and she will have her mother’s house every New Year. She has a lot of things. Her mother and son -in -law do n’t wait to see it, so they know what she wants

Later, her younger brother grew up and had to build a house to let the girl pay some money. The girl also went out. The money she went out before she got married was left to her parents.

I have to say that this girl is really filial piety

Do you say this mother is doing right?

Have you heard of 12 years before you can get pregnant

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