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For many married men and women, pregnancy is a problem for them to worry about.Some of them began to prepare for pregnancy very early, but they did not conceive, while others wanted to have a healthy baby and give birth to a healthy baby.

In order to meet the needs of patients with science city and in the eastern and surrounding cities, on October 23, the Reproductive Medicine Center of the Third Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University held a "Golden Autumn · Good pregnancy" large -scale free clinic at the Lingnan Hospital of Zhongshan.The activity is promoting the knowledge of infertility and auxiliary reproductive technology knowledge, and provides relevant diagnosis and treatment consultation to patients who come to the clinic.

Director Ou Jianping mentioned that the incidence of infertility at present is relatively stable, basically about 10%.Most of the people who have not been pregnant for more than one year over 30 years old.Many patients came to consult because they failed to conceive after a period of pregnancy, and most patients were caused by lack of scientific pregnancy knowledge and some functional obstacles.After simple examination, pregnancy guidance, or ovulation, most patients can successfully conceive without having to do IVF babies.

It is generally believed that if there is a normal sex life after marriage, if there is no contraception but not pregnant, it is called infertility.If you have never been pregnant, it is primary infertility; if you have a pregnancy, have a history of production or have children, you often become pregnant again, but if you are not pregnant for more than a year, it is a secondary infertility.Therefore, for couples who have not been pregnant for half a year of pregnancy, they should go to the hospital for relevant examinations. For example, men check semen routine, women check sex hormones, ovarian reserve functions AMH, gynecological ultrasound check ovarian conditions, and the fluid tubes are unobstructed.

Although most husbands and wives can be successfully conceived after scientific guidance, conditioning, or ovulation, if the inspection finds that there are the following problems, there is a need for IVF:

1. Men are severe and less sperm, weak sperm, sperm deformity or sperm -proof, but sperm can be found through testicular biopsy;

2. Women have bilateral fallopian tube obstruction, pelvic adhesion, endometriosis, or polycystic ovary syndrome. Those who have not been successful by repeated ovulation or artificial insemination or more.

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